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Hello PlayStation boys and girls,

My name’s Nathan Ditum, associate editor on FirstPlay, and I’m hugely excited to tell you that Episode 001 will finally launching this week, on Thursday 8th April.

[viddler id=28c24297&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

If you’ve not heard the name before, FirstPlay is the new weekly interactive show from the team behind Official PlayStation magazine, which will be appearing on the Store every Thursday from now until our video-editing hands become gnarled claws that look not unlike a crow’s skeleton. Each episode costs 99p (or £8.99 for a 90-day subscription) and is packed full of HD reviews, previews, and screenshot galleries, with access to betas and downloadable goodies included as often as possible.


Being the reigning office FIFA champ and definitely not a massive liar, I’m happy to say that Episode 001 features an in-depth preview of EA’s brilliant-looking 2010 FIFA World Cup, alongside HD reviews of God Of War III and Just Cause 2. We’ve also got our regular round-up of the coolest stuff happening on PSN, which will hopefully become a guide to a whole world of awesome content many of you might be unaware of. As an added treat we’ve also got a downloadable FirstPlay theme, and best of all, an exclusive piece of Just Cause 2 DLC.

FirstPlay FirstPlay

We’ll be back on the PS.Blog every week posting news about our latest episode and trying not to sound like we’re about to collapse from exhaustion. The team’s been working super hard to make FirstPlay as good as possible, and we can’t wait to hear what you lot make of it. Hope you enjoy.

See the Future of PS3. First.

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9 Author Replies

  • I’m getting the subscription. Looking forward to the first episode :)

  • Is it all of europe or just UK first?

    • I’ve asked Nathan to pop by this morning to answer your questions, but just wanted to respond to this one in the meantime, as it’s popping up a lot.

      For the launch, this is UK only, but we’re looking to roll this out to other territories in the future.

  • Hm when do we get it in rest of Europe?
    Question: So the JC 2 DLC is only for UK or what??


  • xD at number 2 you fail! :P

    Btw are the goodies available to subscribers only?

    i’ll be subscribing anyways but would like to know

  • Mr. Ditum you shall have to play me on FIFA to prove how brilliant you are ;).

    I’ll definitely be getting this as I love OPM and everyone on the team writes brilliantly.

  • Most likely only for UK even tho they forgot to mention that in the post. The price is only in pounds, that should give the hint.

  • I was in the beta, which was alright I might buy this for 90 days but I’m not sure yet.

  • is the jc2 dlc the same as the special ed dlc. a dynamic theme or avatars woulda bn gd for 1st dlc

  • so when do we get this in Denmark? same about video store, also comic store, its basically the only thing i really hate about SCEE,

    please reply to this message or i will just take this as if you don’t care about anything but the bigger countries.

  • 99P you have got to be joking:P

  • Scandinavia probably get this next year some time :-(
    Typical Sony timeline…. Where’s our Video/Comic store come on…

  • Let me guess, only in the UK… Just like the beta! AARHG!!!

  • Why not just make this blog, a UK blog.


  • Looking awesome guys :) Loved the Beta episode, can’t wait for the first full ep.

    Lucy Porter adds a lot to it i have to say. Love the humour in it too

  • Microsoft does all of this for free on Xbox Live – will your content be significantly better to justify the cost?

  • No thanks, every gaming website offers this service (minus a couple of betas) for free. Plus I guess SCEE will classify demos as betas now to try and justify the price. It seems the real meaning of Beta-Testing is becoming lost.

  • @FishFingers
    If you’ve ever bought OPM, you’d know it f***ing hilarious and very well-written… I’ve spent many’s a review laughing my face off at the quirkiness and homour (especially when it’s a review of a bad game)… 99p seems a decent price. Any chance of a release date for Ireland?

  • U.K only for now. Cant release it on the irish psn store because its too much hassle to translate it to……um…english?

  • if the downloadable goodies are as lame as the quore downloadable goodies i guess we’ll be getting screwed again

  • “and best of all, an exclusive piece of Just Cause 2 DLC.”

    Why? What about the rest of us who would like to get the DLC and FirstPlay but cant? Why does SCEE always “forget” about the rest of Europe. Why not wait till everyone can get something and not just rush out things for one country? This is supposed to be the EU blog but instead we just see new services and announcments for the UK when the rest of us are left out in the cold……

    And I really hope the JC 2 DLC is available to others outside the UK because I payed for that game and I want to enjoy it like everyone.

