God of War III Out Now – Media Kit Unveiled

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Hi everyone

As you all know, God of War III has now launched across all PAL Territories! For those of you who bought the game I hope you guys are enjoying Kratos’ brutal and pulse-pounding quest for revenge. For those who haven’t… what are you waiting for? Go and get the game right now! :D

Just wanted to show you the media kit we’ve distributed to a limited number of journalists across PAL Territories. It consists of:

  • Worn ‘Omega’ wooden box
  • God of War III game
  • Illustrated brochure
  • Kratos metal coin
  • DVD with screenshots, artwork, concept visuals etc
  • Art cards
  • Mini poster

Now… the good news is that I’m looking to give some kits away through a competition that will run on the eu.playstation.com early next week. I will let you know when the competition is live, don’t you worry :)

For now, here are some visuals of the actual media kit itself. Hope you like it, any comments let me know.


God of War III Media Kit 1

God of War III Media Kit 2God of War III Media Kit 3

God of War III Media Kit 4

God of War III Media Kit 5

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2 Author Replies

  • If that was the special edition I would of bought it.

  • Looks great, can’t wait to hear about the competition – I’ll keep an eye out for that announcement!

  • Looks great….
    Wish you’d all put as much effort into releasing the GOW Collection in the UK???

    Please could you give us an update or release date?

  • It is awesome. IMHO much better than Pandora box. The content is also better then in the ultimate edition. Hope to get one = looking forward for competition ;)

    What you mean by PAL Territories – is it a UK media kit or the one dedicated to all Europe journalists?

    • Hi KuFeL78. This media kit has been distributed to a number of journalists in Europe, Australia and New Zealand :-) Look out for our competition next week on eu.playstation.com!

  • Why do we want to know about something we:

    1. Can’t have.
    2. Was given for FREE to people that get loads of things for free and don’t appreciate it.


    • Hi sharpenedpixel. Try your luck by entering the competition next week on eu.playstation.com! You might win one ;-)

  • Spot on comment by FBZ. GoWIII in UK/PAL before the Collection = massive fail. What was the problem? It’s not like the original games weren’t released here. Surely it can’t be the usual excuse about different publishing agreements.

    It’s not like you guys haven’t had time. Did it not sell well in the US?

  • See, this is why I hate being only a low level unimportant website contributor – never important enough to receive special treatment from publishers, still expected to give out just as many 9/10 scores :p

  • Now you’re just rubbing salt into the wound!

    First, the ridiculously overpriced ultimate collection, which amounted to some plastic junk in a plastic box without the making of DVD that the yanks got.

    Then, in your infinite wisdom, deciding not to release the GOW collection as a separate item (way to avoid making money there – good job)

    Now, we see a media kit that is what the ultimate edition should have been, given to the usual brain-dead games ‘journalists’ (and I use that in the most loose sense of the word)!

    Great way to sour what should have been a great launch period. If yoiu’re looking for any marketing guys, I can be available. God of War knows I couldn’t do any worse.

  • Tell me what I need to do to get it!?! I really desperately need some God for War goodies to decorate my desk with and this is beyond awesome! Surely you have one left over. :D

    Hows this…I’ll bake you a cake? :)

  • The irony :

    The customer gets a [Deleted] plastic box with some DLC codes and the journos got this!

  • That is an awesome bit of kit. Would love the chance to swag one so I will be keeping my eyes peeled.

    Can I ask if you do intend to release The God Of War Collection as an indiviudal SKU?

    Only I dont want to resort to spending over £100 for the Ultimate collection or importing it from North America.

    God of War III looks amazing so will nip off to buy it once I’m done with FFXIII.

  • “Dear Playstation”:

    what about the God of War Collection ???
    is it coming to europe ???

    it only make the best exclusiv Games in gaming History !!!

  • By the Gods, what have I become! Envy empowers me! The Gods of Sony have abandoned me, now there is no hope of me owning the Media Kit!

    If I am able to do this; to kill a god, then the Media Kit: I CAN HAZ?


