SingStore Update: 6th April 2010

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I hope you all had a great Easter break!? Just a quick one today to update you on the catalogue: this is live now and you can finally download the tracks you have been waiting for. If you want to refresh your memory on the tracklist, simply check my last blog post And again, apologies for the delay!

Sugababes - Push The Button

Don’t forget the next update will now be published on the 22 April (originally scheduled for this week) and there will be NO update this Thursday, 8 April.

Also watch out for some exciting SingStar announcements from Rob on the blog on Thursday. I know you’ll love ‘em :-)!

Until next time,

Nina xx

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32 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait for the announcementS!
    Excited :D

  • Too bad we have to wait 2 more weeks for another update :(
    But i can forgive you if we can soon have more Travis Songs :)

  • Hello Nina.
    Thank you for that clarification.
    By cons, there are two errors in the announcement of your update the SingStore

    You forgot the songs of Lionel Richie: Say you say me. And you made a mistake in the title of a song. You said:
    The Human League Love Action (I Believe In A Thing Called Love) but this is not the correct title. The exact title is: Love Action (i Believe In Love). The title you have announced is that of Darkness. I find that Nina is a fan group Darkness?

    • Thanks for spotting this – we’re checking and will rectify this in the catalogue if neccessary asap.

  • Nina, A quick question, what was the reasoning behind muting the word “Ass” in Push the Button?!
    I don’t understand it, especially considering some other songs lol.

    Also how come the next update is delayed yet again? Wouldn’t it be a better PR to give us something to drag our eyes away from the fact we have just waited a month for an update with no explanation as to why?

    Seriously whoever is in charge of your PR is going about it pretty poorly imo. I could do a better job from my bedroom! In fact I think I already do that….

    So yea, becoming extremely dissappointed with the way things are going with SS lately. Its always delays…bugs…delays…bugs!

    Wheres the love we used to get from you guys?!

    • We still love you, I promise!

      I unfortunately can’t go into too much detail on why this update was delayed. Let’s just say things were at a standstill for a few weeks and there was nothing I could do about it which also means that I can’t get the next update done and dusted in only two days, I hope you understand? :) That would make me a true miracle worker!

      On the lovely Sugababes – this is simply the ‘clean’ version which, being a PEGI 12+ game we need to go with. You could still sing that particular word out loud at home if you like (but I didn’t suggest that, no, I didn’t) :)

      Any more questions, let me know and I do my best to answer them.

  • As usual, I sent to Aurelien Poma, the results of voting in March on the wish list of French. I hope you’ve received?
    Thank you for keeping me informed! Good evening Nina and big kisses from all the French

    • Yes thanks. As I mentioned before, I already have a link to your site, so no need to send them again :)

  • Hopefully the news on Thursday is a Singstar title update bringing new features to the game.

    I’d like to see:
    * Export pictures to memory card/usb or upload to photo sharing site like Flickr or Facebook
    * Upload videos to Youtube
    * Ability to play and sing to any MP3
    * Faster servers for Singstore downloads

  • That’s nice in all, but where is my OtherOS?

  • Hi Nina, I diod post this on the last blog post but didn’t get a reply so will try again :-)

    Is there any chance to get some of the PS2 Singstar games released on PS3 or on the store – really fancy the Singstar Disney and Rock Ballads!!

    • Hi there,

      Sorry I missed your post. We don’t re-release older PS2 discs as PS3 discs but we try and get as many PS2 tracks as we can for the store.

      I am afraid Disney will not be on the store before long but maybe some more Rock Ballads coming up soon…

      Hope this helps,


  • An anouncement about an comming announcement. I hate this kind of non-new. If you have nothing to say but bad news, because the last update was crap and I´m looking forward to the U2 stuf prommised last time, then please don´t.

    Another OS would be nice or a few free downloads to ease the pain for the loyal early addapters.

