Iron Man Flying Game Coming To PlayStation Home On Thursday

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We mentioned it was going to be BIG. Well, this news is so big we’re giving it its own blog space!

On Thursday Paramount Pictures International and AUDI AG will be launching a brand new Iron Man mini-game located in the Audi Space. As the first in-world game ever made for a film in Home, this is definitely worth your time to visit!

You will have the chance to throw on the Iron Man suit and pilot your way through a tricky skyscraper obstacle course, picking up arc reactors and dodging the mines to power your way onto the leaderboard.

If you make the leaderboard, then do your best to stay on it; the Top 10 scorers (when the game closes at the end of June 2010) will be rewarded with an Iron Man suit to keep. Do you have the raw talent – or sheer dedication – to prove that you have what it takes to wear the Iron Man suit?

To wet your appetites, check out the video below:

[viddler id=37c28e6b&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

Don’t forget you can also grab a free Iron Man 2 t-shirt by completing the quiz available within the Audi Space. There are also plenty of clips, viral videos and trailers available to watch in the cinema.

For more info visit

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  • Looking good! :D

  • Such a shame that it’s being done this way, 10 people in the whole SCEE getting the suit, no chance of getting it.

    Looks like fun though.

  • Only the Top 10 scorers get an Iron Man suit? :(
    Is this the only reward from the game?

  • Shame that everyone that plays it and completes it won’t get one.

    10 people. :(

  • sweet, i bet someone an Iron Man suit i don’t make it into the top 10

  • The game looks great and I really appreciate the effort that’s gone into it.

    However, couldn’t you have offered a different prize for leaderboard success? Like a statue, or a trophy for your apartment.

    I would imagine that pretty much every Home user would LOVE an Iron Man suit to show off in Home Square, and this is now being restricted to only 10 Home users in all of the EU.

    It doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be wearing one at the end of next month. Shame. Any chance of changing this?

    I’ll still give the game a go though. It looks good.

  • Not liking the whole idea of staying on the top 10 for the suit.

    I’ve got about a 1 in 4,999,999 in winning one? I think everyone should be entitled to the suit

  • lmao the 1st thing that looks good for home in a while and yet its mucked up by the shoddy 10 suits giveaway lol good job yet again with annoying users

  • “I would imagine that pretty much every Home user would LOVE an Iron Man suit to show off in Home Square, and this is now being restricted to only 10 Home users in all of the EU.”

    Exactly why they are doing it. Everyone wants a suit, so tons of people play the game = a huge amount of advertising and brand awareness. And if they restrict the winners to just 10 there is more chance people will replay the game, ingraining the brand in your brain ready for the film release. Chances are they will sell the suit in a mall store anyways.

  • You do realise the iron man suits will proberly be on sale at some point….well atleast I hope thay will as I would defenately buy one!

  • @9 Yep – you are correct.

    But if the game’s good enough, wouldn’t we want to pay it anyway.

    Or perhaps make it so that you have to reach a certain requirement / level to unlock the suit, necessitating the need to play it frequently to get good enough to pass the unlock point.

    If they did it this way, they’d get the advertising and we’d get our suits (well, more than 10 of us would).

  • I am from PS Home Na…after reading peoples remarks here and at the NA Forms…”as good as this all sounds”…you are making more unhappy than happy(is this your intentions?) doing the exclusives(eu only)and by making it virtually impossible to win(for the users of your app in EU)…we do not care or want to hear”Its the company that made the decsion”Its about contracts”.We dont care.We are here to have fun on the PS3 Home App..not to covet or get mad at others but YOU guys seperate us all…your doing a great job at that.

    My remarks do not reflect Home users as a whole..or sonys..only my personal view.

  • hey, can you confirm or deny that the Audi Windows Game will still be there because A) it took so long to queue up for it (atleast 35mins no joke) and B) i’ve only played it once and did not win the prize.


  • one of the few outfits worth buying and i cant buy it:/
    also the helmet of the killzone 2 suit in home has dissapeared from my ward drobe can i get this back because you know….. i paid for it

  • Will the jet thrusters be disabled on the won suits?
    …or do you get access to your own flying game if you win?
    Probably no to both of those i guess..

