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Hi All,

This week, on the 18th of March sees the release of Patchwork Heroes! To introduce the Japanese team and the game, I’ve got a short Q&A (which SCEA kindly put together) for you. Enjoy!

1) Please state your names and roles on the development teams. And what other games have you worked on?

My name is Yuki Ikeda, and I am part of “PlayStation C.A.M.P.!” I am the director of Patchwork Heroes. This was the first game I was ever involved in the production of, and before joining Sony Computer Entertainment, I worked making special designs and models for amusement parks, live theatres, etc.

2) Where did the idea for the game come from?

I wanted to make an action game that was sort of like cutting up paper with scissors, and I ended up pairing that with something very dynamic, giant aircraft and battleships.

3) What is the inspiration behind the art style and unique graphics of Patchwork Heroes? 

I guess the art style for the game is a almost just a melting pot of movies I’ve seen, so it ended up with sort of a retro anime look to it.

The designer on Patchwork Heroes, Seiichi Terashima, said that he was also inspired by the animated films of Yuriy Borisovich Norshteyn, who used cut out paper.

4) What type of game is Patchwork Heroes? How would you describe the game and the gameplay?

The basic premise of the game is to use a big saw to cut giant flying battleships into pieces before they come and destroy your town. It’s full of thrills from when you cut big chunks off the flying gunships, lots of action fighting and dodging enemies, and also collecting friends and items in the game.

Here is a trailer so you can see the gameplay better:

[viddler id=ff26a60f&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

5) Do you have a message for the readers?

The whole game is a blast from top to bottom, from the gameplay and art style to the music and storyline. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

We also have some concept art for you all:

Patchwork Heroes concept 1

This concept art portrays the world setting of the game. It shows the main character, his town, and the giant airships he’s knocked out of the sky, all done in watercolour paint.

Patchwork Heroes concept 2

This illustration was a concept to show what kind of battles would take place on the airships.

Patchwork Heroes concept 3

All of the characters aboard the air transport, done in coloured pencil.

Patchwork Heroes concept 4

Titori and his ally scaling an airship, done in miniature with clay, coloured with paint afterwards.

Finally, here’s the team!

Patchwork Heroes developers

The people are (from right to left):
Yuki Ikeda, Director
Miwako Ikeda, Character design assistant
Seiichi Terashima, Character and World design
Kenta Nakatsuka, UI design and Animation

Thanks guys,

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