VIDZONE UPDATE: Easter Video Eggstravaganza

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I know I’m certainly not the first… and will not be the last person to use that terrible TERRIBLE pun… but I defy you to not do the same given the same opportunity… and let’s be honest… I have come up with worse in my time doing this blog I’m sure you agree.

We have got a whole host of things for you this week (as usual!). Interviews (Paloma Faith), Easter Features and Sexy Playlists as well as appearances from Kate (Nash), Amy (MacDonald) and Ke$ha (???!)… I am unaware of her surname… although I have a sneaking suspicion Ke$ha might not be her first name due to that dollar sign… just a hunch.

You ready?… you sure?… haven’t forgotten anything?… sure you’re sure?… Ok ok… let’s go!


This Week
Holiday Hits

Chocolate, Eggs, Bunnies (a whole lot of Christianity) and general Eastery goodness. Get into the spirit with Super Furry Animals ‘Hello Sunshine’, The Coral ‘In The Morning’ and The Pointer Sisters ‘I’m So Excited’


Paloma Faith Interview

You ever wanted to know what Miss Faith has to say for herself… She has always seemed like an interesting “cat” in my eyes, and turns out I’m right… Watch the EXCLUSIVE interview here.


Artists of the Week

Kate Nash (UK, Ireland)

I will not mention her hair colour… for it is not important… and I happen to find redheads very attractive anyway… Dammit… Fail… This playlist features (amongst others) her new single ‘Do Wah Doo’


Amy MacDonald (Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal)

Scottish singer songwriter Amy Macdonald is back with her new single called ‘Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over’. Watch that and her other videos here. Wooop? Yes, Woop!


Ke$ha (Norway, Sweden, Finland Belgium, Luxembourg)

Blah blah Ke$ha blah blah, pop princess blah blah, taking over the world blah blah, quite attractive blah blah, definitely would blah blah what?… videos including new single ‘Blah Blah Blah’ ft. 3OH!3


Guy Sebastian (Australia, New Zealand)

2003 winner of Australian Idol and now one of Australia’s most successful musicians in recent years has a new album called “Like It Like That”. We have the new video called ‘All To Myself’ amongst others


Hot New Videos

They are hot, they are new and they are videos… I fail to think of any other way making it any clearer than that… :) Featuring new videos ‘The Last Fight’ by Bullet for my Valentine, ‘Rules Don’t Stop’ by We Are Scientists and ‘Only Man’ by Audio Bullys


Next Week

Artists of the Week – All Time Low

You are expecting a funny play on words around us hitting an all time low but not actually literally but because of the band’s name… then you would be wrong… but only because I couldn’t think of a way to word it.. aaaannnyyyway. Watch all their videos including new video ‘Lost In Stereo’

Rock Classics

Rock out with your… socks out… Sorry, not sure where I was going with that one. All the classic you could ever hope and wish for with videos from Deep Purple, Kiss and Judas Priest. Classic enough for you?


This Week

Latest Additions

If you have watched all the videos on the whole service… then here is all new videos added this week so you don’t miss one single video. Simple

Next Week

Sexy Music Videos

Some people are very sexy… and sometimes these sexy people feature in music videos, sometimes the person singing is sexy… sometimes they aren’t so they get some other sexy people to be in the video… either way… sexy people… Including videos from Armand Van Helden, Shakira and Jessica Simpson


Don’t forget there are other ways to talk to me and the team for whatever reason, whether to just say hello or report a problem or request a video. Here are all the ways you can do so.





We all look forward to hearing from you all, especially Joel who loves to hear all your problems (not that there are ANY problems with VidZone).

From the VidZone Team, Bye for now! See you soon!


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9 Author Replies

  • Haha Ben, you make me laugh ;)

    Looks like a very good update dude!

    Have a happy easter :)

    • Hey Almighty Slayer

      Thanks dude…One of our most loyal bloggers… thanks to you for keeping it VidZone and Happy Easter to you too.

