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Hello everyone!

Today’s a special day, here at SQUARE ENIX: FINAL FANTASY IX; one of our most celebrated games is now available again from PlayStation Store for all PS3 and PSP users.


Ten years have passed since it made its first, triumphant appearance on the original PlayStation. And since then, it has been regarded as a milestone in the history of console RPGs, and games in general.


Players will have the chance to own and experience the tale of young thief Zidane, kind black mage Vivi and beautiful princess Garnet, and their quest to defeat the evil forces of the Queen of Alexandria. A true classic, FINAL FANTASY IX introduced elements such as the Active Time Events and Mog-Net into the FINAL FANTASY universe, as well as the renowned Tetra Master card mini-game.


To know more about the game and its world, have a look at the official website. I hope you’ll enjoy FINAL FANTASY IX as much as I did – I’d love to see your comments about it!

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3 Author Replies

  • epic fail were is ff10 lol jk

  • Antonio can i have free code *shifty*

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Not a final fantasy fan at all, but I wanted to ask if Square Enix might consider releasing Einhander, Xenogears or Brave Fencer Musashi onto the Europe store? We didn’t get these released here in the stores during the PS1 era but it might give them all new life and feel pretty much like new games to most of us here. I imported them myself back then and they were great and far better than any Final Fantasy game (sorry).

  • After FF7 and FF6, this is my favorite Final Fantasy! I need to buy this one again too, just to play it on my PSP. I have original copies of FF1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as PSX discs and only way to play them on PSP is thru remote play. :)

  • 10 years ago? FINAL FANTASY should always stay PlayStation i think;)

  • Ahmedz_LOLZaMan


  • anyone else think this is squares way of saying sorry to us playstation fans for giving 360 ff14 lol . keep em coming 10 ,11 and 12 next

  • ps2 games on store aswell lets go lol

  • FF9 is one of the best ones, right up there with 7.

  • This is by far my favourite Final Fantasy game, I’ll definitely be buying this in the near future.

  • It’s awesome to see FF7, FF8 and FF9 on PSN. Now I just wish for the other classic PS1 RPG series to appear there too, most noticeably Suikoden and Suikoden II from Konami. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from Konami wouldn’t be wrong either.

    And US PSN had Suikoden and Castlevania: SOTN for years already, so I hope it’s our turn soon!

  • I also agree with what Carnivius_Prime said above. Back in the PS1 days a lot of excellent RPGs from Square were never released here in Europe. It would be nice to see them here on PSN too, like Chrono Cross, Xenogears and Threads of Fate!

  • It really is the best and most under-rated FF – the first I completed as I tired of FF7 and FF8 before the end…..

  • Excellent news PS1 for me was the pinnacle of FF series, since X it was all downhill

  • Great purchased keep them coming.

    Is there any chance of releasing games like Chrono cross, Xenogears & the other Squaresoft classics on the store that never made an appearance in the EU but did in America?

    I think a lot of people would be interested in buying these as there was no option to do so before but now with a digital store surely something can be done.

  • Please bring all your PS1 classics to the PSN store!

  • @Antonio Marfuggi

    I read recently of another SE game coming to the Japanese store I can’t remember the name but it was never released in Europe. Will there be ever a chance for it to appear as a Playstation classic in Europe?

    • Antonio Marfuggi

      Difficult to tell without a name, sorry. :)
      Keep following the blog, though, and you’ll know when our games are available on the store.

  • Shall be getting this!!!!

  • Wonderful!
    I missed on the PSX are and now I’m finally able to play it. Thanks! Bought it right away.
    And yes we need to get some US games here, like Castlevania: SOTN and Final Fantasy tactics

  • I’m glad that this game came out of nowhere today :D – I’ve purchased ALL Square-Enix PSN downloads thus-far…so now all we need is EVERY other PSOne classic on our Store eh?

    Pretty please? With Kupos on top?

  • FFIX was my first ever FF i played, i LOVED it! Will be awesome to play it again.

    A PSP and no exams would go really handy as well.
    God damn this is upsetting

  • Holy… yeah.

    Was wondering recently how long it would be before we saw FF9 (as I hadn’t heard a peep about it). Logged on today to check out the week’s releases and… pleasant surprise! Instant purchase!

    And yes, please ask our lovely chums at Squenix to release some of their back catalogue that never saw EU release. IE Xenogears. Begging is not out of the question.

  • Can’t wait to get this one. I loved how FFIX took the series back to a more basic fantasy setting after VII and VIII. I loved the game so much. .<

  • Awesome stuff. FFIX is by far my favourite of the entire series… I get all nostalgic and misty-eyed when I think of it.