    • Hi Tielo,

      Sorry to hear you feel that way but I thought I would rather let you know what is happening than stay silent and not let you know at all. I know it’s not exciting ‘news’…



  • Hi Nina,

    Sorry to be pedantic (:P), but will we ever be able to get Sophie-Ellis Bextor’s “Murder On The Dancefloor” with the audio from the original music video? The version on the SingStore uses different audio which doesn’t fit the video. It’s just not the same without the “THE ALLL-TOGETHER” and other bits. :(

    Oh, and I guess seeming how you made a new blog post I’ll give you another one of my super-cool artist recommendations. (I usually save them up for one per update, but it’s been a two week delay anyway. :P)

    Today’s SingStore recommendation is for Aussie singer Alex Lloyd. He released some great singles in the early 2000s, including “Amazing” and “Never Meant To Fail”. Which I’ve now got stuck in my head. :P

    • Ahh, what would the blog be without your recommendations? It’s become a regular feature on here now :)

  • LOL that’s quite a different message to what you just wrote on my MSN Tntnnbltn :P

    The only announcement that would excite me right now would be a list of involuntary redundancies.

  • @ no.7 get over it.

  • Thanks Nina, will download some of these this evening for sure, any idea if the Human League song error (both saying ‘Lead’ in the Duet selection) has been fixed yet, and if so do we need to re-download it? Cheers in advance!

    • Hi gadgetdave,

      Great! This issue should be fixed now so please re-download and try again :)

      Let me know if you have any other problems with this.


  • Oops forgot to say, last post was about ‘(Keep Feeling) Fascination’ :)

  • Any chance yet of any Cheryl Cole or Taylor Swift?

    Thanks You

  • just to funny to let this one slip,
    wil this update also remove the possiblity to play my ps2 discs in singstar PS3??
    or is this also an mandatory update,which you eventually do need

  • nina,

    is there still a change 90’s eurodance is coming
    more 2 unlimited, 4 brothers on the 4th floor, scooter etc… :)

  • Nina forgive me disturb you again
    But there really a big mistake on the title of a song in the SingStore
    The exact title is Human League: Love Action (I Believe in Love). The title you put corresponds to a song Darkness: I Believe In A Thing Called Love. You can trust me

  • Heh, I’m glad you noticed. :P

    I actually sat down on the weekend and brainstormed which artists I can recommend for you. At a rate of one artist recommendation per blog post, my little wishlist should last me through till February 2011. :D

    (I could technically give them to you all at once, but I know you have to cater to all of your other markets anyway. And anyway, 1 or 2 Aussie songs per update would be more than enough to appease me regardless)

  • Will Paparazzi release with the other Lady Gaga Songs too or only LoveGame and Bad Romance?

  • Hi Nina why no Beyonce on the singstore?

  • Hell yeah, wheres Beyonce. All the single ladies, All the single ladies

  • Hey Nina! How was Easter for you? :)

    Just a quick question… why cant I add anything to the cart? The price never appears and if I try to add the song in the cart tha game freezes? :S

    And I dont know If I have told you how happy I am with the addition of the sugababes song :D

  • Hey! thanks a Lot Nina! i’d be extremely Happy!
    You are the Best! :D

  • Will the US singstore be getting any love on this update our last one was lame with only like 5 songs and haven’t had update since mid march. Also are they going to address how the US store gets no communication and crappy updates compared to EU. We need good songs and we also need wireless mics in the US.

    • Nobody had an update until yesterday :(

      If I have any wireless mic info, I will pass it on to you guys asap.

  • Thanks for all you do though Nina the EU community is very lucky to have you for sure.

  • ROckstarm, at least you have a videostore & comicstore (and general content for decent prices)
    the majority of the EU is still waiting since more than a year for this

  • hei Nina

    I’m huge Snow Patrol fan…when we get “Just Say Yes”
    tnx :)

  • Any chance we get any dutch songs from a female artist? Such as Trijntje Oosterhuis (Vlieg met mee), Sita Vermeulen (Duet with Marco Borsato: Lopen over het water) or Edsilia Rombley?

  • NINA!

    I know there are a lot of complaints… but I wanted to say great job on the great updates lately.

    There are slowly more and more songs worth downloading.

