Major PlayTV Update Due Towards The End of 2010

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Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the guys at Cambridge studios are working really hard to develop some great new features for PlayTV. The next update for PlayTV is due later this year but testing of some of the new features has already begun.


I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprise but a little hint to one of the new features is that PlayTV will have links to the worlds most popular social network site, Facebook. Other great enhancements to PlayTV and brand new features will also be included in the update.


As soon as these exciting new features are ready for you I’ll give you all the details here on the blog.

Hope you are enjoying your PlayTV on your PS3. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them and I’ll be back on here on Monday to answer as many as I can.

I look forward to getting this update to you later in the year.

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  • (Crosses Fingers)


  • Hey guys, Torne in Japan is getting Trophy support. Can we get it too for PlayTV? :D

    Also, any plans to extend the service to Portugal and other European countries?

  • If it did HDTV it would be great

  • HD in UK?
    Seem to remember you said it would be possible through software update, but then UK went off on it’s own system which messed that up.
    Any news on getting HD TV on PlayTV?

  • Wow! Only 7 months…

  • Trophy Support??? How the hell would that work?

    BRONZE: Watch BBC 1 for 100 consecutive hours.
    GOLD: Don’t watch ITV!!!

  • What do you mean link with facebook?

    I fear that option will be useless…

    hope one of the features allows the PS3 to boot into play Tv straight away when turned on

  • Ooohhhh series link would be a-maze-ing :-) and Freesat or HDTV :-)

    Quicker load up screen, easier series recording, and just a simpler system

    Otherwise you guys have ( and are ) doing an amazing job xxxx

  • @Roxas598

    I have to agree about the Facebook:

    Peskdale61 is watching DOCTOR WHO on BBC ONE.
    Peskdale61 is watching FORMULA ONE on 301.

  • I really want play tv, but unfortunetly i haven’t got a digital ariel. Luckily ive got tvcatchup at the moment, but as soon as my parents buy a digital areil, ill jump on board with play tv :) It looks very slick and good.

  • ^Who would want their page filled with that???

  • Good news !
    I hope that people will see the channel that we are watching on the friend list (XMB)

  • HD won’t happen (in UK anyway).. Freeview HD works with DVB-T2. PlayTV device is DVB-T. So unless they bring out a new device capable of HD – it won’t be possible, theoretically.

  • @Sebgob

    I don’t. Same reason I don’t want the Facebook stuff – PRIVACY!

  • This is a major update? Facebook integration? Yeah, I see Sky and Virgin working on this as well.


  • Any chance of speeding up Play TV’s loading time?

    An Auto-Start option would be awesome…

  • Hi,

    Sorry to repeat what most of the people have said above, but I’d be grateful for a categorical statement about Sony’s plans for Play TV in the light of forthcoming Freeview HD trials.

    Namely, are there any? And if so, what are they?

    I’ve been holding off on buying a new PVR as I’ve been waiting for Freeview HD to start their trials. As I already have a PS3, it would make sense for me to buy a HD-compatible Play TV in order to receive Freeview HD, rather than get a whole new box. It’d be a lot cheaper too, though I’d be tempted to get a new Slim.

    It would be really helpful to a lot of consumers if you could tell us if there are ANY plans for an HD-compatible Play TV in order that we can make an informed choice in the future. I’m not after a date, just a yes or no answer would be a start.

    Ta ever so,

  • @welshbloom

    We would know by now. Sony are rubbish at keeping secrets.

  • Hah, I can see the Facebook integration causing a few problems should anyone decide to watch some naughty late night TV..

    ‘Robert is watching GIRLS GO WILD on Television X’

    Oh [DELETED]

  • The updates I want for PlayTV are impossible. They’d be a usb cable on the back of the PS3 so you don’t have the stupid cable hanging off the front of the console and also not having to have the PS3 on all the time to record anything. I’m going to sell mine :(

  • Facebook doesn’t interest me at all. Deactivated my profile on there a while ago and never want to go back. A HD compatible PlayTV is what I want the most though I get that it might require new PlayTV hardware if it was to become true.