  • Nice Presentation! it looks awesome!

  • Now THAT’S what the Ultimate Edition should have been!

    and I got my copy today :D

  • this looks so awesome, now i just gotta hope that i’ve my aweful luck can change in time for the comp.

  • wow that looks awesome! sign me up for the contest!

  • @Krioto: You won’t get a response. So you’ll just have to pretend like your queries are rhetorical.

    I don’t think it’s over-priced.

    GoW3 ~ £45
    GoW Collection ~ £30
    3xSoundtrack Discs # Got to be worth £20
    Then the box, art booklet, postcards and other DLC makes up the other £15.

    I definitely feel I got my money’s worth.

    Note that the US did not get the Collection in their Ultimate Box so if anything I think that Europe got the better deal. To me 2 Classic games that I will get 20+hours out of is far superior to a 3hr documentary.

    As for the press kit, there’s little point being jealous. Rather than whining that someone gets something you don’t, why not be happy that you have a chanec to win a prize that money can’t buy?

  • @VictorAnalogy

    I never expect a response from these blogs; I’ve relised that they’re just a place scee have put in place so users can vent, as nothing ever comes of any suggestions/complaints made here.

  • Nice set up,looks like you guys missed out on the Pandora’s Box, are you all Irish by any chance.

  • @krioto: The weird thing is I think that most people would agree that GoW Collection > Documentary, but I’ve never seen anyone from SCEE fly the flag for it. Especially as the UTE is the only way to get the Collection at the moment. It would stop half the complaints in one fell swoop.

    I mean the two biggest complaints have been:

    1. No collection in EU.
    2. No documentary in EU.

    I reckon we’ll here an EU release date for the collection really soon. I got the UTE and it looks like a retail ready box (it’s not just a disc in a sleeve) so all it needs is to go on a shelf.

  • Awesome! And i guess thats another competition that we in Greece cant participate. Can we do something about that? There are so many competitions and none of them are available for Greece…

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!! I have God Of War sat at home waiting for me to undo and play. Only 3 hours left until I finish, but a whole hour again before I get to play :(

    This set looks amazing!!!!! Looking forward to the compo

  • Way to go dude rub it in! All these journojerks would deserve is a disc in a windowed paperbag like an envelope. My GOW3 purchase just got delayed til the budget box.

  • OMG i so want this!!!! Next week you say? What countries can participate? Cause Portugal was left out of last year’s inFamous contest…

  • @VictorAnalogy

    “I reckon we’ll here an EU release date for the collection really soon.”

    Great… I can play it in a couple of months. Finally getting to play 1 & 2 once i’ve finshed 3 will be perfect. /s

  • “This media kit has been distributed to a number of journalists in Europe, Australia and New Zealand :-)”

    My curiosity force me to ask if there is any chance to get know if there was anybody from Poland on the list?

  • I never said it was perfect. Two replies to a thread isn’t perfect. (I say a thread, these are the only two SCEE replies in about half a dozen GoW posts) but the first thing you learn from SCE living in the PAL region is that you get what you’re given. :)

    Also can’t believe I used the “here” instead of “hear”. What an idiot. :(

  • I think I said this in another thread also, but as much as I love the GOW games and GOW3 is absolutely awesome, I was really annoyed that Sony chose to offer a Trilogy of all 3 which included the Pandora Box.

    I dont want the Pandora box or any gimic items!

    Did Sony not consider releasing a slimmed down trilogy package which only contained the GOW1+2+3 discs in one cover?

    Also, why has the collection not been released in the UK before GOW3 was released? I had to buy an imported copy in order to get through both GOW1+2 BEFORE GOW3 was released.

    I’ve checked all the UK websites and stores I can find, and (unless im mistaken) not one is yet selling the GOW Collection as a single item yet.

    Just seems like a really cruel attempt to make more money by Sony, when it would have just been polite and considerate to offer a slimmed down trilogy in one package, instead of asking for £100+ from us to get all 3 together.

