3D Dot Game Heroes Competition 2

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Hello, Rob Burman from SouthPeak Games here. Did you know it’s D-day in Europe? That’s right, it’s Dot-Day… the launch of super duper retro explosion 3D Dot Game Heroes on PlayStation 3. I’m excited! I hope you’re excited too. Hopefully by now you have seen the wonderful videos and the online character creator we made to give you a taste of the wicked in-game version (the competition we ran previously featuring that has now closed, by the way – I’ll be letting the proud owners of a giant foam sword know soon).

3d dot game heroes

Actually – and here comes a seamless link – I’m not just here to remind you it’s D-day, I’m also launching a competition that could see a hero created by you appear on the official European 3D Dot Game Heroes website, where everyone can download it and play as your character in the game! Imagine how much you could boast about that in forums. You’d be treated like a king and it would obviously make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex*.

3d dot game heroes

Here’s how the competition works… firstly, you’re going to need a copy of the game (but you were going to buy one today anyway, right?), then use the pixel perfect character creator to make a stunning hero that makes people feel powerful when using it.


Once you’re happy with your creation, copy it from the 3D Dot Game Heroes save game file of your PlayStation 3 onto a USB stick. Now pop the USB stick into a PC and email the contents, along with your name and country, to ukoffice@southpeakgames.com(ideally it would be great to zip the files up please). You can enter as many times as you want, so get creative!

3d dot game heroes

There is one restriction though – please don’t copy any videogame, comic, movie or TV characters because we want totally ORIGINAL heroes to save Dotnia. We’ll select 10 unique heroes – alongside the name of their creator – to feature on the 3D Dot Game Heroes website where they can be downloaded by anyone who visits the site. The closing date for the competition is May 28th so what are you waiting for? GET PIXEL PLACING!

*It almost certainly won’t make you more attractive unfortunately, sorry.

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