God of War III – Kratos Unleashed This Week!

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Hi all

As you know, God of War III will be hitting the PAL shelves this week… the wait is finally over guys! :)

You’ve probably read the great reviews the game has received so far and everyone here at SCEE and Santa Monica Studios is delighted by the media and consumer reception so far!

To get you even more excited and in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the latest trailer for you to look at.

[viddler id=e034b4d3&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Enjoy the game guys and for those of you who are still unsure about it, go and download the demo now, it’s on PlayStation Store for you to try it out!


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  • Apparently many people who ordered online got their copies today. Not fair, I have to wait til tomorrow :(

  • yeah me too! =( 23 hours left, dammit!! great trailer though!

  • I don’t even know when my UTE will be send. I want it now! I just can’t wait any longer. 3 years since God of War II is just to much to handle.

    I hope to get it tomorrow, but it won’t be shocked to see this game on my doormat next monday :(

  • Just checked my HMV order and it’s complete


  • Games this generation will ultimately be categorized as pre-GOW3 or post-GOW3.

    That is how I feel about this masterpiece! It will be an amazing trip to experience and after this trailer IM hype to no end! The Ultimate Edition is sent and will be mine tomorrow!

    Well done Santa Monica and SONY! Keep up the hard work and bring massive AAA titles like this one and UC2/KZ2/inFamous/Daemon Souls/GT5/MAG/ModNation Racers and you will have my money yet again!

    PLEASE bring a next gen Syphon Filter that bring new innovative things to the table.

  • Woo, God of War III! Do want.

  • hey Mr. Thach Quach ive preordered the UK Version of God of War 3 and im pretty exited to play it. But i wonder if the game got german voice actors? i dont want to say that the german voiceact is better, but i prefer it!^^

  • Whats up with the ultimate trilogy edition? why was it cancelled?

  • I never had a PS2 so I’m waiting for Sony to release the God of War Collection before I buy the 3rd. Shame on Sony, if they’d have released it last year, like they did in America, they’d be +1 to the first day sales.

    It’s complete rubbish that they haven’t even set a date for it. Why leave money on the table Sony?

  • Really poor show SCEE. The demo is dumped on the PSN store without even bothering to convert the video mode properly. It’s still in NTSC which does not handle very well on some old SD tv models. It’s the build from E3 2009. I’d imagine there’d be plenty of time to convert it to PAL.

    I’m looking at a black and white interlaced Kratos.

  • Awesome,just had shipping confirmation.

  • Great and I will get it but i want to play through the GOW 1&2 Collection first.

    When will this be released in the UK?
    God knows why you haven’t released it in the PR run up to the biggest PS3 game??
    Should i just import one from SCEA then???

    Come on a simply answer/release date isn’t too much to ask is it?

    Kratos will not be happy!

  • @8 It wasn’t cancelled, it sold out. Mine is currently being picked and packed by the slovenly louts at GAME. Chop chop people, I need to hack some gods into bite sized chunks.

  • Sony should YLOD you through PSN if you don’t have a GOW3 save file by the end of the week.

    SCEE, you listening?

  • thank you SCEE and Santa Monica Studio for all your hard work on this game.

  • @13 according to all the shops near me that sell games it was cancelled they cancelled all the pre-orders for it and everything. theres a gamestop hmv and an xtravision in the town. and theres no GAME here in ireland anymore (well severely less than there was before) so i doubt GAME would be the only shop selling it here in ireland.

  • after seeing this… I will have to change my pants…..
    so close to release but so far….
    Ultimate Edition should come on Thursday :)

  • I just got the game, Gamestop sells it already today. Finally, Kratos can have his revenge :D

  • Oh My God of War, sorry that was cheap

  • Yeah, thats great and all, but please give us a GOOD reason why you cancelled ALL the Collectors Edition pre-orders in Ireland? Why did you screw us over?

    And why did the release date change to Friday instead of Tuesday when I went down to buy it?

    Please, I would love to hear what great excuses and reasons you have for giving Europe the middle finger on the release of such a big game.

  • Is God Of War III Trilogy Ultimate edition available in India????

  • Sorry, I meant why did you give only Ireland the middle finger, why are we the only ones not getting anything except the standard game?

