FirstPlay Episode 4

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Hello chums,

FirstPlay Episode 4

It’s Nathan here from FirstPlay with a heads up on this week’s episode, which will be on the Store from Thursday as usual, unless that dream I had where all our PlayStations grew tiny legs and ran away comes true. Then we might be delayed a week.

This week we’re mostly drooling over HD footage of Gran Turismo 5, with a little break for gazing into the future PlayStation Move, and slicing up some fools in the name of national security in Alpha Protocol. We’ve also got our regular deluge of Network Highlights, featuring a guide to not losing horribly with Super Street Fighter IV‘s new scrappers, and an army of screenshots galleries, including SOCOM IV and Medal Of Honor.

[viddler id=ece195b7&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

FirstPlay Episode 4

As ever, this is all yours for just 99p, or even less if you sign up for a 90-day subscription.

FirstPlay Episode 4FirstPlay Episode 4

One last thing – the brilliant crew over on the official EU forums have created a new FirstPlay section for us. Myself and the team will be in there as often as possible to avoid work answer any questions, and it’s the easiest way to submit your game videos to us. Alternatively you can still email us at, find us on on Twitter at @firstplay_uk or Facebook by searching for FirstPlay (Official).

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5 Author Replies

  • Cannot wait for the GT5 preview! I love FirstPlay! :D

  • ..I hope to see something new and REAL and OFFICIAL about GT5..!!!!

  • That announcer sounds cute :D

  • GT5 preview :D I think firstplay needs more previews and reviews than the previous 3 episodes. Bring back the best singstar clips aswell. They are well better than Fifa goals

    • Glad you’re enjoying :) But on a weekly schedule more is pretty much impossible. There simply aren’t enough games in the ether, and certainly not enough time for us to play, write, capture and edit for all of them. We’re making 25-30 minutes of video a week. That’s quite a lot for a team our size…

      Singstar – yeah, we loved it too. We ran into a rights clearance issue with the music which is currently looking fairly immovable, though. Hopefully you’ll like people smashing stuff up in Just Cause/breaking themselves to bits in Skate 3 more?

  • Firstplay for Ireland please!!

  • I guess it’s just old stuff we have seen a couple of months ago right?

  • Of course it will be old stuff. Nothing to see here.

  • Screw first play.. Still not in Norway.. Sicken tired of all the content coming to UK first. Lets take a look at Playstation Home. Norway is not getting any update what so ever with content from games such as the latest final fantasy 13 content. And this is called the Playstation Blog EUROPE >_>

    Sorry for a negative post but just HAD to get my frustration out there.

  • Do we get anything FREE this week, I kinda based buying the 3 month sub on the fact I would be getting Free stuff totalling more then 99p each week.

    • There are no new featured downloads this week. We’ve been careful not to over-promise in this area – of course everyone wants as much free content as possible, because free stuff is amazing. And we do have plenty of things in the pipe – there are more minis confirmed and coming very soon. But running a show weekly means we’re not going to have new downloads every episode – we’re about video content first, and free amazing stuff whenever possible.

  • Are there any plans to include the “FirstPlay” content on the cover-mounted Blu-ray Discs issued with the “Official PlayStation Magazine UK”, Mr Ditum?

    Or is the overall goal with the new digital magazine content to phase-out the magazine in the medium to long term?

    A small increase in the Magazine subscription per month/quarter/year would cover the loss of revenue with the Store-based digital subscription distribution. I would be happy to pay this for three or four “FirstPlay” issues on the Magazine disc per month.

    Of course, if you were planning to include the “FirstPlay” content for free on the Blu-ray Disc(s) then please ignore any suggestion that the subscription to the Magazine should be increased :)

    PS. Can you purchase previous “FirstPlay” editions retrospectively? That is, can you buy, for example, the first two editions now we are in week three (heading towards week four)? If a subscription was purchased today presumably the first edition available would be Episode 3. Is that the case?

    Thanks for your comments.



    • We’ve discussed ways of improving the disc with the content we’re making for FP. But the deal we reached with Sony has the episodes staying on the Store for 6 weeks, which means giving them away with the mag isn’t really an option. As for increasing the price of the mag – that’s a whole other question, and splitting our offering (no-disc editions have been raised as an idea before) is not on the cards.

      And yes – the previous editions are available for purchase on the Store, but only future episodes are included in the subscription.

  • i will be subscribing because of this episode! good stuff

  • @9 – More fool you, then. Lmao.

  • No offense but what’s the point of buying it if you’re not giving away free stuff?

    and @xYLeinen: and we get to wait for all the stuff America gets first, we don’t have it good either

  • Is this GT5 preview going to feature anything new, or is it the same info that we’ve known about for ages?

  • is this never before seen footage?

  • The picture of GT5 says “ETA: Winter 2010” :(

  • can we expect FirstPlay to be available in Nordic countries soon too? I would buy it at a high price! :D

  • please stop ignoring the smaller countries or at least give us a good reason why the rest of Europe can’t get it, also why we don’t have the video store yet.

    • Getting it to the rest of Europe is a priority, but doing it is very complicated. We have to decide how/if the content should be localised, to set up partners in every region, and of course get the all-clear from Sony. We’re just finding our feet on a week-to-week basis in the UK – these discussions are actively happening right now, but they take time.

  • Nathan said: “unless that dream I had where all our PlayStations grew tiny legs and ran away comes true”

    At the rate sony are removing features from the PS3 this may not be so far from the truth ;)

  • GT5: Winter 2010. :(

  • why no free version like the ones with Christina Lee in de US??
    (she is hot btw :) )

  • Minted gt5 and socom 4 cant wait for that

  • No confirtmation so far that the GT5 stuff is new, pretty sure that means no, which they cannot say because no GT fan would buy that episode then.

