FirstPlay Episode 7

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Ahoy, boys and girls!

FirstPlay Episode 7

Nathan Ditum here, back to tell you about this week’s episode of FirstPlay, which will be on the Store this Wednesday.

[viddler id=1ce81005&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

It’s a packed episode this week. First we have a preview of Rockstar’s cold-eyed six-shoot ’em up, Red Dead Redemption. We’re putting together a very special review of the game for a future episode right now, and having played it for several hours already I can say it’s looking absolutely fantastic. It’s epic, atmospheric, and I shot a lot of animals.

FirstPlay Episode 7

We’ve also got reviews of THQ’s big-hitting UFC 2010 Undisputed, and shin-shattering boarder sequel Skate 3. That’s alongside our usual batch of network highlights – this week including the best PSN shooters, a round-up of the comics store and a count-down of your best Just Cause 2 destruction videos – and our screenshot galleries, this week featuring Test Drive Unlimited 2.

FirstPlay Episode 7

FirstPlay Episode 7

That’s all for our regular, cheaper-than-100-one-penny-sweets price of 99p, or just £8.99 for a 90 day subscription. A bargain – especially since, for the next four weeks, we’ll be giving away a full minis game absolutely free, starting with Echoes. See you next week.

See the future of PlayStation. First.

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5 Author Replies

  • Any news on a spanish release? :-) Awesome content. I would just release it EU if i was u so i can subscribe :-)

  • I want FirstPlay too! :-(

  • thought u said the there would be 4 new minis starting this week . im sure that was said last week and in the email i got sent for feedback

  • yep just checked email and says at bottom p.s the next 4 episodes will all have a ps mini game .that was sent on may 14th lmao so basically lying to customers are we .

    • The minis do start this week, just like I say in the blog post :) First one is Echoes, a different one every week for the next month.

  • Most people in Norway can speak English. Why don’t you release this there to? There are many countries in Europe that have English as there secondary language.

  • Seany1, there are free minis for the next 4 weeks, it’s says it at the bottom:

    A bargain – especially since, for the next four weeks, we’ll be giving away a full minis game absolutely free, starting with Echoes.

  • Oh~ so finailly you guys get an on-time review, shame its too little too late in my book. Only took you guys what 7 eps? (8 if you include the beta) ¬.¬

    There no point of watching FirstPlay anymore so many amaturish errors and many other Ergonomical (erm i think that the right word O.o) problems for the user (specifically time taken to download, and size of hard drive)

    *Goes off to a 99p store*

  • Hi,

    I know Ireland is getting it this week so what will the pricing be in Euros?

  • yes and that was sent on may the 14th so when it says minis for the next 4 weeks thats getting people thinking it starts tomorrow . they should have said starting on 26th may we will be giving away a mini for 4 weeks straight . its very misleading and fact it says subscribe now to get all 4 is basically conning some people to subscribe thinking there will be a free mini starting tomorrow when there is not .

  • You guys really need to change the logo, that cube thing sucks.

  • sorry it says minis for the next 4 episodes so that being sent on may 14th last week definetly is leading people to believe the next episode has a mini and thats tomorrows and it doesnt . they have worded it in a way to get people to sub which is very shady tactics but just hope people werent daft enough to fall for it

  • You’ve lost me, seany1 – if they sent you a mailer on May 14th saying there would be a free mini with the next 4 episodes and the next episode comes out tomorrow (May 19th) with the first mini included …that’s right, isn’t it?!

  • they sent an email m8 u should have one too asking for feedback . at the bottom it says p.s the next 4 episodes of firstplay each have a free mini to download – subscribe now to get all 4 . that email was sent on the 14th may last week . so if you seen that email on the 14th may saying NEXT 4 episodes all have a mini would u think 1st mini would be in may 26th episode or tomorrows

  • Yes the first free mini should be with tomorrows episode – and I think it is…?

    Can somebody please confirm or deny if there’s a free mini with tomorrows episode or not? Then we’ll know for sure! :)

  • if it is in this weeks episode then they have worded the bottom of this post wrong saying the next 4 . either this post isnt too clear or the email they sent everyone was to dupe people into subbing thinking there was a mini starting tomorrow . really does need a reply to clear it up

    • Seany – think you’re looking for something to complain about which doesn’t exist, fella. The next four episodes have a mini in at no additional cost, starting with tomorrow’s. Which, as it’s not out yet, still counts as the ‘next’ episode in my book.

  • Is Dan Hardy taking GSP’s back (can’t tell if it’s GSP or not in that pic)? If so, as if! :p

    Nice to see an early review of 2010 Undisputed. This is what FP needs more of :)

  • Not bad, I may pick it up for the Red Dead Redemption preview given that I’m thinking of getting it this week, which brings me to the core problem I have with FirstPlay being weekly and relying on content to sell rather than freebies (like Qore does) – if a big game is coming out on Friday I want to see the “very special review” for it on the Wednesday to aid my purchasing decision. Likewise if a big game is lifted from NDA on the Monday (i.e. LBP2) I expect there to be a preview of it that Wednesday.