  • Awesome! Too bad I already have it on disks. I’d love to get it for my go though. Next FF X with HD graphics maybe? *hint* xD

  • Square enix!!!

    Could we have Final Fantasy 10 next? :):) xD

    Then ill have all my faverate Final Fantasy’s on my ps3 hard drive 7,8,9,10

    Also keep ffvs13 ps3 exclusive :(

  • holy sugar we defo need that capcom lounge asap , cmon thy make it happen users want this .

  • lol sorry wrong post haha

  • Or maybe a HD ps2 collection on a Blu Ray disk like sony did with God Of War 1+2

    Disk to contain hd versions of FF 10,10-2 + FF12 :)

  • Brilliant surprise to see this today. Well done!

    Long shot time but any chance of FF6? I would happily purchase that!

  • I still have the PS1 version. though it used to freeze on my PS1 (even after lens cleaning) it works fine now on the PS3. So sorry SE I won’t be buying this! Best Final fantasy ever by the way :)

  • I might get killed dead for this one, but if Carnivius_Prime can make requests, so can I.

    Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring.

    * Hides in his private bunker *

  • I have FFIX in very pleasant memory. FF7 and FF10 still my favourite, but FFIX is far more beatiful for me than some FFVIII or FFXI.

  • And just like Wecki up there said. Give us some US games, like FF tactics. So we can be at least equal with US, because their store is far better than ours.

  • It’s a real pitty for the 50Hz that prevent most buyers.
    Hopefully, I still have my 60Hz disc version.

  • Hello Antonio Marfuggi.

    Could you please advise as to when you will be releasing Vagrant Story to the NZ store. We are currently the only store in the PAL region not to have this title available.

    Your reply would be much appreciated.

  • Still have my original copy (of every FF I ever bought btw. Take pretty good care of those) so not picking this one up. But damn people, if you’ve never played it or don’t own it. Don’t doubt! Best PSone Game after MGS, and best FF to date :D

  • Hello,i just got FF9 this morning and i have a major problem with saving the game.well you see i can’t save the game in my memory card!! i have a ps2 memory card and the memory card adapter for the ps3 i have assign the slot and when i start the game and hit the PS button to choose assign slot it says that internal memory card couldn’t be found and i have tried everything!!! same happened to me with Oddworld:Abe’s odyssey!! i payed 10 euros each for these games and it’s a pity that i can’t save them please respond with any help regarding this issue thanks.

  • you have to create a ps1 memory card on your ps3 timmy, assign that as either slot one or two and it should work.

  • by the way,i have forgot to mention i have the 60 gigabytes old ”fat” version of ps3 if that’s to any help

  • i done that Hazel and it doesn’t fact i actually have 2 ps2 memory cards and when i got them into the ps3 system via the adapter everything was fine,it worked as intended. the problem is that the games i have downloaded from ps store when i enter the game and i hit the PS button to assign the slot and when i do that i get the message that no internal memory card can be found.and i tell you i have assign the the memory card as slot 1 in the XMB. so my guess is,is there a problem with the fact that am using a ps2 memory card instead of a psONE if not that then what?

  • This looks amazing on PSP. It’s my third favourite game in the series(behind FFVIII and FFXII) but playing it again now is so awesome :D

  • @42 … you know it is a PSX game, yes? so why would you try and save it to a PS2 memory card? dude, just create an internal PSX memory card.

    and i love FFIX. brilliant game, i’d say forth best in the series (VII, IV, VI, IX, X, VIII, XII, V, III, II, I, XI, XIII). not going to download it as i still have the original disc, but if there were any news on FFVII; Crisis Core coming to PSN, i may invest in a PSPgo, then i’d download, in a second, FF VII-IX.

    or a port of Crisis Core (i know PS2 is dead and done with these days, but god i want to play Crisis Core so badly)

  • So buying this when i have the money. I want to hide all my discs away somewhere and keep them safe. I want all the FF games on myh hard drive. They are the only games i always keep going back to so i don’t mind paying for them again.

  • little_timmy. go to google and look for “how to save psone games on ps3”. good luck.

    and @ FF9, The last good FF game ever made.

  • I just finished Omega weapon in FFVIII. Now i have to buy FFIX.

  • Wow, we get something before the US store – Fantastic!

    Any chance of either Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy VI?

  • Hi! and what about FF: Crisis Core for PSP Go?

  • Purchased without a second thought. Absolutely love this game to death. My favourite after Final Fantasy X. Thanks a lot!

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