    For some reason i’m reminded of my wish as a kid to own a Cylon costume (from the original series) lol.

    I agree with harpdevil with regards to it probaby appearing in the shopping centre (hello and welcome to the eu blog ;) )

  • No doubt that people will make 10 different accounts just to get 10 suits

    Some sad [DELETED] did that on the infamous leaderboards to stop people getting the pants / trophy

  • I never get anywhere near the top on any leaderboard game. So i doubt i’ll get the suit.

    But the game looks good!

  • This is so stupid, don’t really understand why they keep using this award system. With millions of users in SCEE region only 10 suits is making fun of people.

    I don’t live to play mini-games on home and i’m not an addict, i play for fun and because of that i will never get a chance to win prizes like this.

    Think straight for once and stop assuming that people don’t have anything else in their lives to do than play in home 24/7.

  • The game looks fun.
    I’ll try it as soon as I get a chance, because I bet everyone is rushing to get there, and the game will always be occupied.

    Got nothing against the game, I must thank every one involved in it for bring it to us.
    But top 10 only? out of the billions that play it every day?
    sounds impossible….and like any good game around, there will be easy ways to get on top, and once that easy way is discovered, everybody wants to do it, and then it will be really impossible.

    None the less, worths a shot.

  • couldn’t you just also sell the iron man suit on Home? So that why the prize is people get it for free?

  • God damn I need one of those suits!
    Urgh, I’m gonna kill myself trying to get one :(
    Hope you’re happy SCEE!

  • shame there’s only 10 suits, but then they’ll no doubt be men only so doesn’t really affect me much.
    i think it’s about time marvel introduced an iron-woman. :)
    still i’ll try the flying game, wouldn’t it be great if this was more fun than seg’a licensed game? :)
    you know for any women who might win, you should give away a black widow costume with the iron man suit, you’re covered either way then.

  • “One of ten suits”? TEN for all of the PAL regions? Surely you jest.

  • Make it a Daily Top10 not a Life Time Top10, and in the end of every day the leaderboard rsets itself giving other the opportunity to win it.

  • Bah, I can never make any board for the top ten. People play Home constantly trying to beat their score or to keep their place on any board in home. So the people who aren’t obsessive enough will miss the chance at an awesome Iron Man suit.

    Looks pretty cool, but the idea for the top ten having the suit is a little stupid. How about increasing the leaderboard’s limit to something like top 500 and reward each 100 people with different variants of the suit? Top 100 get the basic Iron Man suit, 200’s get the War Machine suit, 300 the awesome newish silver and red suit from Iron Man 2, 400’s the Iron Monger from Iron Man 1, and 500’s the suit he makes in the caves.

    I know for a fact that people who are going to get the top ten are the ones who get top ten on everything else in Home, the ones who doesn’t see daylight and the only friends they have are the millions on myspace. Meh, whatever.

  • I’m afraid that 10 suits was the most we could get for contractual reasons. I’m not even getting one, and I’m not allowed to win one!

  • So will they be appearing in a Home store or will there only be 10 Iron Mans (Iron Men?) ever?

    To be honest, don’t really have an issue with this being limited, it’s either a badge of honour or of shame depending on how you view spending time to earn this prize, and it’ll make bumping into another Iron Man quite a rare treat. :)

  • Meh it’s alright Alex, I’m hardly on the PS3 these days anyway, I’ll give it ago Thursday and again when it’s about to end to see if I can get anywhere. But you should try get them to do a Deadpool thing. Everybody loves Deadpool! and theres a few attires they could they give us, well different variations at least and the comic “Weapon X” attire.

    And now that they’ve got a Lady Deadpool.. Well yeah :P Also Dogpool for a pet!

  • fair play to audi, they’re really dedicating themselves in playstation home.

  • £20 says within 5 minutes of these suits being handed out to winners they will be hacked and loads of iron men will be wandering round Home. Region hacked items are still prevalent despite the beta badge now being dropped.




  • well in canada we dont even get an iron man game

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