PlayStation Network Issues Update

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Hi all,

We are aware of the issues with PSN Store. Here’s an update on the problem:

Wallet Top ups using Credit/Debit Cards
Some customers were unable to add funds to their account yesterday. If customers tried to top up their wallets multiple times yesterday they should wait a few hours from their last attempt before trying again. As we expect traffic on PlayStation Network to be extremely high over the coming days customers should try to make any purchases outside of peak hours if at all possible (off-peak hours: morning/early afternoon Western European time).

A small number of customers may have noticed PlayStation®Network transactions on their credit/debit card or their available credit limit reduced, but these top ups may not have been reflected in their PlayStation Network accounts. These transactions should be reversed within the next 24 hours.

Wallet Top ups using PSN Cards
Wallet top ups using PSN Cards should not have been affected by the problems yesterday. If any customer has had problems redeeming their PSN Cards please let us know.

Problems Downloading
Some customers are experiencing problems downloading or installing the Call of Duty add-on and have experienced error code 80029564. As customers have the option to download all 7 versions of the add-on they should identify which disc they have (disc ID can be found on the spine of the game’s case) and only download the appropriate version for their disc. Where the download or install failed customers should attempt to re-download and install during off-peak hours if possible (off-peak hours: morning/early afternoon Western Europe time)

We hope to resolve these issues soon and we apologise for the inconvenience.

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2 Author Replies

  • I havent personally had any issues, got FirstPlay and Split/Second fine yesterday. To all who are wish you luck, looks like Sony is hard to work fixing it though.

  • If we have tried several times, are our accounts locked from using our card for 24 hours?

  • first i got error 80023103

    then i got “credit card information cannot be updated”

    then i got “credit card info not valid”

    i have waited for a month to get the mw2 map pack. i even had to wait one more day than the US for some reason. and now i cant get them?? what the #@$%&# ???

    now i think it blocked me for 24 hourse because i tried to change the credit card info so many times.

    if i accidently installed the wrong (USA) version of the DLC, will installing the correct one work? do i have to delete the game data or anything?

  • Here come the angry people. Look out! lol

  • I had all the issues as Alex_dlc above.

    I downloaded the top one that is listed in my downloads and it didn’t work. I tried again with the download that was 7th on the list (from top to bottom) and installed that. That work. Hope this helps someone.

    It was a bit of a fail by SCEE… again.

  • as long as i am redemeded my money( with cash back or vouchers )i will continue to promote SONY to the hilt.

  • Can Sony not issue out voucher codes that allow us to download the new MW2 maps?

  • I was locked out of the funding system yesterday afternoon due to fact that the network wont accept cards, this was before any comments from you was released. is there any way to remove my ban so i can now purchase the map packs as i have been waiting since 3pm yesterday.

  • Hi,what is the message you get wen uve been locked out? :)

  • ”These transactions should be reversed within the next 24 hours.”

    How will you know who’s been effected? Can you tell from your end because every time I’ve tried to ring Sony I get put on hold.

  • Psn this is dissapointing and would never happen with xbox I’ve been trying to get these maps and all my friends have got then but I am having all the problems above and it’s needs to be sorted out and psn is rapidly becoming worse than xbox in my eyes because it has so many errors sort it out now

  • This update is useless. Not like we didn’t already know there where problems.

  • It saddens me greatly that the store was slowed down for an over priced dlc to an overhyped underdelivered game.

    I thought people would have more sence than that.

    How are we going to stop Activision from taking advantage of us if people actually pay for this rubbish. All we are doing is funding Activisions lawsuit against the ex-Infinity Ward members who we should all be supporting.

  • In my eyes in considering selling my ps3 and getting xbox because psn is rubbish

  • answer all these angry people psn

  • When it says ‘Credit card cannot be updated’,does this mean ive been blocked?

  • @ ronswan … the message u get when u are loacked out of the system is to check your account info and then contact the tech team

  • Thanx,thats what message im getting after it says credit card cannot be updated. The cheek of them!!

  • u may think u have not got the maps yet but check “view Downloads” and look for the right BLES code(you only need one of the seven downloads) that matches your disk or u could check your emails, my playstation store gave me error messages evry time but when going through my emails it said wallet fundin success, i had tried over 10 times and it only charged me once luckily!! :)

  • why dont u make use of the ticker on ps3, to let other people know of the situation as about 95% of people will never check here on facebook or twitter

    • Emmanuel Orssaud

      Hi sully1311,
      A message will be posted in the Store very shortly so we make sure that everybody knows about the situation.

  • I have stuck up for sony for years, i have had all three systems on day of release but no more this is shambolic, also i hate the fact that they deliberately put the price at £10.99 so that you would have to credit 15 pound in to your wallet, if you convert what america paid for the maps it works out about £9.80, rip off merchants.
    We have paid more than everyone else, had to wait longer and when it comes out you cant get to download it, great.
    Sonys website is also rubbish it never gives you the information you need and its badly set up, i think they are out of their depth in this onlineworld, and will be seriously thinking of buying another system.

  • How long is the lock in place?

    I got locked out yesterday through no fault of my own, I entered my details correctly damn it! Can’t sony lift the bans? I suppose they don’t want to because that would create more traffic on an already over stressed infrastructure! This is awful!

  • How does the lock work? Is is the lock on the account or card or both?

    So for example, if I created another account, could I purchase using my card?

  • i know, its their fault that it wont accept our cards then they lock us out of the system because of it!! then a day later they post this … all this tells us is that there is problem … we KNOW there is a problem & we have known since 4pm yesterday!! what would be helpful is if they removed peoples bans as it isnt their fault but that isnt going to happen …

  • Hopefully PSN are monitoring this Blog??!! – I suggest you unlock all accounts immediately, so they can transact, or at least attempt to – Sure, your concerned about fraud but your bigger issue is surely loss of customers and by the sounds of it you have banked alot of money in error that is not yours and you were not authorised to do so…….thats errr FRAUD!

