3D Dot Game Heroes Competition 2

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Hello, Rob Burman from SouthPeak Games here. Did you know it’s D-day in Europe? That’s right, it’s Dot-Day… the launch of super duper retro explosion 3D Dot Game Heroes on PlayStation 3. I’m excited! I hope you’re excited too. Hopefully by now you have seen the wonderful videos and the online character creator we made to give you a taste of the wicked in-game version (the competition we ran previously featuring that has now closed, by the way – I’ll be letting the proud owners of a giant foam sword know soon).

3d dot game heroes

Actually – and here comes a seamless link – I’m not just here to remind you it’s D-day, I’m also launching a competition that could see a hero created by you appear on the official European 3D Dot Game Heroes website, where everyone can download it and play as your character in the game! Imagine how much you could boast about that in forums. You’d be treated like a king and it would obviously make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex*.

3d dot game heroes

Here’s how the competition works… firstly, you’re going to need a copy of the game (but you were going to buy one today anyway, right?), then use the pixel perfect character creator to make a stunning hero that makes people feel powerful when using it.


Once you’re happy with your creation, copy it from the 3D Dot Game Heroes save game file of your PlayStation 3 onto a USB stick. Now pop the USB stick into a PC and email the contents, along with your name and country, to ukoffice@southpeakgames.com(ideally it would be great to zip the files up please). You can enter as many times as you want, so get creative!

3d dot game heroes

There is one restriction though – please don’t copy any videogame, comic, movie or TV characters because we want totally ORIGINAL heroes to save Dotnia. We’ll select 10 unique heroes – alongside the name of their creator – to feature on the 3D Dot Game Heroes website where they can be downloaded by anyone who visits the site. The closing date for the competition is May 28th so what are you waiting for? GET PIXEL PLACING!

*It almost certainly won’t make you more attractive unfortunately, sorry.

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  • hows the lawsuit with nintendo going? xD

    I joke i joke just bought my copy this morning!

    Time to play some Zelda! damn i mean 3D Dot game heroes!

  • Just so you guys know, I am currently planning to kill your Australian distributors Namco Bandai – for they have scammed Aussie gamers yet again by holding back the game from stores. I went into 5 stores over the last 2 days and no one knows what the hell happened to its scheduled release. EB says its listed in their computers as ‘discontued stock’ while GAME’s store computers say they have stock at their warehouses but no stores in the state of Victoria (at least according to GAME Werribee). JB, K Mart and Big W just shook their heads and have no idea.

    So, how bout some clarification for us Aussies who want to join in!?

  • “We’ll announce the winners on the PlayStation Blog on May 13th.” Will we see the winners?

  • Most stores here in Limerick Ireland aren’t stocking 3D dot game heroes, I managed to reserve the only copy that arrived in to GAME, [DELETED]!!

  • “we want totally ORIGINAL heroes to save Dotnia” to go along with your totally ORIGINAL game? :D

    i got my copy yesterday so i’ll try and work on some original characters rather than the ones i sent into the previous comp (which were mostly copied from tv shows and games)

  • My copy is in the mail! Eeep! :D

  • HeartlessSystem

    hey, areyou gonna show a pic of the thing that won the last contest? I wanna see who beat me :(

  • Pre

    Pretty poor even by Sonys standards for this one,HMV had some in stock in Dublin but of the other big game shops only Game were stocking it and they only got one in in each store,where as every shop has shelf loads of Alan Wake and Skate 3.

  • i would love to join this comp but sadly it seems 3d dot heroes ddoesn’t exist in nz stores apart from 2 online sites, quite sad since this looks so good. Hopefully it will come out but seems unlikely at the moment since no retailers even know about it.

  • @ nobodygaming

    I was lucky enough that the day it came up for pre order in eb i was there & pre ordered it the next day it was discontinued, apparently australia only got a limited amount of copys(manager of the store told me after ringing there head office he wanted it to) so good luck finding it you just might need it.

    P.S. I have no idea why we only got a small amount of copies i guess they don’t want more money.

  • yes I too want to see the winner from the last competition, and I want to buy this game at an AUS retailer.

  • can’t the person who won at least post here to tell us?

  • @Heartless System
    There are more than only one Winner: he said:
    “I’ll be letting the proud owners of a giant foam sword know soon).”
    You really think they get a mail before the winners are named here?

    I don’t think so, because me and a friend of mine got each a mail in which Southpeak Games asked us from which Country we are. (No winner-mail at all)

    And you all got one too, right?

  • HeartlessSystem

    @ DonWippo
    nope, either its because i changed my googlemail account to a gmail account, or you won!

  • Yeah seriously guys I live in ireland and all day yesterday I walked around dublin looking for a copy of 3D Dot game heroes.

    2 Gamestop stores didn’t have it,2 HMV stores didn’t have it, the 2 Game stores didn’t have it, Smyths didn’t have it, Tesco didn’t have it and Argos didn’t have it.

    Not only that but the person in Gamestop thought I was making up a game. He should be fired. How can you work in a game shop and not know about a game!

    Anyway I’m just after ordering the Canadian version off of Video Game Plus. I know an imported version but you won’t be able to get the DLC. Yeah I know but its the only store online that delivers games to my house within a week.

    Every European online retail I ordered from before took at least 2 weeks and Play.com took 6 weeks once to deliver Mercenaries 2 to me when that released

  • I recived a mail asking for nationality too, maybe he just wants we to be hyped a couple of days before telling us who are the winners…

  • Yo [Deleted] is this crap? I just went to my local Gamestation & they have ZERO copies of the game, I asked them why and if they were getting any, the guy said they’re not sure what’s happened, they never received any when their order came in & they’re not sure if they are going to get it in. Went to my local GAME…same story, not a single copy on the shelves..I was planning on buying this to fill in sometime before Red Dead Redemption, now you can forget it.

  • Bizarrely, Shopto.net says that the game is currently a pre order. isn’t it out yet? :)

  • I got the game in Australia at a GAME shop in NSW. It probably helped that a person working there did know of the game, admittedly.

  • Off topic, but why doesn’t it show up on the What’s New recently played thing?

  • HeartlessSystem

    Hey, got an update from Rob after i emailed him…..

    “I’ll be sending over the winners to the official blog this week.

    Not sure if we’ll do an official post on the blog or just emailing the winners to let them know.



  • good lord.. you got your copy? i went to game and they said it’ll be out on the psn.. -_-; and all ive been doing is sitting in front of my tv.. patiently waiting.. damn…

  • i would like to know what happened with the first competition because i didnt see the winners in psn blog or 3d dot game heroes facebook.

  • What happened to the first competition!??

    it appears we were scammed TBF.

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