Digital Comics Store Update (18th March 2010)

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Another Thursday, another batch of Digital Comics. But before I go in to the details I want to share some new publisher news. I’m very pleased to announce that Markosia Enterprises have joined the Digital Comics family and will be releasing their content on the store very soon.

‘These are exciting times for us,’ says publisher Harry Markos, ‘there is no denying that the digital comic is here to stay and it will have a major say over the next year or two. We are delighted to be partnering with Sony in this venture and from what I have seen so far; this is very much an exciting step forward. The graphics look amazing on PSP, crystal clear and surprisingly user-friendly thanks to the AutoFlow feature.’

Markosia bring our publisher tally up to 12. We’ll be announcing more publishers over the coming weeks.

Okay, so on to this week’s highlights:

IDW and EA have teamed up to bring you the Dragon Age comic book series. Written by the acclaimed Ender’s Game novelist Orson Scott Card, the comic is in the store ahead of its release in the shops.

Digital Comics

From IDW we also see the last of Transformers: All Hail Megatron and the final episode of Locke & Key: Head Games. Don’t worry though, Locke & Key Crown of Shadows starts next week and comes with a lot of excellent audio commentary.

Marvel release 5 more issues of vintage X-Men (1963) and from Titan we have Shaun the Sheep #4.

Digital ComicsDigital Comics

You may have noticed that we changed the store structure a little last week. We have introduced two new categories “Staff Picks” where we highlight some of our favourite comics (zombie themed at the moment) and “Featured Hero” where we collect various series based around a particular character. Give us a shout if you wish to see anything specific.

That’s enough rambling from me here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1671 2000AD 15+
  • Archie & Friends #137: A Night at the Comic Shop #2 Archie Comics 3+
  • Donald Duck and the Anger Expert Disney 3+
  • Dragon Age #1 IDW 12+
  • Dreamland Chronicles #3 IDW 3+
  • Gladstone Gander Tries His Luck Disney 3+
  • Little Ducks Disney 3+
  • Locke & Key: Head Games #6 IDW 17+
  • Scrooge McDuck and Secretary’s Day Disney 3+
  • Shaun the Sheep #4 Titan 3+
  • Star Trek: Nero #3 IDW 9+
  • Transformers: All Hail Megatron #16 IDW 12+
  • Wallace & Gromit Comic #8 Titan 3+
  • We Kill Monsters #2 Red 5 Comics 3+
  • Weekly World News #2 IDW 17+
  • The X-Men (1963) #6-#10 Marvel 3+
  • Wolverine (2003) #62-#66 Marvel 15+
  • X-Mickey #9: The Christmas Present Disney 3+

Prices in your currency can be found on

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16 Author Replies

  • I’ve just be told that Wolverine #62 will not be going live straight away. It will hopefully be up tomorrow.

  • So, any News for Norway?
    Or for a gifting option so id be able to use my UK account and gift it to my account?

    • Sorry nothing yet. Even if the PSN store supported gifting I’m not sure the hack would work. Is it not possible to populate your UK wallet with a PSN card?

  • Totally forgot that the Dragon Age comic was coming out this week! I’m looking forward to checking that out as its a fantasy comic, and Bioware have done a great job with creating a universe for Dragon Age that has produced a couple of very good novels as well as the game :)

    And the first of new publishers :o Can’t say Markosia are a publisher I’m very familiar with, but looking at some of the graphic novels they offer they are very welcome, and they will be getting some of my money :)

    Can you give up any info yet Pete on how they will releasing their comics? Will we just be getting single issues? Or will they be offering full graphic novels?

    • Hey Ravenblade86, I’ve been reading a few of the Markosia comics here and I think you’ll enjoy them. They have a very diverse portfolio of content so there should be something for everyone. Looking at the launch schedule Markosia will be splitting their graphic novels in to separate issues.

      PS I believe 2000AD will be supplying some more (non PROG)graphic novels as single downloads soon

  • @shadowdragoon

    it may not be the best idea to be announcing that you have created a fake account on here :P

    on another note looks cool, might check out the Dragon age comic and see what thats all about.

  • Excellent, looking forward to Locke & Key since last week!

    Also Pete, any news on whether “Giant Size X-Men #1” will be put up any time soon?
    It’s the final part in the Joss Whedon “Astonishing X-Men” series, and leaves the story unfinished without it.
    Please? :)

    • No news yet but we noticed you and others asking for this issue in the forums so we’ve put in a request. Fingers crossed.

  • This is a really neat feature to the PSP, although I’m unable to fully experience it yet, I’ve been tracking the news. ;)

    Now, just a simple question:
    So far I’ve only seen comics, and a few mangas.
    Will there be mangas adaptations from animes?
    Like; Initial D, Evagelion, Naruto (even though I don’t watch this anime myself, it’s just example).

    Keep bringing us those good news Pete!

    • Hi Dekowolf, we are talking to the major manga suppliers at the moment. Although the process is taking an age we are confident that we will bring titles like those you mention to the store.

  • @ Pete

    Single issues I can live with. Was asking about that because looking at the Markosia website they have the likes of Beowulf that seems to have just been released a graphic novel.

    And more maybe more 2000AD graphic novels soon? Very nice! :)

  • Pete, is there any chance of a separate blog post explaining how you transfer existing comics over to the PSP?

