More God Of War Brutality Coming Your Way!

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Hi guys

With God of War III having now launched across PAL Territories, I’m delighted to confirm that we will also be releasing the ‘God of War Collection’ (€39.99/£24.99 RRP) as follows:

  • UK, Ireland, Germany & Austria: 30th April 2010
  • Australia & New Zealand: 29th April 2010
  • Rest of PAL: 28th April 2010

The God of War Collection includes ‘God of War’ and ‘God of War II’ (previously released on PlayStation 2) remastered in HD, running at 60 fps, with Trophy support, all on one Blu-ray Disc!

Here is the packshot for you :D

God of War Collection Packshot

But that is not all…! If you haven’t experienced what the God of War series is all about, well, we are also planning to launch a ‘God of War Trilogy’ boxset (€89.99/£64.99) at the same time as the standalone God of War Collection game which will include:

God of War Collection

God of War III

For newcomers to the franchise, this is your chance to experience the multi-award winning series in its entirety. Check out the packaging box below, hope you like it!


God of War Trilogy Packshot

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  • Do you guys have a clue? The trilogy set should of been launched on the first day GOW3 was I would of waited and bought all 3 at once instead of importing the first 2..

  • I’ve never played a GoW game before, but damn, I want that trilogy!

    Too bad some idiot spoiled the ending for GoW3 for me on YouTube.

  • Very cool boxart on the trilogy.

  • Agreed… why did you wait so long for the sets to be released?

  • I just can’t see the logic in releasing this AFTER God of War 3 was released, I would have loved to replay the games in HD as part of the build up for the lastest installment but now I’m not so bothered now that the definitive game in the series has come and gone.

    Also why does the UK keep getting games last?? Please don’t say it’s tradition to release games on a Friday here, I have no problem with another release day – please can we have some parity with the rest of the world, or at the very least the rest of Europe.

  • I have already bought Collection from US. You guys acting like you are not thinking. I’d love to have this “gow trilogy” but now it’s too late. Someone should kick your ass SCEE.

  • geeez, enough with the GOW promotions already.

    Starting to get a bit annoyed with the heavy promotion of the PS exclusives on this blog.

  • took you long enough, im sure the americans have had this since last year.

  • I might pick it up someday,not really fussed now 3 is out.

  • Far too late. Still, I look forwards to being able to grab the complete trilogy.

  • They did this to ensure that GOW3 got the most sales possible. A shame really, a bit of a slap to the face of the EU fans.

  • Agreed. It’s way too late and I already imported it from the US last year so.

  • Trilogy should have been released the same day as God of War 3…It would have sold more.

    Good to see we FINALLY have confirmation of the Collection coming.

  • Well, too many games anyway in this period so good news…i will have a good May with gow trilogy :)

  • 1 GO TO XE.COM
    3 ???????
    4 PROFIT!

  • OMG-OW [Oh My God-Of War] :D That ‘God of War Trilogy’ boxset looks COOL! NEED! :P

  • Also…

    Wouldn’t it make sense to put a bit of a discount on the Trilogy? Rather than selling it at the same price as The Collection + GoW3?

  • Considering all the GOW3 Blog updates have been full of requests for the GOW Collection it’s good to finally get it confirmed.

    I can’t offer congrats though as they have dropped the ball on this and the Collection should have been out at Xmas or the New Year.

    They must have lost potential sales with this delay, i will pick up the collection first then in a few months get GOW3, (which i would have bought at launch had i had the chance to play through the collection first!).

    Better late than never, as ever with SCEE !!

  • The perfect trilogy

  • Sorry SCEE, already imported…

  • Why release this after, I now already have the collection and GOW3 standard editions, that box looks so god dam good. Stupid Sony just trying to cash in on god of war.

  • Okay now I’m p$$d off. Why have you released them like this? I’m new to the series and am going to have to play these in the wrong order. I would also have preferred the trilogy box-set but can’t do that because I already have GOW III now.
    SCEE at their best.

  • wait.
    one more month to get the trilogy? at the same price as buying’em separete?

    thanks but no thanks, GOW collection flying to me from canada as we speek.

  • 6 months too late. Had you releasaed collection same time/januray 2010, you would’ve made so much more sales. I would’ve loved to have played COO, GOW1, then 2, then bang, GOWIII. The amount of sales you would’ve made would be so much more than what you’ll ever get. And you should’ve simultaneously released GOWIII, Trilogy edition and UTE. Personally, I don’t care, as I got the UTE, which I have only two problems with – the art pamphlet(nobody can call it a book). The Americans get an awesome art book, that is actually a collector’s art book. Why can’t we? And the box. In a previous post, you gave a dimensions of it, and I was so excited because it was big enough to fit two games side by side, based on measurements. When I got the box, the measurements referred to the cardboard box, not pandora’s box. Imagine my disgust when I opened the box, then opened the box again, then removed the packaging to find a puny pandora’s box. Severely disappointed guys.

  • this looks [DELETED] awesome glad i didnt have enough money for the normal one before i was just about to go out ad get it guess i will wait for the trilogy instead :)

  • Ico + Shadow Of The Colossus HD remastered bundle set plz. Hey, you could even work it into the promotion of The Last Guardian. But what do I know, Sony.

  • Words cannot convey the level of complete and utter mystification I have at the scee ‘decision’ making process.

    What are you guys doing? Releasing the previous games after the new one? why why why.

    It’s just so ass-backwards, but then again, it’s scee, so no surprises there.