    Another thing I’d like is to be able to use Remote Play while PlayTV is already running. At the moment I have to quit out of PlayTV on the PS3 then go into Remote Play and then go back into PlayTV on the PSP afterwards and it feels a bit clumsy and time consuming whereas I would just love to have Remote Play built into the PlayTV interface and switch straight to it with little or no gap in ny viewing when I have to leave the room to watch TV in a different room.

  • Come’ on HD for the UK!!! Well at least tell us if it not possible through hardware
    Other things that I would like:

    Proper series link
    Quicker launching
    Better XMB integration, including in game XMB, maybe being able to go to channels directly through the XMB?
    Catch up TV services from ITV, 4 and 5

    How many of these things are possible?

  • @Peskdale61

    You may well be right. In my mind, given that the new HD boxes are currently incredibly expensive, Sony would shift a lot of units of both HD-Play and the PS3 if they could come up with what we’re all asking for.

    However, I’ve learnt that the company – with every respect, blog people – aren’t necessarily interested in making themselves lots of money. For some reason.

  • Can we record 2 channels at the same time yet? Other PVRs been doing this for ages…

  • I can imagine the facebook updates

    almighty-slayer is now watching Red Hot TV

  • Good News!!

    There are few things to improve for the french Play TV experience:
    – We only have a 2hour EPG for 99% channels and all public channels don’t have any EPG! I have a Sony TV and when I use my Tuner TV, everything is on it!! Can you fix that for the next update please?

    – It’s impossible to quick save by pressing “select” if there is no EPG on the channel. It would be better to enable the saving (and the save will stop by pressing the select button another time).

    – When you save a HD channel, there are blocks on the screen which disappear sometimes after 1 min! It’s not a signal reception problem
    because it also occurs 30s after going forward or rewind… Blocks occur when you resume also. But if you watch this scene without pause, there will be no blocks… Do you understand what I mean?

    – Would it be possible to sort channels the way we want? Because in France, all HD channels are at the end, after pay TVs which are not watchable on Play TV…

    Thanks in advance for the next update!!!

  • Gah, why can’t people just tell us about these things when they can actually give us details? Seems pretty pointless to tell us this when you can’t tell us anything about it and it’s still months away.

  • I will get next month a *FreeView HD* Recorder box :P SD looks rubbish on my HD TV :(

  • Support for the netherlands NL?
    Support for IPTV?

  • Pessimistic, but, I don’t get what the worth is in telling us about features we aren’t going to get for 6-7mths. That’s just waving the carrot, and then snatching it back. That’s mean.

    I’m not so sure I want social networking integration. I have PC’s/laptops/phone for that. Besides, if I’m going to have it as an option, I’d want it in the O/S. Not just one app.

    Features I’d like:-

    Series-link. This is a must. I have it on my Humax 9200T. Which is why I only use that as my Freeview box.

    Record by search-word. The ability to create an agent based upon a search word. When that word is found in the metadata, it records the program. Option there to have this agent valid for x days.

    Set recording via web. Does what it says. When I have forgotten to record something I’d like to be able to connect to a webpage (e.g. via my phone), and set it.

    Default to ‘view live TV’. Again, what it says. I’d like PlayTV to instantly go to live TV when I fire it up. I’d also like the option in the XMB so that the PS3 automatically goes into PlayTV with live TV. Give me that one function, and the existing Freeview box immediately loses it’s shine.

  • I would like:

    -Series Link
    -Auto-Padding on recordings (rather than adding 3 minutes to the start and end of each program)
    -Export to PSP
    -Partial Delete (for when I have watched half a program and need space)
    -Removal of “Timed Recording” in the name of my programs

    Other than that, PlayTV is absolutely great and I now use it for all my TV watching.