  • “What are you waiting for” Well, I’m waiting for my God of War Collection to arrive from the USA. After I finish God of War 1 + 2 I will buy 3. I never played 2. Because it was a PS2 release and I just bought a PS3!

    How many are you going to give away? And can everyone participate (country locked and such)?

  • Oh and the extra, special DLC which you was exclusive to the Pandora box will no doubt become free on the PSN eventually anyway. You are realistically paying an extra £20 for a box which will soon get boring, a music cd and some documentary stuff.

    Thats great if you WANT that stuff, but those of us who simply wanted the 3 games in one package and NOTHING else are being ripped off.

    But like I say… their great games, and definitely game of the year 2010 IMO. Just think Sony could have dealt with the markettting better.

  • @Freekedoutfish: Given that the GoW UTE sold out in about a week I don’t think it would have hurt sales of either product to release the collection. I think they just wanted the people who bought the UTE to feel like they got something a bit special, kinda like the bonus content in Heavy Rain.

  • Now that is something I would like to win! :)

  • Considering the fact that I got press kits for God Of War , GOW: Chains of Olympus and God of War II Promo game I hope to add it to my collection as well.

    Check out my God of War Collection @ http://diesnake.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=678&sid=408904c9cc53c90b3a829de932b3d0a7

  • now thats what i call am ultimate edition!

  • @VictorAnalogy

    I wouldn’t say we we’re entirely ripped off, but I am utterly disappointed by the plastic monstrosity that is the Pandoras Box. Something like this with a bit of style and handcrafted nature would have been better than some poor plastic, poorly painted box.

    Plus we got an Art”pamphlet” not a book, which by the Yutube unboxing of the US version, they got. It really grinds my gears when there is obviously a better produced version OF THE SAME THING made for a different region. Batman is the obvious other SE fail.

    Seriously don’t bother if you are going to half-ass it, Sony/devs/whoever. I’d gladly pay that little extra for BETTER quality, or something actually unique. After the teasing for this thing and an actually limited run I expected better.

  • “what are you waiting for?” Oh I don’t know perhaps an announcement about a European release of the GoW Collection. Seeing as I’m not interested in the extra skins, the audio CDs, the artbook, or the postcards; I’m not spending £110 on a plastic box.

    Likewise I’m not spending £40 on the stand-alone game only to discover that buying said plastic box is the only way (bar import) to get the collection.

    To paraphrase The Kevin Butler “What’s wrong with you?”

  • @DillingerDan: I pretty much got what I expected. Would I be happier with a wooden box? Or a resin thing or some such? Would I like a hardback artbook like I got with FFXIII? Probably, but I honestly feel that the contents of the box are worth the price tag.

    I think it looks cool, most of the people passing by my desk have been of the same opinion.

    I think it’s a shame that SCEE haven’t engaged more with the comments here, it would have helped a great deal to calm the masses.

  • Thach: “For those who haven’t… what are you waiting for?”

    Well! First i was going to say “i’m waiting to play the first 2 games on PS3” but, after seeing the competition i would have to say “i buy it if i can win this press kit!” :P
    Unless, like @27 pointed out, Portugal is left out of this again :/

    Btw, this is a pretty cool thing to do. I really love creative press kits (games or not games) and i would love to see the “letter” the journalists received with this :)

  • Great Idea giving the fans a chance to win was the press get free all the time, seeing as I missed out on the Ultimate Edtion Pre-oder quota I might as well try my luck with this competition.

  • i meant “why buy it if i can win this press kit!” :p

  • Yeah, that looks really badass, now how about you release the Ultimate Trilogy Edition in Ireland like you were meant to in the first place?

  • I have the God of War Chains of Olympus (PSP) press kit, and you got a free action figure along with the game!

    I got given it by Three Speech – god bless ’em!

  • Can any European country participate in the competition? Portugal sometimes gets left behind. -_-‘

  • What is Three Speech ?

  • Can every country in Europe compete in this contest?

  • Looks really nice! Too bad the giveaways are probably won by people who just sell it on some auction site :(

  • Media Kit looks better than this plastic box I just paid £110 for!

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