KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep Comes To Europe

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Hi PSP-wielders!

I have some great news for you: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep is coming to Europe (as well as all other PAL territories) this summer, exclusively for your beloved handheld system.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The game, released in Japan just a few months ago, is the latest installment in the KINGDOM HEARTS action-RPG series, and explores the origins of the saga.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The events of this new chapter take place before those of all other games in the series, and are centred around the three aspiring Keyblade Masters Terra, Ventus and Aqua. The three heroes will attempt to unravel the mystery of the missing Master Xehanort, fighting their way from world to world with their own unique combat abilities.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

New characters, maps and environments are introduced, including the worlds of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. And if this were not enough, the game also sports four multiplayer modes, offering endless battles to up to six players, wirelessly connected.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By SleepKingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

We’re still in the process of building the game’s official site, but you can have a glimpse of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep’s stunning looks from these screenshots. Once we’ve got some more info to share, you can bet we’ll be back to tell you about it here on the PlayStation.Blog!

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  • And when will that be…? :) Can’t wait for this one. Pls make it a fast release… :)

  • aND when does the PS3 version comes??? :)

  • i think i just wet myself


  • Will we be getting a PSN release? Rumour was it wasn’t.

    Don’t want us PSP Go owners to be left out in the cold.

  • You let me know the second you know a concrete date for me! June would be amazing – but July would be acceptable.

    Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this.
    Loving FF XIII as well at the moment.
    On another note though, I’m still waiting for my promo code that I should have received for registering FF XIII.
    Any more new on that?

  • Please, please, please, i want it for my PSP Go, make a PSN version…

  • Oh my god !!! I was waiting this moment ! ^^

    But we need to know the release!.

  • i agree with person678
    i read in a blog that square enix supports digital games but…is it true that KH isn’t going to be relased in the store?

  • The key question: Does it come to the PSN store? I want it, and I have a PSPgo!

  • Alcest, no 9 – Rumour was that there was a issue with Disney wanting to jack the price up, and SE said no.

  • WHY DONT YOU SAY THE RELEASE DATE TOOOOOOO.Hope it comes in june because then the holiday starts.

  • any possibility about a DD release?

    qualche possibilità per una release come DD?

  • please can this come to PSN? i wanna play this on my go ;-)

  • Lol ot the 2nd pic,I was scrolling past and thought it said OOOO S*** :)

  • I got my PSP (it’s a PSP Go!) specifically for that game. It’s a system seller. Please don’t dissapoint your PSP Go! user-base and confirm a PSN release as soon as possible.

  • So is this coming as a PSN download? If not then looks like I wasted £200 on my PSP Go

  • So, can we finally get some sort of confirmation of a PSN release for this game?

  • I think if they keep quiet on if it’s coming to PSN or not we can safely assume it’s not, I hope it is but silence equals a ‘No’ these days.

  • then is it in japanese store?

  • Hey it’s about time.
    But I’m afraid all of you PSP GO users are going to be sad…

    You see, Disney only wants this game as a UMD, there won’t be a download format of this game.
    So in other words, you have to buy the UMD version.

    I’m not here to cause panic with false information, search around the wbe and I’m sure you’ll find something about this.

  • I hope we get a collector’s edition like with Crisis Core and Dissidia!

  • i heard this game wont be out for the pspGo… is that true?

  • OMG finally!!!! Now we need KH3 on the PS3 :)

  • #23: I’m afraid so.
    As I said in my last comment (and others before me) this game will only be available in a UMD copy.
    Now download version from the Store.

  • uuhh…typo from my last comment.

    No download version from the store

  • PSP Go owner here, release this on the PSN, I know several other Go and 3000 owners who only want this in digital distribution. Some of us don’t like to carry around UMDs.

  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

    kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series ever, all i need to be assured of now is that KH3 will inevitably arrive on the PS3 one day in full HD splendor (maybe EVEN 3D).

    Anyway eagerly looking forward to the summer now, and will be definetely buying this game the moment its out.

    And by the way, thankyou.

    P.S. – Birth by Sleep is considered by many of our Japanese friends who already own it, to be the best Kingdom hearts game to date, and its a credit to what the PSP is capable of.

  • #27: Don’t throw it at sony and all the good people who write in the blog.
    This was a decision by Disney.
    Not SONY, not SquareEnix, but Disney.

  • This is pretty cool .. another cool game for the psp …
    But .. does someone know if Final Fantasy 9 will come out
    in the PSN .. I mean.. we already got 7 and 8 …
    Just a matter of time, isnt it ?
    The best about Kingdom Hearts is the Final Fantasy part, after all ..

