Hustle Kings: Breaking News…

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For all of you Hustle Kings out there we have two great bits of news for you.

Firstly on the 19th of May at around 5pm a new patch will be made available which contains the following features and changes:

  • Improved Breaking : the pack has now been adjusted so that instead of the rack being perfectly spaced every time, a very slight variance has been introduced between the balls which causes almost every break to be different
  • You can now replay the shots that are played in attract mode
  • Even more stats during loading screens
  • Game options can be modified in online rooms
  • Watch other people’s matches in the all new Spectator Mode!
  • Plus a new loading icon, viewing player’s profiles during an online match and more

But that’s not all, there is a brand new chalk coming to the in-game store. Second Sight allows you to see the path of an additional ball… really helpful on those tough trickshots and plants.


Finally (and the best bit in my opinion) is that the Hustle Kings Snooker pack will be launched on the 2nd of June. Included in this great pack is a brand new environment, new ball set, with the full snooker rules and scoring. As well as normal snooker if you get this pack you will also get an offline tournament mode, more music and a brand new game mode called Snooker6 where there are only 6 red balls allowing for a much quicker game.

Snooker_04 Snooker_06

Snooker_27 Snooker_01

Once you get the Snooker Pack there will also be a batch of new trophies, for you to try and unlock, to help with this we have included a free pack of Eagle Eye chalk if you purchase the Snooker pack! Overall I have really enjoyed the time I have spent playing snooker and can’t wait to get online to pit my wits against the rest of the community!

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