PlayStation Home: MAG Clothing And Furniture, Plus MyDeco Update!

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This week we bring you more MAG content! Show off your faction allegiance in style with new sets of armour. There’s the Ballistic Armour set for S.V.E.R., Reinforced Composite Armour for Raven, while for Valor there’s the Reinforced Fibre Armour. Also available for each faction are a Footlocker and Lamp or Light Fixture. Check out the screenshot below to see what’s on offer:

PlayStation Home

If you haven’t been to the MyDeco store recently, this week is the week to drop in for a browse. There’s a large range of new furniture available including chairs, a dining set, the oddest bookcase I’ve ever seen, a Monster Bean Bag, and more! There’s even a Medieval Throne Toilet.

The Audi Home Terminal updates again this week, with the opening of a new commerce point within the space. Seven items will be available initially; say hello to Stephanie at the Reception desk and see what she has to offer. Check back here tomorrow for further updates on activity in the Audi Home Terminal!

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

Alter Ego brings us something different this week: a set of DJ decks. Complete with large speakers and a pair of turntables, these decks are the perfect complement for the Musicality personal space or in combination with other musical-themed furniture.

The Heavy Rain event space will be removed this week, so tonight is your last opportunity to drop by. Stay tuned for news of new events in the near future!

Finally, a couple of updates that weren’t mentioned last week:

Namco Museum Essentials was released on PSN last week. Pick up the demo or full game to unlock some great Home rewards, including working arcade machines to place in your personal space!

Over the long weekend many of you discovered the little surprise we prepared. Home Square was the site of several invasions by bunnies wearing expressions ranging from enormous grins through to angry scowls and everything in between. These fantastic new costumes are available from Alter Ego and will be available all year. The bunny costumes come complete with a custom bunny hop walk animation!

PlayStation Home

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11 Author Replies

  • Whooohooo! Cool!

  • Is this a teaser I see of a dog :O

    Thy you sneaky person :D

    • Yeah, he managed to miss my deadline for finalising the blog text so we thought we’d just put him out there via an image.

      He’s a free addition to the London Pub.

  • Great update

    is that a dog in the london pub does it do anything VEEMEE did say in a interview you will have a friend soon.


  • No Namco spaces?

  • So just a load of stuff to buy this week then…?

  • lol is that an ornament of a dog lmao . nothing of interest this week , we need a new home square alex our version is poor , pop in posters the lot cached at 12 gb and 50 meg internet ,.

  • the dog’s name is Binx. He’s free, he’s a dog, and he’s not dead. Just sleeping

    MB just posted on the forums

  • Just read a post by MB on the forums:

    “Oh… and, keep an eye out for Binx. He’s free, he’s a dog, and he’s not dead. Just sleeping.”

    Yay free dog ftw :)

  • in all seriousness , home really needs a lot of work coz after a year this secrecy about a COMMUNITY feature is just getting old , ideas daily on e.u forums yet non ever happen , all thats a given weekly is more tat to buy

  • Weekesy you sneaky little devil… :P

    Is that a dog I see in the last pic… It looks kind of dead in the though :/… But it must be a new pet :D

    Hurray for Weekesy!!! :D

    *I would’ve liked a Gnome called Ramirez though* :(

  • “The Heavy Rain event space will be removed this week, so tonight is your last opportunity to drop by. Stay tuned for news of new events in the near future!”

    I know this might sound daft but could we have the Heavy Rain event space as a personal space?

    Also dog you sneaky [DELETED] xD

  • The amount of premium items has shockingly increased recently, whereas the core material that you had advertised back in 2007 has been completely vaporized. Oh and is that dark polygon figure an actual virtual dog? Instead of catching up with the Home 2007 and delivering the material we eagerly await, Sony spends time working on introducing virtual pets and massproducing premium items to fill its pockets.

    The core playstation community has been abandoned, whereas the casual audience is being cherished.

    A virtual dog.

    Oh dear.