    Any chance of any more Ace of Base?

    Or what I would LOVE – anymore Swedish songs? Preferably from the Melodifestivalen song contest?

  • Hey Nina,

    I thought the songs had individual ratings, can’t you just give it a 16+ rating and then filter it out by the system age restriction setting? Then you can also put Telephone out there ;p.

    Anyway stupid UK/US taboo words, I’m glad I live in the Netherlands where we aren’t so uptight about these things. Although it doesn’t do me much good in this case!

    • Mhh, no, it doesn’t work like that but maybe we can make this possible one day. Yes, Telephone would be good, of course ;)

  • Hello Nina!

    This my first EVER post in the Playstation Blog!

    Lately I’ve been thinking what is the method when you choose the songs for the Store? Do we, the loyal SingStar users, have any changes to get our wishes to be heard? I would like to give you a short list about possible candidates for the future updates and hopefully someone reads this:

    The Sounds – Living In America
    Linkin Park – New Divide
    Katy Perry – Hot N Cold
    Lambretta – Bimbo
    Tom Jones & The Cardigans – Burning Down The House
    Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
    Erasure – Love To Hate You
    Placebo – The Bitter End
    Genesis – No Son Of Mine
    Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
    U2 – Mysterious Ways

    Generally I would also appreciate much if you could release some heavier stuff. There just isn’t enough of that in the Store!

    And for us many Finns I would like to see more Finnish songs of course. Like Jenni Vartiainen “Ihmisten Edessä”, I think many Finns would like to have that one! Or some Amorphis, like “House Of Sleep” perhaps.

    But, keep us updated and also keep up the good work!

    BR, mdee77/Niko

    • Hello Niko,

      Welcome to the blog! And such a long post to begin with – you are a brave one :)

      We certainly take all the songs you guys suggest into account and if we think they could work, they will get added to our (massive) wishlist which we all work from.

      You probably won’t be surprised to hear that a lot of tracks already exist on there as we also add to it on a regular basis – and so do the individual territories for their local content.

      The hard part then is to actually get them published which can take a long long time in some cases and sadly, sometimes this is not possible at all.

      Hope this explains it a little more?

      Hope to see you on here again soon…


  • Hello Nina, the preview of Build Me Up Buttercup The Foundations seems faulty. Is there a bug? I’m afraid to download it and have the same problem on the full version

  • Hi Nina… Thanks for the (re)update on the Singstore… I think Singstar is a great game and the reason NOT to give up on it is your attention to our comments… Keep it up ;)
    Is there any chance to see any brazilian singers in the Singstore like Wanessa, Ivete Sangalo, Pitty, Jota Quest, Skank, Paralamas do Sucesso or Titãs? Singstar has a lot of brazlian fans and we’re hoping for a local release in the future… Maybe a Singstar Brazil? Take care! Thanks :D

  • I just downloaded the songs. Maybe it was just a glitch :)

    Oh Nina, have you checked the problem I told you 2 updates ago? That I get a double entry for P!nk – So what when I have the pop edition disc in?(I have downloaded the song as well)

    THANKS :)

    • GOOD! :)

      Mhh, I think that will come up as double for now. There might be a slight difference in the song for some reason or other, so that is why it would appear twice. Hope it is not keeping you from singing though!

  • Can you get Kiss Me from Sixpence none the richer on the store

  • Ok so my wallets a few dollars lighter. Kids loved the father Ted song( so did I). Wars this about an exciting announcement? Who is this rob chap? Maybe ge has the power to get love shack by the b52’s and groove us in the heart by Dee lite on to the sing store…. Just checked and it wouldn’t seen so. Oh well, till next time, see ya!

    • I tell you, a lot of people here were looking forward to that song, too! :)

      Rob is our European Product Manager, so watch this space on Thursday.

      Haha – no, he doesn’t and unfortunately it doesn’t look like we have have those two tracks at the moment. Maybe one day!