  • ofcourse it will only be released in UK i mean Sony thinks that Europe is UK en the real europe is hidden for them

  • doesn’t look like it will be worth 99p, not much to it and could get it for free of youtube and gaming sites.

  • there is gonna to be a 1sTime free sample?

  • Why can’t this be accessible to the whole Europe? Our country’s PSN store is in english only anyway so who gives? Comic reader, this, VidZone exclusive to UK… does anyone else feel ripped off?

  • So you want me to pay for something i get for free on the internet?

    No thanks.

  • em.. you do know that people can go watch previews and reviews for free on youtube right…?

  • Jesus Christ quit moaning. You don’t have to buy it if you’d rather watch someone else’s review on the internet. People like me who enjoy the humour in OPM are excited about this and will be buying it, it doesn’t affect you if you don’t want it so just leave it be.

  • Hi
    Will this be a available for United Arab Emirates store

  • Now theres a surprise, I thought I was mistaken in not seeing Free donwladable ezine coming to the playstation Network. What tipped me off that it was pay / subscription based were the words “Future Publishing”. They were not doing it for free so hmmmm…. oh well I wont be getting it.

  • Sweet, I might pick this up. Looking forward to good thing from this FirstPlay.

  • @ lonewolf1994, people can also read websites and blogs for free – but people still buy newspapers and magazines…

    For one the quality (full screen on your HD TV) is likely to be miles better than that on YouTube, also the being a Future publishing production there is likely to be a fair chunk of exclusive first-look features, not to mention the odd freebie to download or competition to enter… The quality of the reviews/commentary is also likely to be of a high standard too.

    People need to remember that this is a Future Publishing digital magazine and not something Sony are doing in-house…

  • You lost one subscriber…I would love to subscribe but I guess it is region coded. Thank god for Qore in the US store.

  • This is UK only for anyone who is asking. Might be roled out later throughout Europe, i cant wait tbh and wouldnt mind subscribing to it if there are some exclusives and other stuff included :-) Nice to see real reviews though :-)

  • why is scandinavia and most of europe always left behind.. its realy frustrating.. like the video store… will it ever come?

  • @35, you don’t want it

    What, no “First Episode Free”?

  • Subscribing Tommorow, loved everything about the beta, so and up to date version will be awesome. Plus, i read in opm theres going to be free minis in some issues too!

  • Why are people complaining that it isn’t free? You just think you are entitled to get everything for free or something?

  • will it work on an SD TV?

  • @39

    Why would it not work?

  • Russia is forgotten too, I guess?
    Well, Qore it is, then.

  • Oh well, maybe it’s about time (more like, overdue) for Sony to rename this thing!? This is NOT the PlayStation Europe blog, this is the UK blog… so sad, really!

  • The beta was ok. It just needed more content really. Might try it or get 1 or 2 when they have things i want on it;)

    + this is from the guys at UK PlayStation Mag.

  • What’s the point of this, really? We all know the news/videos will be out on the web within seconds. Seems pointless really.

  • @44

    People will spend money on anything

  • This is useless, I can get all that information for free, and after watching the beta, better quality elsewhere….

    Oh yeah and bring back linux you evil evil corporation.

  • yeah …. nice, uk only…

  • @46

    bet you dont even use other os i bet your just a bandwagon jumper

    keep linux of the ps3 sony for the love of the maker

  • Had the beta, a complete waste of space. I already knew, and seen everything that was on there? Pointless….. This is why PS3 magazines are a dying breed, we have a thing called “the internet” now, its instant info 24hrs a day. Go check it out!

  • Poor attempt of old media trying to get with the times.

  • Do we have to have this debate in every blog post?

    Go and visit – see anything? No? That’s because there is no UK blog – IS the UK blog, run by SCEE UK for the UK.

    The reason that it uses the ‘eu’ address is because it’s also the catch-all for all other SCEE Countries that don’t have their own blog on account of English being the spoken language of 3 of them – Ireland, New Zealand, Australia – and a well taught/understood language in the others.

    They have always said there will be both UK specific and more generic SCEE-wide news on this blog – so live with it or don’t visit and visit a 3rd party blog from your home Country. Maybe I should start visiting the French/German/Spanish blogs and post “Why no UK?” in every Country specific post.

    SCEE UK do look like they are experimenting with addressing this by adding the Country tags at the top of the post, but it doesn’t look like they’re working yet, otherwise this would have just had the GB tag…

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