    • The dog (which is a free gift from VeeMee for London Pub owners), and all the recent premium content (with the exception of the bunny costume), has been developed by third parties.

      The content may not be for you, but others do enjoy it and we’ll continue to release similar content if our partners continue to provide it.

      Equally, work continues with a separate team on developing the core client. These updates take time to produce. The most recent, 1.35, was targeted at improving performance and some other key areas – such as adding the navigator.

  • Im gonna call my dog MB, to chear him up :D

  • Spidie_Pig_Rules

    Nice :O wont see it haha

  • is the dog restricted to the pub

  • never seen a dog sleeping on a pub floor in my life lol were do u guys get these ideas from lmao

  • Does it come fully house trained the Dog? If not its MB’s job to clean up all the poo and mess as I’m not doing it :p

  • @seany1 You never seen a Dog in a pub?? A lot of old english run pubs used to have the owners dog in them asleep by a fire.

  • i only see clothes and spaces for home in the future which is beyong bad for the future of home lasting , no music from hdd , no trophy room , no films from hdd , no public chat , no pic frames looks like . what else is there especially with no universal online game launching either

  • when was that carla the 80s lol chavs took over pubs in the 00s lol

    • I’ve seen dogs in pubs in the last few months. In the local right across the road from me, in fact, along with her puppies. It was even a black labrador if my memory serves me…

  • Dax has already discussed playing music from hard drive on the blog, he said it’s broadcasting and if you did play music in apartments then sony would have to pay an licencing fee

  • It’s been a tricky week this week getting the blog sorted. I have a part 2 planned for tomorrow assuming everything goes to plan. This week has ended up being a gap in our release schedule for spaces, however there’s some great content just around the corner.

  • I’d like to go shopping but PSN won’t take my credit card :( And I was ready to buy the storm trooper outfit yesterday :(

  • @ dante so that means no xmb music then ever , my point stated what will there be for home besides clothing and bland mini games

  • lol two things from last week mentioned there. :/
    I hope the Audi gear isn’t too expensive, we all know the My Deco is.
    it’s pretty funny to see that dog, after the ‘pets in Home’ rumors it seems rather dead.

    and yes I agree with aat08, I’m getting tired of just premium content every week, I was hoping for a new space this update instead we’re losing one.:(

  • oh woops, i missed the part where Thy said that stuff was from last week, excuse me for that!

  • @ GhostViper i have the same prolem today :(

    Nice Update Thylaudax, but pets… woow

  • Oh btw Thy, with more MAG content coming does that mean we will soon see the MAG personal spaces hit Home also?

  • Awesome :D

  • dog sleeps a lot , basically an ornament then lmao

  • alex are we getting a new home square this year , its badly needed

  • does the dog move at all

  • [Regarding your reply to my post #11]

    Dear Thylaudax,

    As always, i once again sincerely thank you for your reply. The one sector that has hugely improved these past months is the direct communication between the community lead and the Playstation Home community; the entire European community that is, something that unfortunately did not exist back in the old days. Those disappointing old days in which communication only existed within TedTheDog’s fan club.

    Regarding your response, you state, yet again, the following sentence:

    “The content may not be for you, but others do enjoy it […] continue to provide it.”

    I am fully aware that we are not on the official forums and therefore will not make of this reply a lengthy one, especially due to the character limit restriction, but would frankly like to know when -if ever- will any of the content i am waiting for be delivered? I clearly use the personal pronoun since i speak only for myself, although you must surely be aware that the vast majority of the core community does feel the same as i do.

    Kind regards

    • We’re definitely looking to evolve Home and grow it into something more than it currently is. That works continues ‘behind the scenes’ while we move ahead with adding new content.

