KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep Coming This September

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Hey Everyone!

Remember when – exactly two months ago – we announced KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep was coming to Europe? Well, now it’s time to say exactly when: the new chapter of the saga created by SQUARE ENIX and Disney Interactive will be available in the shops on Friday 10th September 2010, exclusively on PSP.

Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep

The new game narrates the origins of the saga, focusing on the story of heroes Terra, Ventus and Aqua, and will feature new maps, environments as well as four multiplayer modes.

Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep

And since they say one video is worth a thousand words (well, more or less…), here’s for you the brand-new KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep trailer!

[viddler id=b37da6fd&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Keep following this space for more news and have a look at the game’s official website.

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4 Author Replies

  • will we be able to get it on the PSN store? for all the PSPgo owners? i don’t have a psp with a umd drive anymore, it died :( .

  • I love Kingdom Hearts, played all the games in the series, etc.

    But seriously? SEPTEMBER? I was hoping to play this in the summer. But no, you have to release it the day my semester starts. What will I play from July to August now?

  • Is this getting a digitial release? I downgraded to a PSP Go and am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts

  • OMFGBBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please tell me it’s gonna be downloadable aswell :(

    i will pay any price just make it downloadable!

  • I thought ALL future releases were supposed to be digital and UMD.

  • Digital isn’t mandatory, strangeplaice. Publishers have to make the decision. Which kinda sucks.

  • @strangeplaice, How is PES10 and Silent Hill Shattered Memories on PSP Go? Oh wait…..:(

  • So when are we getting Chain of Memories on the PS2? Or is Europe getting screwed over again?

  • @suzzopher – they’re on the Japanese store, just not Europe.

  • @AaronSOLDIER, Kingdom Hearts isn’t on the Japanese store :( Square are lazy enough these days to not bother sticking the rom up for download. Square this gen :lol:

  • cont.

    But anyway…

    I’m still looking forward to this game. I’m impressed how all Kingdom Hearts games have great storylines, yet follow the same time line. It’s like one gigantic soap opera! And I LOVE it! Please keep making, I want to keep following the series for the rest of my life.

    However, new players will want to understand the entire story — release KH1 & 2 on the PS3 like Sony did with God of War! That would be perfect.

  • You were talking about Silent Hill and PES though…

  • And yeah, SE are living in MSs pocket this gen, as soon as they realize they need Sony they’ll soon come crawling back.

  • It better be released on the PS Store that day too, I have a PSPgo and regular PSP, but I don’t buy UMDs anymore so I won’t buy it if I can’t download it from PSN on September 10th.

  • @AaronSOLDIER, I was making a point about all games coming to the store as well as UMD. Seriously UMD release is the more pointless one surely? I mean who in Europe buys UMD games these days? As long as Konami and SEGA get Metal Gear and Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PSN I’ll be happy.

  • Well I don’t mind really, I’ll probably buy the UMD version for the collectors stuff, but will rather download it to play it because the UMD drive is too noisy.

  • Antonio can you please tell us if you are planning on releasing it on the store?

    if not i’ll just buy a normal PSP again!

  • Aw, Antonio, if you’re going to respond to comments, at least set out minds at ease regarding the digital version :P

  • oops, “our minds at ease” :P

  • I’ll take the no comments as a big fat NO, it’s not coming to the store. I guess S-E don’t like my money this gen :( Still no Final Fantasy Tactics, Crisis Core, Star Ocean 1&2 as downloads.

  • Antonio what about the awesome KH branded PSP the Japanese got are we getting that?

  • Any chance of getting FF1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 on the EU store as PS1 classics? And Ehrgeiz.

  • TheDarkChaplain

    It was not Square Enix who decided to not distribute it online.
    Go and flame Disney. The rights lie in their hands, they decided that it’s not going to be sold via PSN.
    At least that were the case in Japan.

    But yes, SE is damn riddiculous at the moment, since Enix fused it’s going straight downwards…

  • Well since Wada took over it has gone down the toilet.

  • Indeed. Only good games from them since the merge was Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts II. I didn’t even bother with the Star Wars/FFX clone FF13 – which flopped in sales anyway due to SEs greed and giving MS exclusive rights.

    If this game sucks like most of their other games I’m done with them tbh.

  • Thanks for acknowledging our comments, Antonio ;)

  • D: Don’t go all happy on us when there’s nothing new about this at all. We all know it’s coming soon… I was hoping for a Go release when I came in here.

    Oh well, thanks for responding to the comments. I really hope Square pull themselves together and launches a digital version. Otherwise I’ll have to…

  • TheDarkChaplain

    Suzzopher, that’s exactly what I am thinking.

    I didn’t bother to buy any of those casual games SE published, the only games since FFX (and X-2 *cough*) were Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and Kingdom Hearts 2.
    No other game was worth buying.

    Remember the good old times?
    Every year another Final Fantasy with a really dramatic story?
    Where you were free to choose? where you could do REAL minigames?

    look at FFXII and FFXIII – years of development, yet flopping.

    The heart of Squaresoft is gone, go with Mistwalker..

  • I was really hoping for July but I dont care at least we know now when it will be released…is it true there will be a psp bundle with it as well, the game and a PSP? Also will there be a demo on the store?

  • Much like Dissidia, I was excited in the build-up to the Japanese release when new info about the GAME (not just release info) was coming out but localisation’s taken so long again I’ve lost a lot of interest in the period of nothingness.

  • Next time use a movie that works with the PS3 browser…

  • I’ll be getting a PSP for this game.

    I adore the Kingdom Hearts series.

  • I would like a summer release date as they said at first on their press release… Oh well, we cant do anything to change that :P
    Who is the English Voice Actor for master Xehanort? He doesnt sound so great like the japanese one, but i guess we must get used to him :P

    I bought a PSP 2 years ago for this game, I can wait another 3 months :p

    A kingdom hearts HD version like they did for god of war will be great!!

  • Remenber the PSP GO when you will sell this game.

  • I can’t express into words how happy I am!

    FINALLY A RELEASE DATE! I was kind of hoping to play it during my summer vacations though. I won’t complain though. :P
    And about the HD remakes for old Kingdom Hearts everyone’s “suggesting”, that would be definitely incredible. ^^

  • square you could release kh com for ps2 early summer then release bbs in sept. :)

  • Also, I’ve heard that Mark Hamill is voicing a character. That makes it THAT much better! Who is he voicing? Was that information revealed? Is it Master Xehanort? :D

  • Can’t wait. Shame it’s as late as September as I was hoping for a June-August release so I have something to play over the Summer on my PSP. It’s like KHII wait all over again for me since that was released in September too… and that was a long, long painful wait. :P

    @11: Amen. I would LOVE it if they made a KH collection for PS3 with the first two games on blu-ray.Please read this Square Enix *hint* *hint* ;)

  • So that’s a “maybe” for a digital release Mr.Marfuggi?
    Surely Square-Enix Europe realizes that there are a great number of people hoping for a digital copy of the game?

    And what about all of the PSP Go owners?

    September seems too far away :(

  • LIEEEEEERS!! You lied in the past E3 saying: “all the games will be avaiables for PSP Go!! I’m dissapointed. We want answers!!

  • Ima go all leeroy jenkins on this one

  • Will this game get a Collectors Edition, It would be awesome if it did, Dissidia did right.

  • Any chance we will be able to play the old ones on the PS3 before September?

  • I’m buying a PSP over the summer now Kingdom Hearts is my favourite series.

  • i know US is getting the awesome looking PSP 3000 bundle, please please please let European territories get this bundle too, i don’t want to have to dish out shipping fees for the American bundle ;_;

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