Heavy Rain Hits 1 Million Sales

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Hi everyone – it’s been fantastic to see so many people talking positively about Heavy Rain since it released at the end of February – sharing their impressions of the game, comparing their endings with those of other players, discussing and debating. And it’s thanks to all of you guys that we’re now able to share some fantastic news – Heavy Rain has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide!

Seeing such an innovative and ambitious game receive this much success is hugely exciting for all involved. Here is a brand new trailer from Quantic Dream to say ‘Thanks a million!’, and I’ll let David Cage, writer and director of Heavy Rain, have the final word…

“It has been hugely gratifying to see the positive response that Heavy Rain has received from gamers. It shows that it is possible to create games that break with convention, games that seek to tell complex stories, and games that can inspire unexpected emotions in players — and that such games can be commercial as well as critical successes. I hope that this success will continue to help pave the way for new, groundbreaking experiences.

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  • well done u guys this game is sooooooooo good i love it the gameplay is just one of the best ever. I hope there more to come soon :)

  • Yes, 1 million copies sold. Happy for them, but you’ve here 1 million of people who had paid for your game and are suffering the consequences of a Locked Save. When will you confirm a patch which let us continue our OWN progress in the game in other PlayStations 3? (simply when we go to our friend’s house, or simply if we’ve 2 system and want to continue playing it in the other system placed in the bedroom). We’re still waiting, I paid for my special edition not only to find the errors in the extra contents (which couldn’t be downloaded after many days after) but also to see that this game have the Locked Save feature that SONY and the devs. are supporting unfortunately.

  • Well done, you deserve it. It really is a uniquely brilliant game. :D I hope we see more DLC soon too.

  • congrats guys very big well done . best gaming experiance for me ever heavy rain i loved everything about it and really hope you guys do more games like this , bought everything on psn heavy rain related too all dynamic themes ,avatars and soundtrack so keep bringing stuff and it will sell . thanks and big congrats

  • congrats guys!!! im looking forward to the dlc that didnt come with the collectors edition. Im hoping there will be a bit more than just 3 short episodes though.

    Continue making great games.:)

  • After have finished this game I feel like there is something missing. I try to look for experiences just like this game gave me….but I cant find it on ANY system.

    You have made a game that moved people, and changed the face of games as we know it today. I am realy greatfull to be a part of this and I thank you Quantic Dream and Sony for making this possible.

    Now I realy hope to hear what you are working on next Quantic Dream!

  • strange im shown as american when iits a swedish account

  • well done, this is a very good game we need more games like this.

  • I Love the game but boy does it need a good patch to fix all the problems, gamewise and graphicaly.
    I now have a 3the playtrough. I´m in the beginning and walk outside to the kids to play with them but I can´t interact with them!
    Also screen tearing and system crashes occure often. I wait for any DLC to buy until they fix it!

  • =P sleek game next mark, 1.5 million

  • And I still need to get my copy!

  • Good stuff,hopefully QD and Sony continue working together.

  • Great job Quantic Dream! Bravo to all the team! I believe until E3, this game will be sold for 1.5 million :)

  • Good for Quantic Dream! The good news is that I’m not one of those million sales, so when I get round to buying my copy there’s going to be yet another sale. :D

  • Congrats Quantic Dream!
    Hope to see more of these type of games in the near future.
    Loved both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain.
    Also looking forward to the up and coming DLC.

  • It’s really great to see an totally different and innovation game doing this well. I hope this encourages other devs to make a game that isn’t “just another shooter” or “again, another hack and slash game”.

  • Congratulations QD, VERY happy to see such an amazing niche game hitting such a milestone. I thoroughly enjoyed Heavy Rain, and i eagerly anticipate QD’s next game – it is a definite definite buy.

    Once again huge congratulations to everyone involved in the game, right down to the guy who made the coffee ;)

  • Don’t you dare thank me, let me thank you. To Mr Cage and all the crew at Quantic Dream thank you, because the pleasure was all mine. Anyone who has not played this game needs to do so. Its a masterpiece of software engineering and a fantastic emotional trip.

  • Oh and hats off to Sony for publishing it too – a lot of big publishers would never have gone with such a risky game.

  • Congrats guys, it’s good to see a title such as Heavy Rain selling well. Hopefully this will encourage not only other devs to take a ‘risk’ while making a game but also encourage gamers to give them a go.

    Keep up the good work QD, looking forward to your next game and more HR DLC.

  • Thanks for your comments everyone – it’s great to see this game get the love it deserves! :)

  • Congratulations, I loved the game and it came at just the right time to break up the FPS fatigue I was feeling! It’s always good to see people who take risks get rewarded for their efforts (otherwise we’d live in a world of FPS sequels, movie tie-ins and Wii shovelware).