  • Please don’t forget us in South America……….(Spain and Latin America are two complete different markets), please include some good Latin rock like:

    SODA STEREO – De musica ligera
    Soda Stereo – Cuando pase el temblor
    Soda Stereo – Persiana Americana
    Soda Stereo – Signos
    Soda Stereo –la Ciudad de la Furia
    Soda Stereo – Nada Personal
    Soda Stereo – profugos
    soda stereo-juego de seduccion
    soda stereo- cancion animal
    soda stereo- tratame suavemente
    Virus – Luna de Miel
    Los abuelos de la nada- Mil horas
    Enanitos Verdes- Lamento Boliviano
    Enanitos Verdes – la muralla verde
    Enanitos Verdes – Por el Resto
    Charly García – Estoy verde
    Charly García – No voy en tren
    Charly García- Nos siguen pegando abajo

  • I forgot:

    Vilma Palma e Vampiros -Dejame que te toque la piel –
    Vilma Palma e Vampiros- Me vuelvo loco por vos
    Vilma Palma e Vampiros La Pachanga
    Vilma Palma e Vampiros – Auto Rojo
    Vilma Palma e Vampiros – Verano Traidor
    Los prisioneros-Sexo
    Los prisioneros-Tren al sur
    GIT- es por amor
    Miguel Mateos – Cuando Seas Grande
    Miguel Mateos, ZAS – Atado a un Sentimiento
    Raul Porchetto – Bailando en Las Veredas –
    Miguel Mateos – Mi Sombra En La Pared
    Miguel Mateos -Obsesión
    Los prisioneros- Estrechez De Corazón

    long live singstar…:)

  • #8 by kalel1981

    You can play ps2 singstar discs on the ps3 – I’ve got 7 or 8 ps2 singstar discs, including Rock Ballads, and they work fine (though I haven’t got Singstar Disney).

    Once you’ve started the game using a ps3 disc, select solo or battle mode, go to the carousel and swap the disc by pressing the ‘select’ button. Jobs a good ‘un!

    The only slight problem is that in Pass-The-Mic mode, all downloaded songs seem to be randomly chosen before any of the songs on a disc are chosen – but I think this is the case whether it’s a ps2 or ps3 disc.

    Hopefully the exciting news Nina has referred to rectifies this – or even better, they’ve figured out a practical way to allow the songs on a disc to be ripped onto your harddrive! Nina…..?

  • What happened to ‘My Lovely Horse’ from the previous update? I can’t find it on the store anywhere!

  • Nina – good to see the latest update up a running!

    Also, I’ve got a little suggestion. I think one of the most frequent requests from the Singstar community is the provision of a patch that would allow songs from a disc to be copied onto your harddrive. I appreciate the complexity of this – I’m sure London Studios don’t want a scenario where a single disc can be passed from machine to machine, with the songs being copied each time.

    So, how about introducing a system where songs on a PS2 or PS3 disc are copied onto the harddrive, but are ‘locked’ once the Singstar game is exited. The next time Singstar is played the ripped songs can only be ‘unlocked’ by inserting the relevant disc. It therefore wouldn’t matter if a disc was played on another machine – the songs would be subsequently unavailable unless you were in possession of the disc.

    I certainly wouldn’t mind spending 5 mins inserting each of my discs before I start play if it meant all of the songs I own, whether downloaded or on disc, are available on the carousel (and it may address my previous comment regarding the selection of downloaded/disc songs in Pass-The-Mic mode).

    I’m sure this kind of feature would make a lot of people very happy.

  • Hi Nina,

    I wont make any song recommendations as everybody wants something different (but I would suggest some of the SS team visiting some Karaoke nights in local bars and making a list of what people actually sing!) but whay I will say is the game needs some or all of the following improvements to make it a much better experience:

    1 – Better local leaderboards
    (So one person has 1 score per song – this helps in households where there is a player who is very good as currently they dominate the leaderboard and I am left not knowing if I am improving or not)

    2 – Global leaderboards
    (Compare your scores with the world as in Lips on Xbox 360)

