More Great New SingStar Features Coming This June!

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Hello I’m Chris, the Senior Online Producer on SingStar and I’m just bringing you a short update on more great features we are releasing in the June SingStar update, alongside Online Battle.

First though, thanks to everyone who has taken part in our Beta so far, and those who have signed up for the next Beta events, there has been a great response. We have received loads of valuable feedback from you all and been working hard to get fixes and improvements into the game.

Onto the features though…

First up is SingStar Remote, which enables you to connect to SingStar with a PSP during a game session and create a playlist of up to 20 songs. The playlist can be edited whilst someone else is singing, allowing you to queue up loads of songs to play from a carousel on the PSP and move swiftly form one song to the next, ensuring no break in your SingStar party. Ever.

SingStar - Remote Playlist

SingStar - Remote Carousel

For truly professional SingStar players we have upgraded our gameplay to give the player feedback when you are singing with extra style using your natural vibrato. We suggest honing your vibrato skill on Gold by Spandau Ballet, Street Spirit by Radiohead or one of the tracks from the Il Divo SongPack. Good luck!

SingStar - Vibrato

SingStar Clubs are expanding, a single club can now have up to 1000 members, and you will be able to join up to five clubs.

We have also made a couple of minor changes to the SingStore – you will be able to view users’ videos in the community galleries directly from a song in the SingStore, and move directly from a song to a corresponding SongPack in which it features.

We hope that you will enjoy all the features coming in the June update and look forward to getting more feedback from those of you that are taking part in the Beta trials. For those of you that aren’t taking part in the Beta, it’d be great to hear your comments on these new features below.

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9 Author Replies

  • Just add leaderboards and the Singstar experience will be complete! fantastic additions to the software, glad to see you keep improving the game.

    • Thanks for the leaderboard suggestion, we know there are a lot of you out there that keep asking for this. Enjoy!

  • I’d like the ability to play bought Singstar video clips without the game overlay so I can just watch them.

    Also ability to upload recorded videos to youtube would be great.

  • the PSP login feature is one of your greatest update besides the online battle mode.

    i enjoyed the first beta tests at all & loved to see you dev´s crashing your console too ;)

    so we didn´t felt alone anymore when our PS3 said , no i don´t want to hear you sing anymore… ^^

    • PSP Remote is a very nice feature, it should keep your party moving.

      Its not my PS3 that stops me singing… more the neighbours! :)

  • I got into the beta but could never access the beta forums.

  • No.1 feature I would like after online play is the ability to pick songs when playing in ‘pass the mic’ mode. The random selection with a limited number of skip tracks is really really annoying.

  • @4

    Go to the PS forums, sign out then sign back in. Then you’ll see the singstar beta section.

  • Hi at all,

    well, I love SingStar, but to be honest: Chris, you can’t talk from great features, now! Of course its great that the online feature will coming soon, but the support for the beta is bad! And I’ll always got a blue-screen freezin’ my ps3, here :(

    and btw: and there is still no madonna-collection… :(

  • Nice ideas there. Too bad I won’t be able to try them out, because Sony quite forbid me to update my PS3 past 3.15.

  • I’m glad the PSP is being used in a game. Can’t wait to try it out!

    Do you download an application to the PSP or does it all stream from the PS3?

    • No application on the PSP, its very similar to PSP remote play – of course you must be running the latest version of SingStar on the PS3. ;)

  • OMFG! Finally decent PSP-PS3 in-game integration! I’ll take the promised rear view mirrors now!

  • i made a pic, but don’t know where to post it, because I can’t find a beta-area in the offical forum :(

    but hey: whats with madonna?

  • @12

    Go to the forum, sign out then sign back in! The beta section is just below the regular singstar setion.

  • @13 i tried to, because I CAN read ;) but can’t find it anyway…

    ah now I found it… it belongs to the ENGLISH-forum – please note that, other-speaking-guys-n-girls… :)

    thanks… will post it there!

  • Are we going to be able to create playlists without using a PSP? I’ve got one I just don’t want another piece of electronics liable to get covered in booze.

    Also, any chance of unlocking the Singstar Save game. I’d love to back it up, its hurt I’ve lost my stats twice now!

  • PSP only for now… :)

  • Nice update , i like the way you keep adding new features to singstar. It must take up a lot of resources managing all the media on the servers which is why i don’t mind chipping in to buy tracks now and then, everyone wins.

    Now Chris this next bit is NOT for you..

