Digital Comics Store Update (1st April 2010)

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Woo hoo, long weekend! Remember kids, Easter isn’t just about generous magical bunnies with a penchant for chocolate shaped fertility symbols, it’s also about comics.

Digital Comics

Let’s see what we have in store for you this week to help you through these eggciting times:

From Marvel, we see the first ever five episodes of Stan Lee’s Daredevil (1964). Discover how Matt Murdock received his powers and became “The Man Without Fear!”

Heavy metal fans rejoice, IDW release Eternal Decent #1. “A radical new title brought to you by the industry leaders in heavy rock and metal: ESP guitars and Marshall Amplification” A rather unique comic featuring a guitar wielding protagonist, plenty of demons and one gorgeous succubus. The comic comes with an eccentric audio commentary and accompanying music by the writer Llexi Leon.

We also see Runes of Ragnan, an epic fantasy spanning 1000 years of Viking lore. Josh Medors’ art is stunning, brutal and dark. Check it out.

Trekies will be pleased with the graphical adaption of JJ Abrams’ blockbuster Star Trek. Star Trek: The Movie Adaptation #1 comes with new scenes and moments cut from the movie

Markosia release Beowulf – The Graphic Novel, this stunning graphic novel captures the power and majesty of the greatest sword and sorcery hero of them all! Plus there is more sword play and fabulous art in The Lexian Chronicles #1.

Here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1673 2000AD 15+
  • Abyss #1 Red 5 Comics 9+
  • Beowulf – The Graphic Novel Markosia 12+
  • Cages: Part 3 of 4 Insomnia 15+
  • Daredevil (1964) #1-#5 Marvel 3+
  • Donald Duck Gets Snap Happy Disney 3+
  • Donald Duck and the Treasure Island #2 Disney 3+
  • Eternal Descent #1 (includes audio commentary) IDW 17+
  • Jeeves & Quackmore: Heroes Riding High Disney 3+
  • Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #2 (includes audio commentary) IDW 17+
  • Runes of Ragnan #1 IDW 12+
  • Star Trek: The Movie Adaptation #1 IDW 9+
  • The Ghoul #2 (includes audio commentary) IDW 12+
  • The Lexian Chronicles #1 Markosia 12+
  • The X-Men (1963) #16-#20 Marvel 3+
  • Transformers #4 IDW 3+
  • Transformers Movie Sequel: The Reign of Starscream #2 (includes audio commentary) IDW 9+
  • Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #4 IDW 9+
  • Ultraheroes #3: Fame and Fortune Disney 3+
  • We Kill Monsters #4 Red 5 Comics 12+
  • X-Mickey #10: Boo! From Horror City Disney 3+

That should keep you busy for a few a days. As always you can check out the pricing in your currency on I’ll see you in the comments, in the forum and on twitter

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5 Author Replies

  • When are you going to comment about the ramifications of the firmware 3.2.1 release that Sony uses to illegally remove from my console functionality that I have paid for?

  • Well somebody better say something soon… This is nonsense !!!

  • How should they know? They deal with the Store, not firmware.

    Not much here for me this week, Locke and Key obviously, and probably We Kill Monsters…

    • Thanks Zoibie! Did you listen to the Locke & Key commentary from last week? I thought it was really interesting. It made me appreciate all the work that goes in to creating the comic.

  • Yeah I did, didn’t know it would take so much work just to make one of those ‘ghost’ panels. They should get Ben Templesmith on it as well, just for the lols. (Reminds me, haven’t listened to Groom Lake commentary yet)

    Actually, just noticed something, would be good to add in a feature which pauses any song you have playing until the audio commentary stops. Just a thought.

    • I’ll stick it on the list. It’s too late for the next version of the app which we are debugging at the moment. I’ll hopefully have some news on a release date soon!

  • Looks like a very interesting looking store update! Really good to see the diversity of titles that IDW are offering, and now from Markosia as well.

    Good to hear that the new firmware update is coming along nicely. As always, thanks for the great work :)

    • Cheers Ravenblade86.
      Yep, plenty of variety at the moment. Superhero, fantasy, fiction… and we may even have some Manga next week.

  • Hi Pete

    Good to see that this service is flourishing, with loads on offer.

    Just wondering if we’re ever going to see the third episode in the Warriors, it has been a while :)

    Thank you, and have a great Easter.

    • Hey Batter-Acid, I’ve not had an update on the Warriors. I’ll have another poke around to see if there’s any news.
      Hope you have a great Easter too.

  • Thank you

    It would be great to see a return, that and some DC.
    But I’ve got loads to spend (what’s left of) my money on at the moment so I’ve got no complaints, you guys do spoil us.

  • When POLAND???????????????

  • is there ever going to be a comic store for the ps3?

    this is something i’d use but my psp is broken at the moment

  • still waiting here for the comics -_- why not release it here? English versions are fine. hope they won’t translate all the comics :S

  • is there any chance of any mark miller comics like wanted or kick ass? Sorry to be generic but i’m just wondering.

  • Please can we have this feature for PS3 too? There’s clearly a demand for it and it would really showcase the artwork on a 1080p screen. The larger memory capacity of the PS3 would also mean people could buy a lot more publications. In fact why stop at comics? Magazines, newspapers or even books could be downloaded. The possibilities are endless and it would certainly have the potential to be highly profitable for Sony and the various publishing partners.

  • Soo. when wil Norway get in on the comicstore? or an crossregion gifting option?

    and another vote for the PS3 comic reader..

  • 2 questions
    when will we get this in the netherlands (same as we wait for he easterbunny to release the moviestore)
    and second how big is the possibility of the new comic WWE Heroes will be added to the list

  • @ ProblemSolver

    Why don’t you and all the other idiots stop trolling every post made on this blog?

    I bet you don’t even use OtherOS, just some immature child who feels the need to whinge everytime Sony do something supposedly ‘controversial’. The fact is they got rid of this to stop hackers like that idiot GeoHot or whatever he’s called. Oh, but you don’t care do you?


    Good work on the comix store though guys, excellent so far.

  • Hey guys good work on the playstation store and all the work you have been putting into it so far, i especially enjoy the comic book sections, never purchased any comics previously, but i have already racked up aa fair few of the collection available (i have become an even bigger superhero enthusiast) sorry about all the unnessary stick you lot are recieving about the other OS, its like these people forgot its primarily a games and entertainment…… but ye on a bright note good work and i am sure there get over it eventually! Just a quick question in terms of comics, on the amazing spider-man (2003) issue 525 starts ‘The other’ series, i have already purchased the ones available, but i was wondering if the other missing issues in the series would soon become available, really want to piece together that entire story arc? but ye thanks for the content so far, i hope DC joins in the club soon for your benefit and my and many others entertainment (any dc executives reading this..go on you know you want to!) cheers guys.

  • would have commented earlier, but i got white knight chronicles the other day :)
    great game.
    another fine selection, another dent in my playstation wallet, why can’t i have a playstation purse anyway? :(
    where was i?
    oh yeah, great selection, gonna give that eternal descent book a try, haven’t bought any with commentary yet and i can’t wait to try it out.
    before i forget, another vote for a ps3 version :)
    i have got one idea i’d like you to think about, how about trial editions of new books, just a few pages for free so you can get a basic idea about whether you might like the book.
    i know marvel do that on their digital comics web service, maybe they’d be open to the same thing for the psn comic store.
    oh and any news on any free comic book day freebies :)
    lastly, keep up the good work.

  • Pete Stott, I see the Polish flag in your avatar.

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