    3 – Import PS2 DVDs
    (Could work in a number of ways
    BEST – Simply import the disks to your HDD forever :)
    BETTER – when you swap disks it copies the contents of that disk to HDD and adds the songs to the carousel. If you swap all of your PS2 disks at the beginning of a session you will end up with all of the songs on your HDD. When you quit the game the data is erased.
    OK – Provide an option of selecting the Disks you own somewhere so all the songs appear in the carousel and if one is selected to sing it prompts for the required disk say Rock Ballads)


  • 4 – Remove songs from Carousel when playing Pass the Mic (or select the songs you want in)
    (E.g. If you are playing Singstar Take That with friends, you may only want Take That songs to appear when playing Pass The Mic.
    Also, You dont want Xmas songs when playing in the summer)

    5 – Add option to upload more videos and/or export videos to USB stick / online (Youtube?)

    6 – Online Multiplayer
    (COuld be ‘live’ where both people are playing together or done in a way similar to the Challenges in Lips – either will add a new element to Singstar)

    I think that is all for now!!



    PS well done on the work put in to Singstar so far :)

  • Ok! I’m happy with that… I know some good brazilian singers and I will post some suggestions here to include in your wishlist… Nina, you have my vote for CEO of SCEE :D

  • Would love to get more Spice Girls and solo stuff from them. No Doubt and Gwen Stefani as well.

  • Thanks for the answer Nina. No, it doesnt stop me at all! :D
    Weird though. The songs seems identical to me though :P

  • Hi Nina!

    I know you probably get lots and lots of requests but here
    are some of mine :)
    The first ones are probably a little bit harder than the
    usual stuff but still very good.

    Sabaton – Primo Victoria
    Sonata Arctica – Tallulah
    The Allman Brothers Band – Ramblin’ man
    Eluveitie – Inis Mona
    Gotthard – Anytime Anywhere
    Alestorm – Keelhauled
    Bruce Springsteen – The River

    And some request for Swedish/Norwegian music:

    Veronica Maggio – Måndagsbarn
    Backyard Babies – Minus Celcius
    Laleh – Call on me
    Björn Afzelius – En kungens man
    Bjørn Eidsvåg – Floden
    Bo Kaspers Orkester – I samma bil
    Ebba Grön – Die Mauer
    Gyllene Tider – Sommartider(or anyone else ;) )
    Ingrid Olava – Only Just Begun
    Madrugada feat. Ane Brun – Lift me

    Thanks for a great game :)

    / Markus

  • Hi Nina,

    Thankyou, have redownloaded (Keep Feeling) Fascination and it’s perfect now with ‘lead’ and ‘backing’ – look forward to a lot more Human League songs appearing soon..(please!)

    Just had to sing ‘My Lovely Horse’ too which must be the shortest song in the store! Great fun though!

    Looking forward to the next update, thanks Nina and the team for all your work, you seem to get a lot of (unfair) criticism on the forums etc, but many other developers don’t have any links to the consumer and good on you for having such immediate feedback (and quick fixes!) and I’m sure it’s beyond the teams control when delays and issues occur! Keep it up!

    I’ve spent well over £200 in the singstore! Thankfully OH loves playing It too!

    Any Alphabeat news – will we get 10,000 nights from the ‘pop’ disc to download, and Fascination/fantastic 6 from the US singstore soon? Would it help us getting the band involved to push things from their side if it’s a rights issue ? ;-)

  • Hey Nina,

    So, after some thought I decided to just write it down anyway. It’s always a no if you don’t try.

    Anyway, why not try and license some songs from some video games, at least those songs with lyrics and melody in the human voice spectrum.

    I for example would love to sing to the credit song of God Hand (© CAPCOM), and I’m pretty sure there is at least one SCE game that contains a singable song. And if all else fails, try to contact Jun Senoue. Everybody loves themselves some Crush 40.

    On a completely unrelated note, The Baseballs. It’s a German group that covers a modern songs in the ’60s style. It’s pretty awesome. I’m not sure if it’s reached across the seas, but at least in the Netherlands they are also very known.

    Finally, Valerius, a Dutch group. They make pretty rad music, and it’s easy to the ears.

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