    I heard that internally it was only forecast to sell around 250,000 units so you guys must be delighted that it’s already hit a million, especially for such an unconvential game.

    I finished my second playthrough last week and got a very different ending, I’ve replayed many of the scenes since and got several other endings too. I’m going to play it one last time in full to get the last ending I need which should hopefully unlock the last few trophies I need for the Platinum!

    Is it too soon to hear about your next game at E3? And what about the Chronicles DLC – can we expect one of them for each of the main characters? Any additional trophies in future DLC?

  • I love this game and I have tried to promote this game in my store. I recommend this game to as many as I can and I have sold allot. This game needs more DLC and make some advertisement that it is on PSN. Need more Heavy Rain!

    And as I have said before, many of the sold copies I sold, beside the hardcore gamers that comes to the store, has been older people. Many of those people that have bought PS3 only to use as blu-ray has bought Heavy Rain. The PS3 attach rate has been suffering because of this big group of people but this may change if SONY continuing to make games like this. This game is something that attracts a older and more mature audience. That is a goldmine to explore because they have cash and they don´t mind paying 60buck for it.

  • Way to go Quantic Dreams! I was expecting a lot from this game and it haven’t been disappointed! Thank you guys for making this very unique experience! Can’t wait for your next one!

    PS: for all French viewers, David Cage and Jacqui Ainsley will be on air tonight in Canal Plus Grand Journal.

  • I bought Heavy Rain on its release day at ASDA for £40. I played fantastic! Brilliant game, got me flying of my chair in scenes! Well done QD for making this fantastic game!

  • Also a thanks to Sony!

  • I’ve played it twice and i intend to play it again until i’ve seen all the endings.
    I also love the mars dynamic theme, especially with the sounds from the ARI interface.
    I do think that Madison’s avatar looks a bit strange ..

  • We need more games like heavy rain, couldnt put the controller down while this was on. :)

  • I loved Heavy Rain – hope there will be more games like this for the PS3.

  • Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! You’ve done it, you’ve really done it!

    Congratulations (and many, many thanks) to quanticdream and Sony.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that many “risky” games in coming years will have Heavy Rain to thank.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see David Cage and the gorgeous Jacqui Ainsley on Le Grand Journal, one of the most popular talk shows on French TV.

    The questions from the hosts were quite daft, but David was very accommodating, and I thought he did a great job painting video games in a mature light for the non-gamer crowd.

    For those who speak French, the interview is available right here: http://player.canalplus.fr/#/334620 (the last two clips: “La suite 1 & 2”).

  • I’m god damn happy for QD. I hope you will sell at least triple more. I fell in love with this game. Hope to see their next masterpiece soon. Sony, I bought the PS3 because of this game!!! Please keep QD an exclusive developer for you!!!!

  • I’m so glad to see Heavy Rain get the recognition it deserves. This is a phenomenal game to play through.

  • Mm. So Sony isn’t going to ditch games without traditional story-telling after all?

    Maybe just make Heavy Rain a little bit more like Call of Duty – that would be what “most people want”, I’m sure.

  • This really is one shining entry for this decade! This gripping story really does inspire emotions of so many and surely will inspire more people in the future! Everyone I know has been really into the deep story and the characters, every second has been a thrill!

    This is not a Metal Gear Solid game, but it does similiar things and I think that is something Quantic Dream can be really proud of!

  • Great game, though I hope you still working onpatches because there are still many bugs, some of which prevent some endings being possible.

  • Congrats! Truly one of the best games I’ve seen in my life, and I’ve seen my share :p Thank you David Cage and Quantic Dream, for once again raising the bar of what’s possible in gaming, and doing it with such detail and sense for emotion, that this goes beyond gaming, like other great games, this isn’t just a piece of software, it’s an experience worth experiencing..I love the innovative and stylishly looking controlls, the graphix, the whole bluesly slightly depressing feel of it, it’s hard to explain..And I love how they managed to get the feelings of the playable characters so onto me..Truly a piece of art of gentlemen, thank you

  • …and thanks to the “Official PlayStation Magazine UK” for naming the Origami Killer in the latest edition (Issue 044 – May 2010) on page 85.

    I picked up the magazine & it naturally fell open towards the centre pages. I started flicking through & read the page with the statement, & thought “…well, at least I don’t have to play it now”.

    To be fair at the start of the article (a couple of pages back) there was a “Spoiler” warning, but one at the top of the page may have been a good idea!



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