Championship Manager 2010 Comes To Minis

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Nice to meet you all, my name’s Tim Hodges and I’m the Brand Manager here at Championship Manager.

It’s great to have this opportunity to tell that you that Championship Manager 2010 is coming to minis on PSP and PS3 very soon.

Championship Manager

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Championship Manager, or Champ Man as it’s known to its fans , it’s a football management simulator that allows you to take control of any number of teams from the UK, Europe and beyond. Controlling all aspects from player training, to transfers, squad selection, match day tactics and more, Champ Man 2010 is your chance to prove all your talk down the pub and from the terraces isn’t just hot air.

Championship Manager

In this updated version for minis players will be able to manage on the move, with teams from England, France and Italy. Players can look forward to comparing themselves to the managerial greats from around the world to see if you have what it takes to manage your team to success whilst keeping the fans, press, board and players happy. It’s a tough job, can you do it?

We’ve been working closely with Dynamo Games to bring Championship Manager 2010 to minis, ensuring that the game has different features to that of the PC game giving players a taste of something different but it’s still the Championship Manager that players know and love. In fact they wanted me to pass on the following to you guys, “We’re very excited about Championship Manager 2010 for the PSP. It’s been a long time coming, but the trials, tribulations, late nights and pizza’s have been well worth it! We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we have creating it.” Who said games don’t encourage a healthy diet hey?

Keep checking back as we’ll be coming back with more updates as we get closer to release including an exclusive video, as well as release date and pricing.

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4 Author Replies

  • Wonder if it has real player names and teams? ( i.e London FC instead of arsenal)

  • Well.. we have Championship Manager 2008 (I can’t remember the year) for PSP with tons of content, analysis and match live view. I hope that new CM2010 will have similar features. Good to see it in minis :)

  • nice :)
    i don’t know much about tactics and that but i’ve enjoyed these kind of games in the past, though never been very successful with them :)

  • If it has real player and team names instead of the tacky “Wayne Rooniy” type names… then you’ll have me sold :)

  • I’m not a big football fan, but this certainly looks like its going to be one of the best minis to hit the store

  • Excellent.


    • We’ll be announcing the price very soon, along with the release date which isn’t that far away. Stay tuned!

  • looks awesome game guys :) will definently be investing my money into it :)

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  • I loved champ man,obviously I followed Si with FM,but will always have memories from 01/02,especially scouting the likes of Tevez and Mascherano years before the were properly known.
    i had a beast of a PSV team,but will never forget my time with cardiff.and the best free agent ever for little clubs in Taribo West :)

  • Hmmm, now Football Manager on PS3 would be interesting, sadly Champ Man is just a name that holds memories now, SI took the guts of the game and built something even greater.

  • I may pick this up but would prefer to see a full Footy Management Sim come to the PS3. Tim are there any discussions going on that are aimed at bringing a full CM game to next gen consoles?

    • Historically we’ve always talked about the difficulty of bringing football management games to a console, as you may have seen in various interviews. They’re very intricate games and require lots of clicking around, something that doesn’t really work well within the console environment.

      This minis title will work on the PS3, as well as the PSP and PSPgo so please play and enjoy, let us know what you think too.

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