SingStar Online Battle Mode & Beta coming soon!

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Hi everyone, I’m really pleased to be able to let you know about a great new gameplay feature coming soon to SingStar in the June update.

For the first time, you’ll be able to take part in Online Battles against your friends in SingStar. When competing in an Online Battle, you’ll send an invite to one of your PSN friends, match songs (you both need to own a song to play it) – pick-up the mic and in true MC style ‘let battle commence’.

SingStar Online Battle

SingStar Online Battle

When playing, you can view your opponent’s score live, and see them playing via PlayStation Eye.

As this is a new feature for SingStar, the team needs to test out the gameplay with real players, and this is where you come in! We’re running a Closed Beta for our most dedicated SingStar players to come and help us test out new features and upgrades to the game. If you’re already a SingStar player aged over 18 with a PAL Region PSN account, have the game, mics and an online-enabled PS3, we need your help!

If you’re interested in taking part in the Beta, head over to and fill in the online questionnaire. Please note though that places on this Beta are strictly limited – you’ll be asked to participate on certain nights and feedback on the experience in the forums, so please only apply if you’re able to commit to this (and are happy communicating in English). Full details of the SingStar Beta are on the website, so take a look and if you’re happy to join in, we’d love to get your help and feedback on the new game features. SingStar fans – your game needs you!

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  • Great feature, and good to see you guys listening to our requests.

    Now all we need is the provision of a patch that would allow songs from a disc to be copied onto your harddrive. I appreciate the complexity of this – London Studios clearly wouldn’t want a scenario where a single disc can be passed from machine to machine, with the songs being copied each time.

    But how about introducing a system where songs on a PS2 or PS3 disc are copied onto the harddrive, but are ‘locked’ once the Singstar game is exited. The next time Singstar is played the ripped songs can only be ‘unlocked’ by inserting the relevant disc. It therefore wouldn’t matter if a disc was played on another machine – the songs would be subsequently unavailable unless you were in possession of the disc.

    I certainly wouldn’t mind spending 5 mins inserting each of my discs before I start play if it meant all of the songs I own, whether downloaded or on disc, are available on the carousel simultaneously.

    I’m sure this would make a lot of people very happy!

    • I think a lot of players would like this trussell71. You’re right that it’s very complicated (lots of legal and music licencing hurdles), but I’ll pass your comment on to the SingStar team : )

  • On a related note: Singstar Kent is coming to PS3 and PS2 this summer. :)

  • Looking forward to this, now this makes up for the month long delay between updates recently :D

    Really can’t wait for it! Fingers crossed I make Beta lol!

  • This sounds really awesome

  • Already signed up, so I have my fingers crossed now, lol.

  • Singing games are not my thing, but I wish they were with the amount of backing the developers put in to this game ! Good work people.

  • Hmmmm…..

    Like the future but:

    Where is the announcement for a new Disc????
    It’s already 5 months ago for the last Disc release.

    SingStar: Michael Jackson would be nice……

  • Online Battle Mode sounds like a nice addition to SingStar.

    Are there plans to add other often requested features (Playlists, showing “disc-songs” on the carousel, ripping songs from disc to HDD, …) in the near future?

  • Are you working on Leaderboards for the game? I think it’d add a lot to the game especially as you can compare all your scores with your friends. Nice update though.

  • Rob/Nina, could one of you tell us why our Echochrome game is still on version 1.01 when the US got 1.02 almost a year ago, with significant feature updates?

    Offtopic, I know but it’s impossible for consumers to get in touch with Sony about this.

  • Great news! Too bad this, like many other PlayStation 3 stuff lately, is only available in the UK and other English speaking countries.

    The rest of Europe is, once again, not being taken seriously I believe. Unless you have information on when, or if at all, it is coming to the Netherlands. The five countries mentioned above are not the only ones crazy about singing online you know. ;)

    • Hi VashNL, you’re more than welcome to sign up to the Beta, this isn’t a UK-only trial.
      The team want (and need!) to get users from all across Europe and Australia / New Zealand so they can check the updates with as wide a group of people as possible.
      However, as the SingStar team are based in London and need to implement the feedback from the Beta forums quickly to make changes, one of the Beta requirements is that you’re happy to communicate in English. As long as you are, then please do sign up!!

  • Wow, along with leaderboards, this was actually among the first features i requested back when Singstar for the PS3 was released. I was always badly annoyed by the fact that the game had so much gameplay potential and yet so little gameplay built in. I’m really hoping that i can dust-off my Singstar disc.

  • @VashNL

    The beta registering is available to all EU accounts, if you follow the link in the main post you’ll see this:

    “You must be over 18 and a PlayStation Network master account holder based in a European PlayStation Store country in order to participate (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).”

    Singed myself up, fingers crossed for getting in :)

  • @Ruinereraser

    Yeah, I saw that after I posted the comment. But I wonder why the text above immediately states this: Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

    Seeing that the beta is open for more countries, I’d love to hear the reasoning behind it. I’m also still waiting for the comic-store in the Netherlands, I get a lot of printed ones, but would love to read some more other than the Marvel series I currently follow at times.

    It’s just that I have the feeling we’re being held back here in the Benelux with a lot of things, which is a shame. I realize the legal issues could form problems, but a little more work on that would be more than welcome.

  • OMG, this is just the best SingStar related news EVER :D :D THANK YOU GUYS!

  • @Rob Rutter

    English is no problem for me since I’m working on an international level with a lot of stuff. Thanks for the reply and the opportunity to torture people in Australia with my singing. :p

    I do have an idea for the Singstar team though, and I hope that will work out in the future. I’m listening to a lot of indie bands and it would be awesome if the guys and girls could take a page out of Harmonix’s book and see if they can sign up more of those smaller bands.