    @9: It’s neither cool, nor very community- spirited to stomp over a valid point made by a someone who should be entitled to the same treatment as anyone else. In the history of consoles, this is unprecedented treatment of customers and it is not the fault of those who retained Other Os. Such comments just serve to divide the community and enough has already been done in that respect.

  • @17 No really get over it. Its a non-issue.

  • @18: No. I have principles.

  • Great updates.
    I got a psp but i would also like to see playlist creation without a psp :D

    Does it come with new trophies? ( We need new trophies) :P

  • Good to hear about the vibrato thing, I tend to get lousy scores at times since those aren’t accounted for.

    Also, I would like to see some more rock music (last time I said more indie bands :p) like more Queens of the Stone Age and Homme’s other band: Them Crooked Vultures.

    Perhaps Pearl Jam would be nice too.

  • A few suggestions to improve SingStar Remote’s presentation:

    – Album art isn’t scaled very smoothly for the playlist thumbnails and song selection carousel
    – The light blue alphabet highlight bubble under the carousel looks a bit rough and low contrast with the letter makes it harder to read quickly
    – For the most part the familiar SingStar font scales down ok but lowercase t’s, capital B’s and R’s look funny and some bold letters, especially e’s are harder to read

    If you fix the album art scaling, convince SCEJ’s System Software team to improve the XMB icon scaling for PSP and especially PS3. ;)

  • The biggest problem, the fact that you can´t put your disk content on the HDD, is still the worst thing. It takes the fun out of all improvements!
    It´s not that I don´t apriciate what you are doing but it´s the biggest issue I have with Singstar.
    Please, please, please fix this problem first!

  • It’s great to finally see a playlist feature. As I don’t own a PSP please also add the ability to create playlists on the PS3 in a future update. That would be perfect.

    Also, it would be great to have the possibility to start SingStar from the harddrive without having a disc inserted. (maybe an added feature to the SingStar Viewer?). When starting SingStar from the harddrive it would only show the DLC-songs on your harddrive that you can play, until you insert a disc.

  • This is amazing! Finally, playlist support! On the PSP, no less. But it does bring to light that we need a way to cache disc songs, even if it’s just for 24 hours or a single boot.

    • We hear you on storing disc tracks on the hard drive, the issue is on the development team’s minds too. Thanks.

  • Good update however there are two things I would like:

    1: Be able to transfer songs from PS2/PS3 discs to the PS3 hardrive…come on I’m really lazy and don’t trust myself when ‘tired and emotional’ (drunk) to keep discs clean ;)

    2: Can we have a central database of songs we want added to store so when you think of the song you can either add it to the list or if its been added before you can vote for it

    Keep up the good work ;)

  • Interesting to see PSP use during gameplay (like the old concept of using PSP as rear-view mirror in Gran Turismo that never panned out). Traditional remote play on PSP doesn’t allow use during PS3 gameplay. Exciting tech improvements here “under the hood”

  • That’s what I call a proper PS3-PSP integration. Great work London.

  • Hey,

    first of all, those features sound like tons of fun.
    But can you please tell me if the feature of making our own song-packs (with the songs we own of course) is also on the developers’ minds? It would be so great to let us decide which 5 tracks we wanna sing in a medley, it can’t be so hard! And also to delete (or hide) those medleys we don’t like.

    Please tell me if you at least consider this in future updates


  • I’m gonna’ be honest with you. You are the kind of developers I love. Keep it up with the awesome updates, I love you! :D

  • BTW, I would love to have info about how it actually works. A video perhaps? I assume you’ll have to download the SingStar Remote app from somewhere? Perhaps you can transfer it from SingStar to PSP via USB? Or is it purely Remote Play driven? (Application actually running on the PS3 in the background, PSP acts as remote display/controller?)

  • Just noticed my Q was already answered @10. Sorry about that. Still curious about how it works.

  • i don’t own Singstar (I don’t have enough local friends currently to make use of a party game) but that PSP bit is a very neat little feature. Nice idea.

  • @Chris Bruce reply to 25
    Great to hear that it’s on your “thinking about list”, make this and you might see some more sales of the old ps2 discs since all of a sudden they’re much more attractive than before.

    The PSP thing sounds sweet too. Looking forwards to seeing how it works.

    Will these newly announced features be part of the beta too?

    Now it’s time to repeat a request/suggestion I’ve made before: Please add age checking to individual songs. That way there can be songs that include the “f” word released with a higher rating, while parents can decide if the kids should hear them and user videos with them. There is a lot of great music that doesn’t fit into the games “12” rating that grownups could love to buy.

