Got A Burning Question About Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake?

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We’re giving you the chance to ask SuperVillain Studios anything you like about their new PSP game; Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake.


The game follows the story of two cheeky princesses who have eaten some cursed cake they found in the forest, and are now completely addicted to the chunky slabs of yummy gateaux. This is causing all sorts of problems around the land of Titania, where princess-snatching and cake-feeding are making it very difficult for the chubby royals to do their job.


If you fancy putting a question to the game’s developers, head over to the forums at and leave it there, or just leave it at the bottom of this post.

We will be taking your questions to the developers, so check back soon to see if your question was used.

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  • Seeing as the pspgo supports bluetooth, what was the reasoning for the lack of voice chat support in the game. The game does have infrastructure support, and the lack of voice chat makes it kinda tricky to communicate with other players :-/

  • I agree with you V_Ben, even though I don’t have a PSP..

  • I just downloaded it yesterday to my PSPgo. It plays incredibly well. Almost if like playing the PS3 version. Tomorrow I’m gonna do my first multiplayer match with someone from work. Should be fun.

  • What have you learnt from making “Fat Princess?”

  • umm, “new”? I think I downloaded this months ago, me = confused :s

    Still if it is the game I am thinking of, send them my compliments, its a fun game.

    My question would be, “can we get a patch with better matchmaking, please?” I would like to see a list of sessions that I can join with the connection strength shown.

    • The PSP version hasn’t been out too long, only since March. And yes, it is pretty fun! Thanks for your question!

  • Yes, the game is realy great. But I rarely play it because the matchmaking is a mess. Trying to join a game when you see there are still slots available and a friend telling you to go play with him is realy dificult.

    Fix that and I’ll get back to playing it again!!!

  • what was the reason for no stat tracking included? I’d really love to be able to be able to keep track of all the mayhem.

  • Thanks for your questions guys – keep them coming! Katy

  • Question: how do i change the lanuguage? i hate dutch language in movies or games. ( I’d like it to be english )


  • Communicating is a problem because it gets all tricky and stuff. its a gret game otherwise. there should be a system that show you all games and you should be able to connect to games that you want to. hope they patch these problems :)

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