    I like a lot of the songs, but would love to see more of less “pop” bands. Editors and Snow Patrol are awesome, but more of the White Stripes (though they can be considered popular nowadays) and Jack White’s other bands (I know The Raconteurs are available) and The Dead Weather (duet possibilities with Jack and Alison Mosshart) would be great for instance.

  • Hi VashNL,

    No worries, good luck on getting on the Beta : )
    I’ll pass on your suggestions to our licencing team. Of course they’re always looking for good songs to get on the SingStore, so it’s good to hear from you!

  • Thank you Rob for this great news!
    I’m Xavier, from King of Singstar: community of players and fans of Singstar in France. And we want to thank you for everything you do for Singstar.
    Every month I send you the wish lists of French. The wish lists are developed by the French and then they are subject to vote of all the French community. So you can know the expectations of French beneficial.
    We hope to have more French songs in Singstar. We know it is complicated for you but we still believe in you! New SingStar disc is there any plans for France? thank you very much

  • This is absolutely awesome news. Looking forward to this!!

  • Oh no here we go. The online singstore isn’t that stable and still slow. Sony seriously please fix the backup for the songs purchased via the store. I am not willing to purchase anything because of this. I applied to this beta. So will see how well this goes. Why doesn’t Sony make Singstar mics wireless mandatory? Did you know “lips” is!

  • I’ve just completed the questionnaire and I accepted the T&C, pressed submit, and it’s just loaded a blank page with the number 4 on it. Have I done something wrong?

  • @ 21

    I prefer Wired mics to Wireless

    They are cheaper and more reliable

  • It is really great feature, long was waiting for this.

    But will we also be able to play against other people, that are not on our friends list, some random people?

    Because I don’t think everyone have many friends who also have Singstar. I really hope we will be able to play with random people too.

  • haha Nina <3

    Technically it was a 3.something-or-other week delay from the previous update =P

    But hey, this has made me happy, so who cares now?! lol =P

    All I need now is some Singstar:Glee and Kelly Clarkson: My Life Would Suck Without You, and well, I'll love you til the next delay! haha!!!

  • Oooh I meant Gap not delay in the 3.something-or-other remark…that’ll teach me to get cocky! lol

  • Fantastic news! Really looking forward to this :D

  • This is brilliant news! Well done guys! Is this a paid update or a freebee?

  • i don’t even have the game and it sounds awesome :)

  • awesome, cabnt ay you throw down the mic on some rappers and test out the mc ing skills if i get into the beta.

  • That’s cool… I hope Singstar gets better and better after this beta :D

  • Amazing! i was looking forward for this!

  • Sounds promising. I gave up playing online battles on Lips after getting the achievements as it used a shoddy system which took absolute ages, and other than seeing the score once the other player was done (possibly days later), there was no interaction or real feedback between the two users.
    Two good ideas from Lips that should be in this patch are global rankings for each song, and also stats on how many times a song has been played.
    It’ll be interesting and maybe even useful to know which of my songs are being played the most.

    Anyway, good work. Hope I get into this.

  • Fantastic news. Hope you get it all working in the beta. Not signing up as couldnt commit to those dates/times and be best for folk who can truly test it. Dying for this though !!

  • Excellent feature !!! I always thought that a online beattle would be a incredible addition 4 the game makin the game much more fun XD And im rooting for to be able to test the beta version :D
    But i dont get a point to play a online battle do we have to play only with the gamers in the friends list or we can also play with random players since both have the same song ???

  • So will SingStar: Michael Jackson have this? :D

  • @crazyjoj27

    From what I can tell of the screens, it seems there is no random match-up and friends only. Could be wrong though.

    It does however seem likely we won’t get a random match-up since we can use the PlayStation Eye. Can someone say chatroulette?

  • I already have the beta (i won it on the german blog).
    Now my question: where can i find the feedback-forums?
    I have the problem that the game crashes everytime i finished a solo-song. And i’d really love to report this bug… but i don’t know where!?

    • Hi Shindurion,

      To get access to the Beta forums (so you can report the bug) can you reply to the person who sent you the Beta voucher and give them your PSN Id?
      You’ll need to be given access to the reporting forums.

      The next scheduled Closed Beta play date is 15th April, so you should have access by then. Keep an eye on, as we’ll be posting the forum info and link on there soon.

  • Like the id but how do I know if someone else has the same song as I?
    How does someone know that I would have SingStar ABBA if it is not in my drive? I think for it to work you first need to have all the games on the HD (like trussell71 suggested). That fixes a lot of issues I have with the game. It is also one of the reason I stoppend buying song disks although they are much cheaper than the store prices.
    I still would love to participate in the Beta.

  • hopefully singstar, SOMEHOW gets PS Move support, i had no idea singstar was goin 3D =O WOW!

  • Err, I went to complete the form but on clicking the final ‘submit’ button I get a page that is blank with the exception of a single ‘4’ in the top left corner. Did I do something wrong or is that what the page is supposed to do?

    Keen to join the beta as it sounds like good fun but now concerned that I’ve not signed up right!

  • If we haven’t heard anything by now, does that mean we didn’t get in? :(

  • Please! Don’t let me be too late! I would be a great beta tester for the new SingStar. I’ve been away for a week and only just saw the invitation!

  • how about putting up a list of possible songs and then letting us guys vote for the ones we want to see on the PSN??

  • Got beta code today! :)

  • How can I access BETA forums? When I click the link from the email, it says ‘Access Denied’ – I don’t have the privileges to read or post in the Beta forums…

  • No need to ask for users in North America where you don’t even offer a Motown disk in the heart of Motown now, is there?

    Detect any bitterness, Sony?

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