  • Good to have the Armand Van Helden videos back. :) Thanks Ben

  • Hey Ben,

    Very funny blog. Haven’t commented for a while but been reading all your blogs as always every other thursday.
    I’m afraid I don’t look like Ke$ha but I do have read hair…
    Would ya?
    Can you tell anyone at playstation to put out more girly avatars?
    I’m stuck with picking ones that feature guys who look like my type haha kidding but seriously more girl avatars would be cool.
    Cool update, can’t wait to hear from you again.


  • The dollar sign might be improvised, but “Kesha” actually is her first name. :P

    • Hi Tntnnbltn

      Kesha Rose Sebert apparently… and she has a brother called Lagan.

      See I can do research! actually… someone else in the office did it for me…

      Have a good Easter

  • When POLAND?????

  • No, no. Thanks to YOU and the team for making VidZone so awesome!

  • I.




  • I
    Chemical Brothers

  • Vidzone for Poland! When Poland? Speed!!!

  • A little bit of Easter Metal would be nice. hint..hint.. :)

  • My favourite bit “quite attractive blah blah, definitely would blah blah what?…” lol

  • You mentioned on Twitter that you’d have some Katy Perry stuff up.

  • Hi Ben – anyway to get this update without installing the theft update?

  • Hey Ben,

    A question; Why don’t we have “Telephone” from Lady GaGa in the Netherlands? We have 7 other video’s but not that one….

    Happy easter!!! :)

  • Hello Ben,
    I’ve been a big fan of vidzone since it was launched last June.
    Great playlists most notably the darksiders and enjoying the latest holiday hits. But my experience of vidzone was not the same last night, after every couple of songs I kept getting the lord of the rings blu-ray advert and at times nearly after every song i played. I don’t mind adverts popping up whilst the songs are on, but it was so repetitive and ruined it for me, and the advert being so much louder than the songs. At least it should run on a timer like spotify so every 15minutes there will be an advert. If I wanted to have a party around with my own created playlist, the last thing i need is a advert every 5 mins, please fix this and keep up the good work. Anyone else experiencing this???
    I doubt i will get a response until after easter so have a good one, and hopefully this problem gets resolved.

    • Hey apples89

      After every video shouldn’t be the case, and not the same advert.

      We will take a look and see what went wrong. Apologies.


  • When POLAND???!!!!!

  • hi i love vidzone but i seem to have a problem when skipping tracks when i press skip the next video never loads also have the same problem when i click play now and all i get is the buffering screen. plz fix this so i can use vidzone again ps i have tried deleting and reinstalling vidzone and it didnt make a difference
    thnx a lot :D

  • nice holiday Ben,

    when would it be possible to play your own playlist “random” by the press of a button.
    this would stop starting my day with a rickroll but at random i still get rickrolled :)

    • Hi S-Cript

      Hahahahahahahaha.. you want to rickroll yourself… classic… I will mention it to our dev team that we should add a dedicated rickroll button…

      Seriously though… You can randomise your now playing by clicking triangle on “now playing” item on the main menu and selecting shuffle. So just queue up your playlist do the above and you are good to go… in other words… instant random rickrolling.

      Hope this helps


  • When will VidZone in the Czech Republic????????

  • Hey Ben, great update, one problem though, I keep getting the damn LOTR Blu-ray advert after EVERY music video, is this a bug?

    • Hi Rick_X

      Thanks for the heads up… We are looking into this now. I don’t suppose you could check (at the next convienient moment of course) now to see if you are still having the issue and email with the outcome that would be great!



  • thanks Ben for the response, as ‘rick_x’ states above similar problems, it was the only advert I saw all night, and at best after every 2nd song, but quite often after each, I played 10 songs there was about 8 lord of the rings adverts. Cheers

    • Hi apples89

      As I said above…

      Thanks for the heads up… We are looking into this now. I don’t suppose you could check (at the next convienient moment of course) now to see if you are still having the issue and email with the outcome that would be great!



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