UFC Undisputed 2010 Interview

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Fancy a bit more insight into UFC Undisputed 2010? You’ll want to check out this interview with the game’s Producer, Neven Dravinski, taken at an event in London recently. From what we checked out while we were there, the game’s looking like a great improvement over last year’s title.

[viddler id=bdacea9d&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

If you haven’t tried the demo yet, you’ll be able to find it the PlayStation Store this week.

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  • Bad lighting and bad audio. Perhaps upgrading the equipment?

    Good interview though.

  • you look really tired there jem!

  • Ummm… non-stop talking.. literally. lol and what enormhi said…

  • Jem looks like he’d had one too many.

  • good job jem,
    some great questions.

  • I think the reporter should try another profession. It feels like he is high on drugs and not interested at all in what he is doing.

  • My question was asked at the end!!! :D

    But he didn’t have his spreadsheet with him and wasn’t able to answer it properly. He thought so… :) And that is visible from the look on his face; it left him wondering. (in my opinion it’s a big loss if my country isn’t selectable as a nationality for the create-a-player-mode)…
    We’ll see!

  • No disrespect fella, but you didn’t exactly seem “all there” during that interview and it showed!

  • @GuttermouthSIN – He probably was, it was a free bar all day! Lol! I never noticed Jem there though as I would have gone up and said hi.

    @Vads1972 – Yes, you can create a Portuguese fighter. My mate created a Portuguese fighter on the create a fighter mode….no choice of Welsh though which is ridiculous.

    Lastly, I just want to say thanks to the guys behind the blog that organised the competition to allow fans like myself the oppurtunity to go to an event like this – Both me and my mate had an awesome day!

  • Leave the Ganja till after working hours jem or at least liven things up a bit! Take the hair away from your face and speak louder and clearer. and shame on you not asking my question

  • Jem you seemed a little spaced out there dude and the lighting was shocking! Well done though. Shame I didn’t get my question asked as I will NOT buy the game this year if the online still suffers from major lag!

  • I played the demo,but couldn’t believe how weak the impact physics are,it’s so weightless.ditch havok physics engine,and licence the euphoria engine.
    Wont buy this,hope EA save the day with MMA,at the fight night physics feel heavy.

  • @ vonhammer, I agree that waiting for the EA MMA game might be a good idea. I would miss alot of the UFC fighters (although there are some great fighters EA MMA) but if the game is better with better online then i’ll get that instead.

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