  • Is the PSP remote feature coming to US versions of singstar? or only Euro ones?

    • These features will be available as part of a software update for all SingStar PS3 discs around the end of June.

  • anymore details on the facebook connectivity. it would be awesome if you were able to not only upload videos to the comunity site but tie it in with facebook too so those who dont nessecarily have a ps3 or the singstar games would be incouraged to take part possibly purchase it.

  • wow, japanese style :3

    great, now release a singstar j-pop please xD

  • Singstar team should take an award for best supporting for there game :D !!

    but i have a question , i didn’t find singstar ps3 in our market but i found singstar pop ! can i stell enjoy all this cool dlc’s and features with this copy or i had to buy singstar ?

  • Awesome! Can we have bigger screenshots too soon? It’s a shame they’re so tiny that one can hardly see what they’re off – and perhaps custom avatar icons for PSN accounts, not just the in-game created accounts?

  • Maybe I should have said winner photos instead of screen shots, sorry about that – I’m computer damaged :)

  • How about the often-requested custom “hide songs” option? Seriously I see that asked all over the Singstar facebook page, people asking about it. Seriously, who wants to sing Christmas songs or novelty songs that you downloaded for a laugh, when your into pass-the-mic and it’s randomly throwing up songs no-one in your group wants to sing?

    This would also cut down how many songs we have to scroll through on the main carousel.

    I guess we just have to keep asking and asking, or is it that the singstar development team have personal favourites they want to work on first?

    Also, on behalf of the other guys who keep asking what about the personal best scores for individual users? We all have mates who aren’t that good, who’d love to access their own highest scores?

  • @34, last time I checked each song on the store has it’s own PEGI age rating and “theme”? images (spider, @*!, etc)

  • Here is a very (maybe) complicated idea for your next game “voice coach” which would help you (well some people) sing better (although it’s stupid just thought that i would say it) And number 2 idea= a game that uses voice recognition, In the game you would like fill in the missing gaps in the song it could be a playlist of your favorite songs or something (although i dont know how far voice recognition technology has reached but some day this could happen)

  • Voice coach and the other idea would be a feature.

  • I think a great feature would be to be able to download the tracks from all your purchased SingStar games on to the HDD including those from the PS2 SingStar games and only need to insert one PS3 game disc to allow you to play it.

    Also this is not really a software improvement request but in future SingStar releases in Australia could we have an Australian centric song list by that I mean songs that have actually been in the charts in Australia. Due to the fact I and all my friends have never heard of some of the tracks that are included. I’d rather not have to buy the SCEA version from a foreign source e.g. eBay, Amazon, play-asia for future SingStar releases.

  • Any Lady GaGa songs coming to North America plz? Thx

  • some seriously great things in the pipline guys. all this and battle, absolutely fantastic.

    My only request is the need to have our ps2 discs imported onto the harddrive, it’d just be much more convenient that way, i find myself just not wanting to play them otherwise.

  • @9 : Thank you for your input. But as a legitimate OtherOS user since I bought my PS3 two years ago – and that’s a feature that made me choose the PS3 over the X360, there’s just no way I’ll give up a whole operating system I use regularly (in conjonction with my PC running Linux too, controling the PS3 through SSH) just to gain access to a few games, no matter how good the games are.

    It’s just not worth it. At all.

  • Chris,

    Really looking forward to the June update, especially with the additional features you’ve announced.

    It’s also encouraging to hear that storing disc tracks on the hard drive is on the development team’s minds, as this is probably the single biggest ‘wish’ for SingStar fans.

    Until this facility is provided, however, can you look into addressing the issue I have with Pass-The-Mic mode, which is that all of the downloaded tracks seem to be randomly chosen before any disc songs. If you’ve downloaded 80+ songs as I have, it’s virtually pointless having a disc in at all, as none of the songs on it are chosen.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hello Chris, thank you for this good news.
    I have two questions for you.
    1) Have you seen the protests of European players who scrape VOTE by PS3, and not by ID-PSN? In order to avoid tensions in MySingstar online. But especially in order to avoid cheating or hard with multiple votes.
    2) Do you improve the carousel with music sorting options by language and by suport? Using the buttons R3 and L3 may be a good idea. Pressing R3 is chosen to display the songs in such a language (All, English, French, Italian, German … to return to all). Pressing L3 is chosen source (only Singstar disc, hard disk only, and both sources combined) What do you think?

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