    Get it sorted.

  • Ive checked downloads and transaction history and nothin is there :(

  • About time they tell us something ive been trying since 6am today and still keep getting that error code 80029564 still think there is more 2 it thou

  • “Psn this is dissapointing and would never happen with xbox”

    Strange, because it did.

  • this is what i get:

    The credit card information cannot be updated.

    Check your PLAYSTATION Network account information, and then contact technical support for assistance.

  • i agree with ArseneWenger30 the price was set at 10.99 so they cud scam us all out of an extra £5 & i think it should be reduced to £9.99 since all this crap is happening & im not sure but i think the lock is in place for 24 hours.

  • I kept getting an error when I tried to add funds to my wallet using the PS3. Logged in to the PSN store on the PC and added funds there – no problem.

  • I think after all this and what happened a few weeks ago with the leap year problem,they should at least give them us at half price or free ;)

  • This is a complete joke!! Playstaton it’s clear you have done very very little to address this issue. The same thing happened when COD4 released the map update. With the huge sales of Modern Warfare 2 it was clear there would a great demand on the store and you failed to prepare for this. All i kept hearing was about an update was on the way. It’s clear that there is no update on the way your just buying time so that the traffic will slow down. It’s off peak times now and i’m still unable to add my card details because you disable it last night to allow others to download now turn it back on and get your act together. I have had a Ps, Ps2, psp and Ps3 and i wont be buying anymore playstation consoles after this mess, xbox tell you they will rip you off at least they are honest! I would also like to point out do you really think anyone will pay for a premium service (which you plan to release in a few months) when you can’t even run a free service right! I expect to hear no more info from you about this matter.

  • The map pack of mw 2 is a disaster if you ask me!!

    I can download it :) no errors but:

    i cant play the stupid maps in free for all or any other gamemode.
    i only can play the stimulus playlist, with includes game modes i never play, what the **#%%^&* are they thinkin at infinity ward??

    well thats a waste off money..!

  • Well this is utter crap to be completely honest. Sony, I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY $21.95 AUD! God damn, the thing keep telling me my credit card info is invalid, which I’m assuming is coinciding with this crap. *sigh* Hopefully it’s fixed within 8 hours so I can download it before I head out for work (It’s 10PM here in AUS XD)

  • Lulz Call of Duty is a fail, didn’t it screw up the trophies last time????

  • I988_strife

    There is no secret plot or anything in the like. Activision set the price no Sony. It is as expensive on the 360.

    It s also easier to pay in increments of 5 but sometimes this happens.

  • bigjock_bigcup67

    Absolute genius solution.

    If anyone has another account, (another email address/name) on their PS3, log into it, and buy the game there. This will work on ALL your accounts on that specific playstation.

    I just did it. My usual name had been locked out, but my other account that i never use worked.


  • @Paranoimia

    It is weird that it’s not just the Map pack that doesn’t work on XBL either, but the whole credit card not working affair too:

    Very odd…

  • Thankyou for that comprehensive and informative blog mr portal manager… I have a couple of questions.

    Firstly, why weren’t we told about this issue via the message ticker or using the built in message board… I can send messages to my friends… Why can’t you send them to us? via the one piece of kit that we’re all using rather than squirreling it away on the blog…

    Secondly… It seems coincidental that the problem appears at the same time as the stimulus pack… Why haven’t you forseen this as the ‘experts’ and prevented this?

    thirdly… How long does the lock out on card detail changes last for… 3 6 9 hrs or longer.

  • if its not in “view downloads” then you have not managed to buy the maps and should wait a while and you can only lock your account if you repeatedly changed your billing informatin yesterday during the problematic time (please note i am not an expert by far this is only what i presume happens)hope this helps :)

  • @fojero: a lot of people think you can only play the new maps in the stimulus playlists. this is true, but people dont realise its only temporary!

    it happened on the xbox too! after a couple days, they unlocked the new maps on all playlists. this even happened on WAW!!

    the reason they do this is to give a time margin for people to get the maps. if not, then it would be hard to get into a game with the new map since not many people have it yet. so what they do is make the playlists only for people with the new maps so that they dont have the problem of finding people that dont have the maps

    (not sure why theres no free for all though)

    dont worry, they will unlock new maps on all playlists in some days.

  • as unexpected as this was from the great SONY/SCEE, I dont get why so many, are hating.. if you dont like um go else where, i’m happy to stick to SONY even through the badtimes, i’m a believer not a downer. All haters go suck XBOXES.

  • @ Alex_dlc

    thanks for the information!
    But im a free-for-all player, so i really hope i can play the new maps on free-for-all soon!

  • After this credit card failure by sony in the EU for buying the stimulus map pack my mate bought playstation points off ebay. He could then download the maps using the PS network card code rather than the credit card line which is still a failure now.

    we then used his log in details as new users on 5 different PS3’s (including my own)

    So this means new map pack has cost us £2.20 each. The price of a pint to the guy who paid it.
    Im so glad this has worked but more so that his knocked the profits off Sony & Activision. I dont blame IW in any of this….

    If you are still trying to get the maps then do it this way & hit them in the pocket by 4 x potential sales that become freebies.

  • I’ve had every ps and atleast xbox have the organisation to get the maps out to everyone

  • @KOBAYASHI_ – you’re not suppose to tell Sony you game share :P

  • @kobayashi how does that work then? I have 3 ps3’s in my house, n if i can get away with only paying for 1 map pack then i will!!

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