  • Finally, YES!!! :D

  • #30: well, FF7 was added to the store, and FF8 was added in it’s 10th anniversary, so I’m guessing when FF9 hits is 10th anniversary, should be available in the Japan store, and then shortly on ours. ;)

  • Please release a digital version for PSPgo owners!?!?!

  • @DEKOWOLF, so you have solid proof of your claims?
    Have you visited the official Teaser site?
    The US sight houses a very strange PLAYSTATION NETWORK symbol next to it’s PSP symbol, which to my knowledge pretty much confirms some sort of PSN integration, and we all know there is no online mode for the game…so…perhaps before you go artound trying to spread rumours, perhaps its best to seek a confirmation? Hmm? Just a suggestion

  • I’m not buying new PSP-games anymore.
    (UMD will stop someday and I’m not buying the PSPgo, because I can’t play my old games anymore)

    I hope they make a PS3-version in the future.

  • #34: I’m sorry if you got offend by my attitude, but I’m not really spreading any rumor. I’m just saying what I know.
    And if I was wrong, wouldn’t my comments be removed, or at least someone would clear it? Because I’m not the first one to say it here.

    You can read about it everywhere around the web, honestly, you can.
    here’s one:

    I’ve been around this for more than 10 years, I think I know how things work around here just a little bit more than you, don’t you think?
    I’m not here to start a fight or anything, but I think you are off the page here.

  • I’ll quote a text from a blog where I read about it first Novenber last year.

    [quote]Disney has apparently ruled out online distribution of its upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on “copyright grounds,” a decision which certainly comes as a blow to Sony’s ill-received PSP GO.

    A visitor to a recent PlayStation promotional event claims to have been told there would be no PSN download distribution:

    “I asked an official and was told there would be no download version.
    The reason was said to be because Disney is strict towards net distribution on copyright grounds.”

    Just why Disney would object to legal online distribution of its games on copyright grounds is not clear.[/quote]

    I’m not allow to post a direct link to that same blog, as it contains 18+ materials.

  • Don’t have a PSP and neve have played KH but is there one coming to PS3? I heard KH3 was supposed to come out for PS3, is this tue?

  • if it’s disney’s decision, then i won’t never buy any kingdom hearts game. and i hope that all psp users will use their CF and not pay for this game. then disney will see that only pspgo users would want to pay for their game…i’m really mad about that

  • @32 thanks .. someone not saying “it will not come out” is my friend XDD

  • If they want my money, they need to release it on PSN. The days of having to carry around physical media are, thankfully, on their way out.

  • Disney has already allowed the release of a bunch of its other stuff on the store, so it doesn’t seem to make sense that they are against it

  • This game will be avaiable for PSP Go? I WANT THIS GAME!!

  • I agree with you @41. They won’t get my money unless it’s released on PSN.

  • Well Mr. DekoWolf, in case you hadnt noticed, the official Page for the game does in fact contain a PSN Icon. Now until they officially claim that there isnt going to be a PSN release of the game, I dont think it’s right to give up hope – they I do agree with one thing, if it was going to be released via Store, they would’ve atleast given some sort of confirmation.

    The question is, If Disney truly does have something against Digital Distribution, why are there so many Movies, PSOne classics and PSP titles on our Playstation Store?

    And why do they have that PSN Icon on the Official Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep teaser site?
    Surely they have some sort of plan for the game?
    Remember, that comment that was given to that dude who asked Disney was given in Japan, and Not any of the western countries, so perhaps the game is NOT getting a digital release in JAPAN, but getting a US/European release via PSN?

    At this point, it’s all just speculation until Square officially claims otherwise.

  • Please say that this game will be on PSN !

  • Hi Antonio, can you please pass on the message that Kingdom Hearts fans would love Birth By Sleep to see a PSN release as well as UMD? I’m sure you can tell by just the comments here that there is a demand for a digital release.

    Needless to say, I can’t wait for this game!

  • which website have you found the PSN icon Ragnarok? maybe this icon appears because it has online content, not because it will be released on PSN :(

  • just a quick question, has birth by sleep been available on the japanese PSN store since its release a couple of months back, if not then it gives credence to the notion that it may ultimately not appear on the EU or US stores either, just a thought, hopefully someone knows the answer to this.

  • To be honest I think Dekowolf sounds like he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about, pointing to some old report on a somewhat unreliable site doesn’t say much and ‘being around for 10 years’ sounds like something a 10 year old might say, lol

    If it has a PSN symbol on the site I’d say there is a small chance of PSN distribution.

    Also lets test his other claim, I am the chief executive of sony and I can categorically confirm the existence of aliens on earth and also that the PSP Go is the second coming of Christ in disguise and those who shun it are all judas. (Or possibly evil ewoks)

    Lets see if that gets removed.

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