  • I don’t care whether the GT5 footage is new or not – it’s the FirstPlay team’s perspective on stuff I buy it for.
    And as for the lack of DLC so far, they’ve said in previous weeks that there won’t be stuff every week – so not sure why everyone’s kicking off about that.
    Nath / Tim – keep up the good work

  • Almost Everything in Firstplay has been new.
    So why wouldn’t GT5? of course It will be.

    Keep up the good work Firstplay, really enjoying it.

    PS: Bring back the Singstar feature from the Beta :D

  • I dont understand why Microsoft with the Xbox 360 can release content for “all” countries is Europe at the same time and Sony with the Playstation 3 have so much trouble?

    I kinda dont care about excuses anymore, just get a grip Sony.

  • GT5 Preview! XD
    GREAT! =P
    Defo buy for me then, also with news of Sony’s new PS Move TECH! XD

  • @ fp – “Are there any plans to include the “FirstPlay” content on the cover-mounted Blu-ray Discs issued with the “Official PlayStation Magazine UK”, Mr Ditum?”

    have you been reading my sent emails account again? :P i asked them this when issue one dropped.

    should be getting a little something something from TriOvis 3D for us Unofficial Threespeech types soon though.

  • ps: winter 2010 :( :( :(

  • There is not even a Video store in Finland… go sony… time to catch up with the rest of the world.. i would so buy it if it came out over here but no..

  • Winter 2010…….
    So no GT5 before november?

  • Can’t believe some of you have got the minerals to say say its not worth buying without free stuff, its only 99p stop being such tight asses and buy it. Your only giving up 2 mars bars for all this content fat boy.

  • Im dont understand what screenshot means. would they be shots when someone is playing the game not (cut scenes). Or could they be any shots taken from the game which would include cut scenes and when the player is actuarely firing at an enemy. sorry for my bad spelling. thank you

  • @LarZen Frustration shared! >_>

    How will I ever get my friends to buy a ps3 when there is no PSN content for it compared to xbox 360?!? :p

  • @ S-Cript:
    She is and she has a sweet voice…… but you should listen to her presenting Dantes Inferno. What a combination lol.

  • @xYLeinen: preach it, brother. Norway is woefully underrepresented with exclusive content. Where, for instance, is the patch for Valkyria Chronicles that places Norway in the middle of the world-map? Nowhere to be seen, that’s where! I demand satisfaction, Sony!

    ..seriously, though. For the kind of content that’s aimed primarily at the +15 years group, and has short shelf-life.. like First Play, or promo videos, etc – there’s really no discussion to be had here. There is interest for it in the Nordic countries, and most of Europe. It’s been a while since not localising content meant alienating the audience…. if you sent pop-tunes on the radio, or something like that. And this is for more actively sought content anyway. So pushing this over with minimum localisation, and then perhaps reserving some extra service for specially popular content…? That sounds like a winner to me.

  • ..and I mean, you realise that even people who actually own a ps3 rarely know which titles specifically have localisation anyway? R&C for example has extremely, fantastically good localisation for Norway, and several other languages. They’re extremely carefully done, with careful language, and references that the age-group it’s targeted for will understand – and you don’t know that from looking at the box in the store, or browsing the playstation web.. So Sony could prioritize a bit different, yeah?.. And promote the things that are localised. Without needing to hold back all the content that isn’t (and never will be if it’s short term, like FP)… Just saying..

  • @Nathan – “We have to decide how/if the content should be localised”

    I think i speak for all of the nordic countries when i say : We speak and we understand english very, very well. And especially us gamers who thrive ourself in content which is in english – from blogs, videoreviews, podcasts and so on, all of which are in english. Please, dont make us “suffer” because the french, italians and germans are ignorant. Take this to reconsideration when you think of the nordic region.

    Have a nice day man.

    • I tell you what – however good the Nordic, Germans and French are at speaking English, they’re a whole lot better than the English are at speaking anything else ;)

      Taken under consideration, waypoetic. The more feedback we get, the more compelling it becomes.

  • @Waypoetic

    The germans are speaking and understand english as well -.-

  • dont bother localising. only those who will understand it will buy it anyway so theres no point wasting time, jus release it across europe asap!

  • I think Sony forgets that overall people who are gamers and users of playsation 3 in Europe would preferably want to get the content in English. Ps3 is not the “family” console yet.

    Do we actually need to make a petition “Yes people in Europe speak english so we demand the equal content as UK and USA” for Sony to listen? >_>

  • please bring the firstplay to the netherlands! And please Sony don’t make the mistake by thinking 90pct of the dutch players want their stuff in dutch language.. English sounds better way better and the very most of the dutch gamers play their games in English cuz the translation always sound lame (though very nicely done). keep the translation money in you pocket and bring the english firstplay to all the other stores. Learn from MS and bring the content soon and fast in english and let the people decide if they want it or not. you’ll have al lot of subscribers in the netherlands when you bring firstplay to us.

  • guys you seriously need to turn this how VIDZONE is but for subscribers only that way theres more motivation to subscirbe since you will have all the episodes in one place and in one program streamed

    seriously if you did first play 2.0 like this it would be one of the best features on ps3 just like vidzone is

  • Yeah one more vote for english only content! Bring it on! :D

  • When POLAND?????????????????????????????????

  • If you subscribe to the 3 months its less than 99p per episode……….so stop your moaning.
    I felt a little bit dissapointed these last 2 weeks with there being no DLC but i guess i can get over that.
    Keep up the good work guys….GT5 looks sweet!!!

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