    You’re competing with the internet which is updated every second of the day with news/reviews/previews as soon as possible and for the most part are free to view. But then again maybe I’m not your target market, maybe your target market is the more casual gamer that isn’t really aware of new game releases and doesn’t really use the internet to surf for games related news…

  • glad u cleared that up kinda confusing when u said for the next 4 weeks at the bottom and coz there was no highlight abt the mini kinda makes u think u ment starting next week . all cleared up though cheers

  • yeah thats gsp as u can see tatoo on his peck . does make u lol though hardy taking gsp down at all nevermind his back

  • I didnt find that reply from nathan nasty

    He was just explaining a point that was all

    I look forward to seeing the next episode tomorrow

    Ps I have posted up my just cause 2 video on the forums

  • agree with Agamer2006, i didnt see anything wrong with it.
    i always look forward to get my FP :) sure i dont really like minis but hey keeps me busy for an hr :) cheers fellas cant wait to see the skate videos, i posted mine. have a gd day

  • Action man perhaps….

  • Hey nathan

    Wouldnt it be great if First Play had its own Playstation Home Space. Would be great to see the preview of each episode in the space and the 4 coloured squares would be a nice theme.

    I know with you team this may be impossible but im just wondering what you think?

  • New free stuff please, that Just cause 2 parachute is always there and no point giving out themes that we can already get, unless they are dynamic themes don’t put any one because we can make non-dynamic themes ourselves.

    And also more reviews and on time please, how about getting interviews with developers hey?

    No, i’m not angry i just want FirstPlay to be better and worth our money so i can be subscribed again because you’ll lose subs by not making any changes.

    Keep us all happy.

  • I’ve enjoyed the firstplay episodes of downloaded so far, they’re well written (and read) and I do like the interface. The only thing I’d like is for them to be more current. As a previous poster said I’d like to see the review before the game is out rather than after, I understand it must be hard with your workloads and that you don’t want to give away the mag score I guess, but that would make ne much more compelled to buy episodes. I’d love to see other features too. Like perhaps the teams favourite boss fights/endings/weapons/cut scenes/dialogue etc in games with a round table discussion to footage.

    Either way it’s very enjoyable stuff, keep it up guys :)

  • I wouldnt mind having free trailers to download. I would love to have the Littlebigplanet 2 trailer on my Ps3 but the store doesn’t have it.

    So you could provide downloadable trailers straight from Firtplay iteself

  • minis are a tad bad tbh . would rather a dynamic theme or avatars .

  • Ireland this week, right?

  • good stuff for ireland any news on the video store for Ireland

  • So any chance we will EVER see any of these features of the PS3, namely First Play, headed to the Middle-East?
    I find it strange that we have our own dedicated Game Store, but no access to First Play or the Digital Comics.
    There are literally hundreds of thousands of PS3 owners here in Saudi Arabia alone that would definitely want in to the extra features, so why lock us out of it?
    I can understand the video store not being part of our region, but Comics? First Play?
    Arent these related to game content as well?

    Please tell me there are some plans to launch, at the very least, First play here.

    • Hi Ragnarok – yes, there definitely are plans. As we’re entirely separate from Sony I can’t tell you anything about the vid store or comics, but at Future we’re actively looking at the best and quickest way to get FirstPlay to you guys.

  • Great week this week. FirstPlay has had alot of criticism since it’s launch which I believe they have fully taken on board and are now also finding there feet in this business. Saying that they’re against the internet so not worth it is untrue, the gaming magazine is thriving at the moment when some of their reviews are old and not adding free gifts and their product is £4.99.

    Truth is FirstPlay in my eyes is a great addition to the store. You guys moan about it being there but would also moan without it being there. Buy it or leave it.

  • lol moaning about moaners is classic so many people fall for that trap when easy thing to do is just ignore it .

  • FirstPlay is getting better and better =P

  • HAHAHAHA r u serious are people paying for this? Ever heard of IGN or Gamespot???? HAHAHA cant believe people are paying for information they can get free.

  • Any plans to roll this out across Europe? I really ant sth. like firstplay!

    • There are plans, and we’re working with Sony and our international partners to get it done as soon as possible. Obviously the further we can take it the better :)

  • Sony really havent got a clue

  • When POLAND?????????????????

  • Next time use a movie that works with the PS3 browser…

    When will you guys learn that it looks highly amateurish that a PLAYSTATION® blog post is not compatible with the PLAYSTATION®3 browser?

  • Who cares about mini’s why not a demo of red dead redemption or something like that???? first play stinks and wont be buying it ever again

  • That’s it Nath, you tell em. Gets on my tits people rippin on something thats costs barely more than a bottle of coke.

  • Oh man that’s sweet. For some reason when you said “a free mini for the next 4 episodes” I assumed you mean the same one just kept in the Downloads section for 4 weeks (like the Parachute), not different minis…Just when I thought FirstPlay couldn’t get any better… :-)

  • Got echoes already and it’s alright as a cheap mini’s game and it’s a double alright when given away as like a free gift or something. :)

  • As someone mentioned we need dynamic themes as we can make the reqular themes ourselfs, what I would like to see is some nice avatars so I can stand out from my friends, surely this cant be so hard? Sony promised us avatars and all we got is a few crap ones from littlebigplanet and eye pet. I will sub again for 8.99 to see if this pick up as I do enjoy it, but I want some AVATARS, minis im not interested in. Also is there any word on any beta’s? I heard the new COD black ops will have a beta, it would be nice if you guys could get us in. Anyways please consider avatars and keep up the good work.

  • Yeah all of Europe should get this feature too, i’ve seen comments from other people who live in Europe and say their contry don’t have a PS3 store so they can’t get anything.

  • I was wondering how long these episodes are?

  • The videos run somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes, with the galleries on top around 40 mins per episode :)

  • Fantastic episode this week, gotta be the best one yet and free mini’s game :) Great..

    FirstPlay keeps on getting better, ohh and Nate you gotta be the best reviewer at OPM lol

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