  • Make it do all the things every other freeview box can do first please ie series link, linked recording time etc then do all the bits that the ps3 can already do. Really don’t think putting Facebook updates with what you’re watching is very important (imo). Currently only use it when I need to record 3 things at once (which is very rare nowadays) but would be very pleased if it became my primary box!
    It’s good but not quite right!

  • im honestly well excited. im not gonna speculate because i know anything they do is gonna be superb, really cant wait for this

  • Without DVB-S or DVB-C Hardware its useless here in Germany.

    Could you guys tell me why there is only a dvb-t version? This is so stupid because Cable or satellite is more common here in europe.

  • Please release PlayTV in the Netherlands!

  • Guys, i believe what we all really want to know in the UK is Freeview HD? are we gonna be looking at a new play tv adaptor? all the next run of Sony Bravia TV’s have this but like most here, i wanna use my Ps3 to record all! I am due to get myself a new 3D tv in late june! KDL-52HX903 Oh Yes! sorry my mrs would kill me if i got the 60″ lol but like i say with this i can only watch not record, so come on guys, be honest with us in the UK! we can take it!
    PS. cheers UK for making it awkward, really done yourselves proud and messed everyone in the UK about! I feel sorry for everyone who has just purchased a nice shiney new TV in the last and find out they need to spend even more money just to watch HD tv!

  • I think maybe something like torne would be good for the hardcore but if Sony can get round the rights i would love to see what tv channel people browsing and same for movies would be class like say for example – Watching BBC ONE Match Of The Day.

  • @ Bazza You can go into settings and get it to go to live tv straight on start up, hope that helps.
    @ James Thorpe, I would like to be able to play music off my hard drive while watching tv, can’t stand the commentators on F1.

  • Release a Freeview HD version in the UK and i’ll buy it the day it comes out. It’d be good to be able to access the web browser while watching TV.

  • facebook wouldnt really do anything for me, but being able to use the browser would

    widgets like you get on sony tvs would be much more useful,
    – the ability to export videos and keep them in your library at same time
    – the ability to start recordings early OR late as many minutes as you want, same for ending recordings (or some other way to easily set recordings that overlap slightly)

  • Looking good guys! Nice to know your still working on it. Facebook support sounds cool!

  • Priorities ay!.. FB what a waste!!!! FB is crap anyways. I want to be able to series link my programmes not have a feature i will never use!!! Also quicker launching would be good and not stay on the PlayTV logo for 30 seconds before actually launching.

  • I second Peskdale61.
    Series link is a MUST by now (please!) and I would love to see HD, but based on what the UK has adopted i.e. DVB-T2, I don’t think a software upgrade is possible… Is it?

    P.s Has anyone watched last weeks south park featuring facebook? I’m with Stan on this one, I hate it.


  • You have IE as a country, surely that is a mistake. PlayTV doesn’t work in the Republic of Ireland (IE) due to us using a different digital format.

    Or is this a confirmation that it is coming to Ireland?

  • Hope the option to ‘change channel at start’ is added :)

  • record programs with the ps3 off? hd?

  • i think people are missing the bigger picture with the facebook connectivity. imagine being able to access facebook chat in a small corner on on the bottom of the screen. also what about being able to become fans of pages during progammes. or having event reminders comming through facebook so if your not on your ps3 you can rember to set the recording. also think of the possibilty if say you have a sony aino ? .all im saying is dont dismiss a cool feature that while some people might not use it may be very useful for most and its not like the extra features are gonna cost anything right.

  • also i’ll let you in on a little insider info companys like sky and virgin are of course working of features like this for their own equipment. Sky not so much because of XBLA however i know for a fact Virgin are working on those kinds of feature on there own platforms.
    just for the record i’m not gonna tell you how i know this.

  • It must be a big update to be announcing it this far in advance! I don’t use PlayTV personally, but if I did the must have feature for me would be Freeview+ aka Series Link. It would be a bit disappointing if your were working on superfluous features like Facebook integration without having basic PVR functionality like Series Link in the bag…

  • support hd freeview when it launches and i’ll buy a playtv box for sure.

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