LBP ‘Turbo! Pack’ Development Diary 5 and 6: ‘Hopping Mad’

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LBP ‘Turbo! Pack’ Development Diary 5: ‘Hopping Mad’ – Andy Knowles, Designer

When I was young, my pogostick was one of my favourite things. When we came up with the list of vehicles for the this pack, we had mostly wheeled vehicles. I decided to just make the pogostick anyway, because I thought it would be fun to see what happened, And it worked!

LBP 'Turbo! Pack' Development Diary

It can be a little tricky for people to control to begin with, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be bouncing pretty long distances. Boing!

‘Turbo! Pack’ Development Diary 6: ‘Hopping Mad’ – Laura Dilloway, Artist

When Andy first handed this level over it was visualised a lot less clearly than the first two levels, and was literally made up of rubber blocks dictating where the floor and various objects should be! However the necessary parts of the level like the logic and basic landscape took up very little thermometer, and because of this we could pretty much go to town and add as many stickers, objects and materials as we wanted.

We really had a lot of fun doing the art for this level! This was made easier by the fact that there were only a couple of small design considerations that had to be taken into account. Firstly, that once you got into the pogostick there could be nothing in the back thick plane otherwise Sackboy would plane switch back out again (and where would the fun in that be?); and secondly that the pogostick worked better when the floor was rubber.

LBP 'Turbo! Pack' Development Diary

Like all our other vehicles, the pogostick itself is a 3D object. There was quite a lot of head-scratching over the design to start with because obviously if we made one that was realistically proportioned then it would be about half the height of your Sackperson. In other words, ridiculously tiny. We think our solution works pretty well however!

LBP 'Turbo! Pack' Development Diary

For something so simple, this level is a real success. It just goes to show that you don’t have to make something massively complicated for it to be fun! Remember though, that when decorating, less is sometimes more. Don’t go too crazy with your stickers and materials just because you can.

Now, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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  • You guys are doing a fantastic job.
    All I can say is; keep us entertained lol

    You guys give me a reason to play Little Big Planet.

  • Slightly off-topic, but I was wondering; my PS3 died and I lost my saves with it thanks to the HDD’s being hardware-locked (Grr Sony…) – I’ve now got a replacement PS3, but really do not have the time to play through it again to unlock all the materials and whatnot. Now that a GotY editions’s been released and the sequel’s been ‘announced’, is there any chance of seeing a timesavers ‘unlock-all-items’ pack on the store any time soon?

  • @tehPete

    LBP lets you use any save file – just find a completed save on the internet and copy it to your PS3; that’s what I did when mine died. Copied saves don’t let you earn trophies though, so you’ll have to start from scratch if you’re bothered about that.

  • @tobz1000

    Thanks for the info :) Shame about the trophies – if I make some popular levels it’d be nice to earn the trophies for them, but then as long as the levels are under my name I suppose it doesn’t really matter!

  • looking fwd to the pogo stick!

    is it me or do the graphics look really bad lol (i know i know development pics, im guessing concept art rather then ps3 screenies)

  • @mrgrimreaper2004, This is the PSP version of LBP not PS3.

  • Hi, I would just like to say that I am a massive LBP fan! Its just awesome! I downloaded the turbo pack on launch day, I have 100% completion on all but 1 level. Hopping mad, its the bit with the blue boy etc, I need a sticker that I dont have & cant find! My husband and my daughter have also tried, Please Help? anybody?

  • I’ve have the same delimma as Mrs. Pyscho. All levels 100% complete in the Turbo Pak except for “Hopping Mad” – 93% 29/31 goodies. No trigger switch sticker for the bulliten board. Any and all help/hints would be greatly appreciated! THANKS

  • OK I’m gonna answer my own question just in case there are others out there that are having trouble getting the last two prizes in the “Hopping Mad” level. You must ACE the SHORT CIRCUIT level. When you do, you’ll receive the yellow crayon girl sticker as a prize. That is the trigger switch for the Hopping Mad bulletin board. GL EV1!!!

  • thanks Bioka, thats awesome! Its been bugging me! Thanks again

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