FirstPlay Episode 5

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Weekly salutations, people of PlayStation.


How’s May treating everyone so far? I’m back to tell you about what we have for you in this week’s episode of FirstPlay, which will be on the Store this Wednesday. Wednesday updates! Exciting times.

[viddler id=58e4f0ca&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Just when you thought the god-merking bloodfest was over, this week we bring you a review of God Of War Collection, the HD refit of God Of War I and II which hit the shops last week.

firstplay god of war

After a towelling down, we’ve also got an in-depth look at ModNation Racers and its impressive creation mode, and a preview of motorbike racer SBK X. And of course there’s our usual spread of Network Highlights, featuring a PSP round-up and an awesome Uncharted 2 kill-streak, plus screenshots galleries including Skate 3 and EA Sports’ MMA.

firstplay modnation

firstplay SBK X

As ever, this is all yours for just 99p, or even less if you sign up for a 90-day subscription. Which you really should do.

Just a quick word on the featured downloads – many of you are asking when we’ll next have something to give away, and the answer is: very soon. As we’ve said from the start, delivering free content every week is unrealistic, but there will be plenty of goodies in the long run, and we’ve got a whole bunch of minis lined up.

As ever if you have any questions or comments then you can email us at, find us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk, or hunt us down on the EU forums

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2 Author Replies

  • Any update on firstplay for ireland?

    • Literally just heard – as of ep 7 we’ll be in Ireland too :) Still working hard on the rest of Europe…

  • or germany ? :)

  • GT5 content was very dissapointing last time.

  • Are there FIFA goals in this one? I remember you saying a while ago that my FIFA goal would be in Episode 5.

  • Dont see the problem with putting it on the irish store, not as if they have to translate it.

  • Ignore my question. Watched the video and it said about the FIFA goals.

  • I’m hoping this will be a lot better than Episode 4. Passing off trailers of Gran Turismo 5 and Medal of Honor as main features in your mag isn’t cool at all. Especially since they were already available to download from PSN.

    I enjoyed episodes 1 – 3, so hopefully last week was a one off.

  • About the mini’s, what’s the point? Just a discount? It’s still something we can already get, how about something exclusive?

  • How about developer interviews?
    I hope FirstPlay gets better, where is that BANG!

  • Kinda regretting subscribing but oh well. I don’t mind that there’s no free download every week, it’s just that the content is mostly out-of-date before the episodes even go live. Last week’s GT5 footage was ancient and already available to download from the store in 1080p FOR FREE. The commentary over the top of the video was just telling us what we could already see on the screen, giving us no new information whatsoever.

    Sorry for sounding so negative, I just wish there was more exclusive content that couldn’t be seen elsewhere.

  • @comment 10 – is this for real?

    How poor is that – editiorial content – ha!

  • Without free DLC (dynamic themes, avatars, minis etc) FirstPlay really isnt worth the money. Everything thats been in FirstPlay is available elsewhere on the net for free.

    Something has to be offered every week to get people to buy it I think. Even chucking in a free exclusive avatar would be nice, surely something like that isnt too much hassle for you guys.

  • Agree with Anbuc

    I subscribed thinking I was getting something “free” every week, how wrong was I!

    A naff theme, a rubbish mini and a parachute for Just Cause 2 which I need to buy in game anyway and can only be used once! nice.

  • This FirstPlay is turning out to be total garbage. Don’t waste your money folks.

  • I know, I know… nag nag nag, but I REALLY wanna se first play, no ned to translate, just let us watch it!! (the same thing for anything thats only for some SELECT countrys, I just wanna START seing a equal PSN) ((Give me a rating on my pun))

  • 3 weeks in a row without DLC now, and we want more interesting things than minis !!

  • Was kinda hoping we might have got early access to the ModNation PSP demo like the US. Is it really too difficult to secure a demo of a SONY first party title?
    Sorry, there’s no way I’m buying another episode after the current subscription expires. I haven’t even bothered to download the last two.
    After waiting almost 12 months for OPM HD, the actual product is very, very dissapointing.

  • not getting new downloadable content every week is something most of us expected, but i don’t think many of us expected that we’d be waiting over a month and a half for something new.
    issue 5 and you’re still giving away the parachute and theme from issue 1? soon doesn’t sound like next week to me either.
    ok, once a week is not really viable, once a month should be doable though, qore manages
    if all the video you’re going to be providing in firstplay is game footage with the voiceover, and i’m one of the one’s who likes lucy porter’s voice overs, then i’ll start to lose interest, without some compelling dlc and video content lots of others will too.
    where’s the unique content? interviews, behind the scenes stuff, you know, stuff that we can’t already download for free from the store.

    how about some interactive features too? i don’t just mean user submitted videos, though i’d like to see more of those,

  • people starting to see firstplay for what it really is now . all this content u show is indeed mostly on store for free and internet plus you can get all the hd screenshots on ign etc for free too so without any sort of dlc even a silly free avatar makes firstplay a waste of people cash even at 99p . not bought any and will not but any until its worth while even minis are mainly all rubbish unless u have a psp which not every ps3 owner has .

  • cant wait for da modnation racerz news its got =P

  • I subscribed and so far I’ve been pretty disappointed with First Play. I was hoping for something better than the usual disc based stuff you get slapped onto the various magazines available, but it’s pretty much the same.

    The voiceover lady is so cliched and annoying, not necessarily her voice, just the way that the puns are forced into the script and all the games are described in a way that it just feels that she’s trying to sell them to you, rather than inform you about them. It’s like the cheese fests that died out in the 90s on TV.

    When I saw the download area, I thought we were in for a little treat every week, alas this isn’t the case. As a subscriber I’d rather see duplicate downloads removed than have the same piece of content thrust in front of me every week.

    This probably sounds stupid, but even when navigating on the main menu, I hate the way you navigate the content to your cursor, rather than the cursor to the content, it just feels strangely wrong.

    I’m hoping things will improve in future editions, as it’s putting me off downloading my already paid for episodes.

    Good points, it all look nice and shiny.

  • Look. Make an EU version in English, people can decide if they want to buy it or not. Most of the potential audience can handle English throughout EU. All you have to watch out for is mentioning of price, release dates etc if that varies between countries.

    Then, IF you see a need, make regionalized version later.

    Don’t complicate these kind of things more than necessary…

  • I dont think I will subscribe when my months is up, as everyone says y can get the videos and pics online free. Where is the betas? we dont want crap mini’s, avatars and themes would be good.

  • Hello all,

    Lots of comments about the exclusivity of the content (or lack of it) and getting more featured downloads. I’m really sorry if FirstPlay isn’t measuring up to your expectations so far – we know that timeliness is still an issue, and we’re working hard to shorten the length of time it takes to make each episode so we can react faster and score more exclusive videos.

    And we know it’s high time we got more content in there. Episodes 7, 8 9 and 10 will all come with a free mini (a different one each week) and obviously those eps will be included in any subscription purchased so far. We’re also working hard to get more themes into FP, and talking to Sony about putting avatars into future episodes, working out the logistics.

    We are listening (even when the words hurt…) and we will keep on doing our best to make FP as good as possible.



  • FirstPlay in Ireland? Oh my god yes. Any idea how much the subscription will cost in Euro?

  • I’m glad to hear that first play is coming to the Irish store. It looks great, so I’ll be checking it out. Btw Nathan, I know it’s probably not your department but any idea when the PSN Movie/video store will be available in Ireland??? I know it came out in the UK a few months ago, back then Sony were saying it would be in Ireland by spring…so any news, i’d appreciate it!

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