    I’m curious about stuff like scanning (Do you use the original artwork, or a film version or are they already in digital form), How do you set up the autoflow parameters, add sound etc.

    Does the publisher do all of the above or do Sony do it in-house as a service?

  • From what I hear, atleast regarding the JP PSN store, there are no trubble funding the PSN wallet by the PSN cards, there are even sites out there that sell the codes.

    Now, as I dont really read Japanesee yet, Im not currently going to try that out. ;) there is soo much info on the web, if you just use the right keywords in search. ;)

  • Hey Pete, say it every week – but thanks for the update! (the people in these comments are so kind, I read the weekly PSN update/comments and await news that mike has finally run away)

    Got a 8 hour flight this coming week, I’m going to stock up on a series of comics, I’m thinking Marvel Zombies. Recently picked up Spiderman No.1 – there surprisingly still very readable! will make my way through Hulk, X-men etc.

    I agree with #8 I would also be interested in seeing the process the comics go through to end up on our lovely little handhelds.

    And if Marvel are reading submit Ultimate Spiderman already!

    • Hey Tonks01! I wish I had an 8 hour flight to catch up on some comic reading ;-) You must be going somewhere hot and exotic. Good news regarding Ultimate Spiderman, Marvel have agreed to release it on to the store – but not for a few months. Enjoy your trip…

  • Any news when this service will be available in the Netherlands..

  • Will we ever get a PS3 reader?

    Or should i stop asking each week?

  • Ehh. think ill trow in a Vote for the PS3 reader too.. now, i do hope some Brits will pay back the favor and help us Norwegians and other Europeans get acess. ;) give us a vote for comics in more countries. ;)

  • +1 PS3 Reader
    +1 Pan-European Comic Store access


  • PS3 reader
    Netherlands supported

  • not used this since the free comics we got at launch..

    but, do you have, or is there any plans to get any of the following;



  • i just can’t believe that this is still not in Canada yet.
    movie store? still not in Canada, and to think that bill gates got movies in Canada on xbox before you guys is just sickening and embarrassing, i find that you guys are really slow to get things done, thus the 10 year life cycle i guess. what is going on!!!???

  • nice update this week, the dragon age book sounds like something i want.
    ps3 version please :) +1xp heading your way.
    oh and in solidarity with our eu neighbours, norwegian and other eu countries getting versions too please :)
    great news about new publisher, dc maybe? i know, you probably can’t say yet.
    i can’t wait to see what graphic novels we see from 2000ad, zenith and halo jones would top of my list.
    and skizz, flipin eck, something like that, been years since i last read it.

  • I hope you guys get DC on board, just tell them thier missing out on money.

    Also, and this is a long shot – but can you guys try and get that White Knight Chronicles comic translated and put on the store too?

  • Hi Pete, the store has been really brilliant, it’s single handedly rekindled my love for comics.

    I was wondering if they’d be anything in the works for manga to come to it? I’ve never read any myself but I’d love the chance to read things like ghost in the shel, as I’m a huge fan of the films, anime and many other japanime. Id be really interested in getting into their comic scene aswell.

    • hi smokeypsd, I’m glad you’ve rekindled your love for comics. We are hoping to have some manga on the store as soon as possible, but the negotiations are taking some time.

  • Thanks for the update Pete.
    I have 2 questions (this is my first time on DigiComs comments so I don’t know if these have been asked)
    1- Any news about DC comics?
    2- This is regarding the DigiComs software. Are you planning delete and personal grouping features? as I’d like to group certain comics and serieses together and delete some of the unwanted ones. I’m aware of the currently available grouping option.
    your response is already apreciated

    • welcome XAQUZ!
      1) no news, but we’d love to have them!
      2) the next release of the software will indeed come with a delete feature, but no personal grouping features.

  • @Mightyowl yes, would love to see Simpsons and Futurama comics on there, they’re published by Titan aren’t they? Shouldn’t be too hard to persuade them to get some of them up on the Store since they have Wallace and Gromit comics up.

    • weeellll, it’s a little more complicated than that. Bongo Comics own the Simpsons and Futurama comics, Titan are licensed to distribute those comics on paper, but not digitally. Hopefully Bongo will come on board one day.

  • Ah right, thanks for the clarification.

    Also, have you tried “We Will Bury You”? It sounds good from the description, and it has art done by Ben Templesmith :D

    • I’ve only finished the first episode which I enjoyed, downloaded the 2nd this evening – it comes with audio commentary too which adds some insight in to the minds of the writers. Only the cover is done by Templesmith.

  • Just wanted to say I think this service is great. I haven’t read comics in a good many years and it’s great to pick some up again, for much cheaper than in the shops thankfully. Especially enjoying the original Spiderman and X-Men comics. I think I’ll branch out to the Fantastic Four as well… Any chance of stuff like the Dark Tower? The books were great and I’m sure there’s lots would love to see what they did with the comics. One thing I’d love to see is The Tick, from New England Comics, genius. And… like many others, I’m sure, looking forward to when you get DC on board.

    • You’ve just made my day. I used to love watching the Tick cartoon series “Spoooooon”. I had no idea that there was a comic. My bad. I’ll give them a ring.

  • I demand you release more Marvel Zombies.

    You have 30 seconds or I’ll cast the spell of destruction.

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