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  • Not sure if you want this here Jem, delete as you wish..

    Sony ‘sorry’ for otheros removal:


    this is even better,
    where is my 100€ ????? im in the EU 2

    or better give everyone with a Fat PS3 3freegames to compensate this loss..

    sony you did it,you fix it :)

  • The PSP is getting alot of good stuff and awesome games!
    I should really get one someday.

  • I’m still waiting for a hand out or something to me. I have been greatly set back by Sony taking away Linux. You have really disappointed me Sony.

    I have to read an apology on a link by someone here too? Seriously absymal, nothing will truely make me pleased without actually just returning linux capability to me, as me and my partner used linux for University work. We had a laptop, and the ps3. we needed to do work at the sametime. You took a computer away from me Sony, simple as that. And yet, I still only get a little itty bitty apology by bonyman WHO isn’t even a sony rep linking it.

  • Did u guys actually use linux?

  • I am taking great pleasure from all the moaning to all the ungrateful people above. Sony have given you all sorts of other features to compensate you and great games at the same time.

    The Other OS was insignificant feature what was more added value than anything else. I support Sony and its right to protect itself against hackers.

  • did u 2 actually freaking read my post? I damn well used Linux. ALOT. It was not just “added value” I used it for my assignments, my gf too. interchangeable with the laptop for university. Sony has given me NOTHING for taking Linux away from me Lucreto, people like offend me a great deal, as you have no understanding whatsoever of how much sony has effected people like me. I’m a student and I dont have enough money to buy another computer for my partner to work on, 1 of us now can’t do work while the other does uni work.

  • I am sorry for your geninue use for it but you are in the extreme minority though. I would rather a safe system than one that can have accounts hacked and a possibility of my information stolen. It is Sonys investment as a gaming machine it still does its primary purpose, playing games which is all I care about.

    Sony stopped the problem before it could do any damage and I support this action. Don’t blame Sony blame they hacker he was the one who released the hack on the net and forced Sony to respond.

  • I blame both, Geohot and Sony can go jump in river. It is a sad day that features are shelved for security reasons, instead of actually making the effort at least initially to close the exploits. as for me being in the extreme minority, you are mistaken, you are just assuming that majority of people angry and rightly so about this have no good reason, fact is lots of people most likely feel they shouldnt NEED to justify their anger. Whether you use it or not the removal of a advertised out of box feature is WRONG. it is against many countries industry laws. it is illegal, and has been shown already that this is the case. The EULA is NOT a binding law document in all cases and as a consumer you can’t just give up consumer rights so easily.

  • The fact is that Sony have solved NOTHING, they have made themselves a target, they have marked themselves and it’s only going to get worse. Apparently Geohot has already gained ground on making a custom firmware. If you close an open platform, it’s just going to create the desire to hack it even more paramount. They have given up what control they might’ve had.
    I didn’t risk waiting around for it, but believe me when I say the ps3 will be far from secure now, it’s only going to get worse, Sony have only set something motion, not ending something before it started.

  • Just a little niggle, he hasn’t made a CFW at all, he’s spoofed the system to make it think it’s running 3.21 when it’s in fact running al older version (apparently)

  • For the record I really don’t want a refund, I would be happy to be welcomed back onto PSN on 3.15 and to be assured I will be able to buy and play all future games and blu-rays on 3.15, even if it required a patch for 3.15 users to continue to be compatible with future games. But there will be no compromise unless they are pushed harder. Something has to give, this could have been handled better, Sony already has gotten most people off of 3.15 and the feature is gone in the majority of units right? So why not now reach out to those of us left behind and offer alternatives?

    I don’t normally use twitter, but I am for this, anyone who wants to know a little more about the class action suit in the US can find me on twitter under the same name I am using here. If you have something useful to contribute or are in the US and interested in joining I can help steer people in the right direction. Google is also your friend.

  • @12 ur in fact talking about a proxy bypass which has been around for along time (i think) maybe?

  • yes, i also use the PS3 Megabox on linux
    which allowed me to play any content on the console.

    funny thing btw
    remove the option for the most secure Operating system because it is not secure for sony :)

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