  • I said from the start I wanted a trilogy package for under £70 minus the silly extras (even though I played 1 & 2 on the PS2), I’m SO glad I didn’t preorder GOWIII on it’s own! I’ll definitely be waiting for the trilogy boxset…

    Out of interest is the trilogy a cardboard sleave with the normal God of War Collection and God of War III boxes inside it, or is it some kind of special fold out packaging with the 3 discs in one box?

    Eitherway I like the cover art for it…

  • GOW Collection is great for me as laser in my PS2 died after 9 years… Waiting for ICO collection in HD for PS3 :)

  • Congrats for the business sence SCEE… Only thing left to do is to release Helghast costume DLC for GOW2 to ensure double dip out of us importers!

  • Why does it reach the UK last when it will have taken the least amount of time for localisation and translation?
    It also doesn’t make any sense to release the Trilogy for the same price as it costs to buy both separately, especially as a lot of people already have 1 or both.
    I know how futile it is saying this but you still need to rethink your marketing strategies, that is assuming you just didn’t throw darts at a calendar and pick random prices from the depths of your minds.

  • That trilogy set is just what I was looking for, and not limited edition, but I will get it asap! Huge news. Priced well, too. Box art is just a stunning capital E for epic! :D

  • Given that GoW3 is £36 retail now, and it will likely be sub £30 by 30th April, adding £40 to the GoW Collection price and calling a Trilogy edition is kinda steep.

  • That Trilogy Box cover should have been in the God of War 3 Ultimate Edition, especially for the price that was tagged onto it.

  • This may be good news but it is also bad news, you took too long and even anounced it too late, i am very disappointed and i have never played GoW I or II and i have already played III and you guys just come out now saying that we can get the first two games soon.

    SCEA knows how to make fans happy, they bought this out last year so new GoW players got to play the first two games before the 3rd game came out and SCEE are way too late and have ruinded GoW for new players who already bought the new on, thanks a lot for ruining the game for me SCEE!

  • Something to ask for our continental friends…

    How the HELL did you arrive at the price of 40 euroes? The pound and euro are pretty much equivalent now, with the Euro costing abut £1.10…So how does £25 = 40 euroes?

    Silly silly silly SCEE.

  • Well. I was going to point out the “marketing genius” of this move. But it seems that Devilater did that already.

    But seriously? Releasing the previous games AFTER releasing the new one? I guess us European must be so backwards that we would rather play a story in reverse? As opposed to the “stupid” Americans who have to play it in the right order?

  • Wow and a Trilogy? Now i am really P’d off! I just got cheated again, i could have bought the whole trilogy, what you should have done is annouced this long time ago or just delay GoW III for Europe then i wouldn’t have had the whole franchise ruined for me and the other new GoW players.

    I don’t know why we are always getting treated like this, Microsoft Europe don’t do this.

  • lmao so nearly 2 month after gow 3 you guys release gow 1 and 2 lol seriously good luck trying to get sales with that , everyone has already imported the collection that are gow fans , very stupid move yet again by scee

  • It’s about time SCEE got the God Of War collection released over here but I already imported the GOW collection as soon as it came out in the US.

    I know localisation etc. can be an issue at times but this isn’t like it was a brand new game being released, simply old games remastered with trophies, surely trophies don’t take so long to localise.

  • Too late SCEE, I’ve already imported it and platinumed both games. Shame – I’d have loved to have bought the Trilogy edition as that box looks mint.

    This kind of behaviour is indicative that SCEE are despicably greedy – making out that the original games would only be released in the UK as part of the £120 boxset, then announcing this version straight after GoW III’s release.

    Why weren’t these SKUs available from Friday? Like I say, I’d have bought the Trilogy, but you’ve lost out on my money now as I got the third game the day it came out. Way to reward my loyalty!

  • GowIII will be hitting a whole new audience, people that would not of played the first two games. So there is more of a chance for them to want to buy a remastered version of the first two games in the series now than before GOWIII was released.
    It would of been nice to see a complete collection beforehand but people wanting that just imported, so they got their game and Sony got their cash…

  • Fantastic, there are news everyday, but no GT5 news, what`s up with us?

  • I don’t understand all this commotion and SCEE hate… sure it is a little strange that the trilogy is released after the final chapter, but it is possibly a decision based on the number of people who disagreed with the concept of a £120 boxset and went and imported the collection instead.

    What annoys me is people who say they are annoyed, then say they’re not going to buy something they want because they couldn’t have it when they wanted.. sounds to me like we’ve got it too good and don’t really understand patience.

    OK the US got it first. big whoop. no-one said we were going to get it first, nobody has lied so you shouldn’t feel cheated.

    Grow up. Sony are a business, and sometimes the customer is NOT right… sometimes there are decisions that are taken which may upset people who are not mature enough to understand that delays, changes, or marketing decisions are not personal attacks on their inteligence or “loyalty”.

  • Is there any way to get the God of War documentary to Europe? It’s probably too late to include it (or a voucher) on the Trilogy, but it would be really cool if that wasn’t limited to the US.

  • So after the £110 ultimate box announcement, when the press release clearly said the god of war collection (1 and 2) will Only be available the ultimate box.

    why the sudden back track? someone realize just how many people were importing it?

    I imported it, but would have waited for the EU release if only someone would have announced it earlier.

  • wait a second. I bought this game last year from for 30€ with shipping and now they want me to pay 40 for the same game, six months later? haha Are they for real?

  • The God Of War Trilogy for me,i can’t wait

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