  • I know it’s not clear for everyone but Home IS improving!
    We’re getting most of the overseas content (even if some of the free isn’t anymore…) the new navigator is really nice and i really feel that we’re listened and it’s been a while! (thanks again for the Katamari and Monty Python stuff ^^)
    So all in all i’m quite happy! We just need another Siren server :p

  • @ Smeghead42

    It appears that your comment is directly aimed at me, so let me inform you that i never stated that Home was not improving, on the contrary. Home is indeed enormously growing, but is simply not evolving. I firmly recommend you to take a look at my very own thread posted on the official [EN] Playstation Home forums.


    Bonne soirée.

  • Could we have the Heavy Rain space as a personal space? The rain makes it unique =D

  • cool update alex, but can yout tell me if the irem spaces are planned soon in europe? thanks

  • @aat08

    Ooops nope, not for you mate! Désolé!
    Was for seany but i took too much time surfing while writing, sorry bout that ^^
    Anyway it was more to express my feeling as we can SEE the efforts being made and still, we see new things to rant about

  • reading myself…
    i don’t make any sense! God my english is rusty!

    So, to keep it short: even if there always be moaners, we must admit that efforts are made.

  • What surprises me is that a free service as very little users yet we see the same type of content week after weeek month ater month. It just seems to me that the devs have totally run out of ideas. No video’s no ability to play your own music no public chat no pictures is this really 2010.

  • No there be music thu XMB unfortunately it wont be for EU, scea & scej yes, us no.

    So we just have to accept that we are treated like a 2nd cousin.
    i just hope part 2 is better then this update.

    im sure scea-blog will have better content. :P

  • Whats going on with that other stuff store,the one with the drum kit and the unicycle.It’s been sat there for over a year doing nothing.Will anything be happening with it.

  • you know what i’m going to ask right?
    are those mag outfits available for women?
    on the whole nothing much of real interest there for me.
    i’d like to suggest that you talk to whoever’s handling home in the us and see if we can get some of the spaces scea have created over here, they’ve got a few we haven’t got, and maybe they could get some of the spaces we have that they don’t, assuming there are any spaces that fit that criteria.
    and i think custom soundtracks through the xmb should be supported in home, not broadcasting it, just listening to it on our tv, the same way it would be in one of the few games that actually support the feature.
    i can’t see what legal issues there would be with that, though please enlighten me if i’m wrong.

    • The MAG outfits are male only, I’m afraid. There’s a couple of new female items in the new Audi store.

      We’re always talking with SCEA and the other regions about bringing content from them to SCEE.

      With regards your comment on XMB music, this isn’t something our team can bring you. That would require a core client update, which is handled by a separate team. I have flagged up the sugegstions from here and the forums for this feature.

  • made the decision to delete home last night until the day our e.u home isnt a waste of space

  • Not interested in MAG at all but I enjoy going on Home. It’s really improved since the early days and I find myself using it a lot more since that last update which revamped the menus and vastly improved the loading times. Been using it to keep in touch with friends and family in Europe and Australia who also have PS3’s (hell of a lot more entertaining than using MSN) and sometimes I go in the US one to chat to friends from over there too. Honestly I don’t really see a huge deal of difference between the EU and US Homes. Nothing worth crying about anyways.

  • thanks thy for your response on the music thu XMB tell the other team to make it so.

    & can we have videos again like the music on our tv`s only that not broadcasting to.

    hmm i wonder which core client it will be the 1.36, 1.37 make it a round number 1.40 :)

  • I am reading that Thylaudax says there will be another update this week.

    I got this from bridgeland98 with PSN mail:

    Qoute from Alex Weeks (Home Community Lead) — It’s been a tricky week this week getting the blog sorted. I have part 2 planned for tommorow assuming everything goes to plan. This week has ended up being a gap in our release schedule for spaces, however there’s some great content just around the corner.

    Is this serious?

  • Last minute news from Audi, who are bringing you the first Iron Man 2 content for Home this week! Visit the Audi Home Terminal, where you will find new Iron Man 2 terminals. Access a terminal to take part in a 10 question quiz, and make sure you’ve watched the Iron Man 2 trailer first: all the questions are based on it.

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