A Facebook First For Buzz!: Quiz World Fans

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Since the arrival of Facebook for PS3 at the end of last year, down here at Relentless’ towers in Brighton we’ve been busily putting together a world-first. I’m pleased to tell you that on the 22nd March we’ll be patching our most-recent game, Buzz!: Quiz World, with PS3’s first true in-game Facebook publishing features.

How does it work? Super-simple. Once you’ve set-up your Facebook account on the PS3 and installed the patch, at the end of each game you’ll be offered the chance to publish to Facebook some info about what you’ve just played.

Buzz! Facebook

This info can be about a multiplayer game you’ve just enjoyed…

Buzz! Facebook

…or a singleplayer challenge you’ve just set a great score in…

Buzz! Facebook

…and you can post up to five times a day.

On the Facebook side of things, you’ll see a bunch of colourful Buzz! stories, telling your friends what you’ve been up to in the game.

Buzz! Facebook

We’ve built this patch for as many languages as possible, with support for (take a deep breath) English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, and Croatian.

It’s great to be offering the first ever PS3 feature of this kind to Buzz! fans. We’ve been working closely with the team at Facebook to make this happen (thanks are due to Sony’s online tech guys in the States too). Quiz World is a fantastic social game and it feels like a great fit to connect it with the world’s biggest social network. Look out for the patch today – we hope you have fun with it.

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6 Author Replies

  • Next time twitter or hyves?
    would be cool. ;)

    • Blimmin’ heck… No pleasing some people! ;)

      (A friend of mine had hyves once… Nasty.)


  • This looks a bit too spammy for me to want to use it. That’s an entire full wall every day, potentially.

    • Well… It’s up to you how you want to use the Facebook features, so you don’t have to spam your friends. Unless you want to :)

      We felt that Buzz! is one of those social experiences that you want to share. So if you’ve played a game with three friends, then (assuming they’ve picked their real names in the profile set-up) you can tell all your other friends what happened.

      I think that’s the interesting part of this Facebook stuff – that it’s not just about sharing your singleplayer experience, but about sharing the results your multiplayer game. Maybe I don’t care as much about your new high-score, but I do care that you beat our three shared friends. Or at least, that’s the theory!


  • will this come to quiz tv? Haven’t had the chance and money to buy the newest buzz yet

  • You should buy Quiz World mrfight67. It’s such a step up from Quiz Tv. The new set is amazing, I feel it draws you into the experience alot more. The 8 player online games are hilarious too.


    £17.99 is the cheapest place that hasn’t it in stock, although the other places only have it about 20p cheaper.

    Also I don’t know if there is anyone from Relentless reading these but what is with Quiz World being sold out at a lot of places? It’s seemed that way since launch last year.

    • Glad you think Quiz World is a step-up from Quiz TV – sounds like you’re enjoying it. We really tried to expand on the experience, with things like Buzz addressing you by name, the new rounds, new modes, and the extra online features. It’s defintely the biggest Buzz! game ever made.

      We’d heard that there had been some stock issues with Quiz World after Christmas, but the guys at Sony tell us those are gradually being resolved.


  • Thanks for that :) gonna try and get that soon. Also cool that i see the relentless offices every single time i go into town, shame i can’t peek through and see what cool stuff they’re working on next :p BTW, does quiz world have voice chat online?

  • yes, it does have voice chat online, although I’ve only heard it once. I think people prefer not to chat during it, either that or they dont know its there.

    • That’s interesting. You can use the PS Eye or a headset to get the audio in, so it’s pretty easy to set-up. We country-lock the online gameplay due to the questions being different in every language, so you’ll only hear players from your own country, too.


  • Any bug fixes in this patch? For example the seemingly impossible “Weekend Warrior” trophy that despite playing it 3 weekends on the trot, just like hte trophy description, it fails to award it to you. ( I gave up after 5 weekends…)

  • Thanks Lee_and_Nomi…The game has been out of stock everywhere for like the past 3-5 months for no apparent reason whatsoever. Thanks for the link; will finally be able to get the game now! :D

    As for the Facebook integration, great :)

  • Any new quiz packs coming soon. AND CAN THEY NOT BE IN ALL CAPS.

    • Because we and Sony wanted all downloadable Quiz Packs to work in all versions of the game (on PS3), there had to be a compromise about the text display.

      Buzz!: Quiz TV only uses uppercase text, so the Quiz Packs need to use this in order to work in Quiz TV. For Quiz World, though, we really wanted to shift to mixed-case text, which is why your Quiz Pack questions are a bit SHOUTY in Quiz World. But you do get Quiz Packs that work in all games!


  • Please bring this in for Quiz TV.

    • Bit of a boring reason for this… But the problem is that every version of the game is developed for a particular version of the PS3 Software Development Kit (SDK). As time goes on the SDK is updated with new features (like Facebook), making it hard to reach back in time and update a game that was last patched over a year ago.

      Anyway, Quiz TV had its own extras patched-in, including bonus characters and features, so you shouldn’t feel too hard done by :)


    Can we expect any more patches like this for any Buzz Titles/other PS3 Titles any time soon??

  • has anyone actually got this to work yet tried playing two online games got to the end and the share on facebook option wasn’t available, any suggestions ?? ps ive installed the patch and my facebook was already set up for trophies.

  • great work, though i am looking forward to sony in making the ps3 do input on facebook, not just output, ie small bytesized updates. integration, i go in home, i update my status to say i just won the audi apartment!

  • cool update.. but PLEASE give us some more DLC as in new characters to play with.. the ones that are in the game right now are cool but it be better to have some more variety of characters to choose from.. and maybe even have a new round and additional “buzz sounds”.. just to make things fresh again

  • What about sending your buzz face to Facebook using PS3 eye?

  • How do you activate this feature on buzz? my ‘Share on Facebook’ option is grayed out.

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