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  • A real shame Lead and Gold didn’t have a demo. That’s what I’m waiting for. Don’t know why devs don’t do this, nor why the PSN store doesn’t have a Demo section like the US store has.

  • Pretty good week for the blog this week :)

  • Howya Jem,
    you’ll be thankful to note i decided to delete the wall-of-text i had just written..
    To summarise, I’m a gamer and i have already invested too heavily in PS3 to turn my back on it now.

    Perhaps one day Sony will realise it’s not all about ToS but that fair play is also an important factor.

    So, once i begrudgingly update one of my phats (Indeed it won’t be my 60GB which i have got linux on), it’ll be hello again PSN, farewell Sony. This means i won’t be subscribing to any future services and i will only buy first-party games 2nd hand from now on.
    However once i rejoin PSN i will try to stay off the Sony subject in my future posts. I just want to get back to enjoying my PS3 again without feeling that i’m being discriminated against.
    I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this, I hope Sony learns something from it too, time will tell.

  • PlayTV, Monday came and went with no comment.

    Could tell me when will get some news on PlayTV. The reasion I would like to know is that James Thorpe comment on the 14/04/2010 that would answer out comments on Monday ie 19/04/2010. So is going to answer us?

    Sorry to say it but views for need of Facebook on PlayTV seems to be why have it? And a on-going demand for Series Link and UK DVB-T2 HD, and fix EPG problems elsewhere.

  • @ ripmap: Bookmark this, your links will work better

    I’ll do this one for you.. ;)

    btw it does say the PlayTv update will be Late 2010.. although i didn’t read the comments section for further info.

    As for the downgrading, it is done. :(
    tbh it’s been a bad month and it will do me good to let it go.

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