  • Im waiting Sony, defend your horrendous decision. Ireland is part of Europe, therefore when its released in Europe, it should be available here.

  • Come on Sony, its been more than an hour. Where are your reasons, your excuses, your defence for cancelling it? I need to know WHY.

  • @neospriggan
    release date was always the 19th. Most shops just used the american release date until they found out the proper date. I was always told the 19th.

    And i would also like to know why it was cancelled here but it doesnt seem thach is answering this question.

  • @wing126
    I was told by Gamestop when I got FF13, just a week ago, that the release date was in fact today. And the rest of Europe has gotten it today, so I call [DELETED] on the whole thing.

    I doubt thach even knows, probably only found out about it when he read our comments.

  • @wing126

    Since Sony are taking ages to moderate my last comment because of one word, here it is without that word. The word in ” thingies has been changed.

    I was told by Gamestop when I got FF13, just a week ago, that the release date was in fact today. And the rest of Europe has gotten it today, so I call “shenanigans” on the whole thing.

    I doubt thach even knows, probably only found out about it when he read our comments.

  • Thank the gods , all those wannabes haven’t hit the spot. Time for the real thing!

  • Friday 19th Chaos Will Raise In Europe And I Will Get My Utimate Edition And Revenge On The Gods

  • Answer me Sony, you have had ample time, this is unacceptable.

    At this rate I might not even buy the damn game just to spite you.

  • @31 u aint gna get a reply 2nyt, Sony staff probs finished work bout 6ish, expect replys 2moro

    Vengeance. Rage. It Only Does Everything!

  • @micmic2009

    I suppose, Im just so angry about the whole thing.

  • Just to clarify, for the UK the UTE hasn’t been cancelled, aslong as you’re pre-order was successful, you should have some confirmation by now, or atleast soon!

    I’ve priced everything on average, as to justify myself spending the money.

    GOW 3 UE – £40-50
    GOW Collection – £25-30
    GOW 1, 2 & 3 Soundtracks – £10-20 each
    Artbook – £10-20
    “Postcards” – £3-5

    DLC Skins £4-7
    Combat Arena – £4-7
    Documentary – Just kidding, damned Sony, didn’t even answer my question on why the price hasn’t changed even with the removal of such a large feature

    Anyhow, the minimum i believe i would spend would be something like £95, and with Sony over-pricing everything as they always do, i’m fairly happy with the £110 price tag for what you get, althoguh tbh i HAVE been saving for this, hence why im not so bothered.

  • EDIT – Confirmation from GAME UK

  • @Ben_Eaglesfield

    It seems to be only Ireland that isnt getting the UTE or UE, we just get the standard game. Though if you pre-ordered it before they cancelled, you get some t-shirt as an apology.
    Nice one Sony, that really doesnt make up for all the stuff we arent getting.

  • Gamestop had the Exclusive in Ireland, my bet is they either were not making enough on selling it or they have [DELETED] off Sony some how, some one here knows why people in Ireland are not getting this and now is the time for answers.

  • wow, amazing game, great job guys, thank you very much for a kickass game, the next project i would like you guys to work on is a tekken like fighting game with all the characters from the god of war games and maybe call it “war of gods” or you could always make another god of war game, whatever ;)
    thanks again for all your hard work!

  • Just a release date for GOW Collection would be nice?

    Come on Sony, it’s bad manners!

  • GAME STILL says being picked and packed of the UTE (said that since Monday…) Can’t…wait….so close now! On a different note, I just looked at the official GoW website in the UK. It still lists the UTE as having the documentry, true?

  • NO Ultimate Edition for Ireland.
    No God of War Collection.
    No Demon’s Souls.

    What is going on over there at SCEE Thach?

  • Oh, almost forgot to add.

    No GOW Documentry?

    (that was pretty low as it is/was just a download voucher.)

  • Just returned home from getting my UTE, Loving it. Now i just need to wait for my brother to come home so i can start playing the game.

  • I’m less than bothered about the lack of docu, but just want to check. Am I right in thinking that we get the GoW Collection instead of the Docu? Last I looked the UE in the US didn’t have the Collection, but I might be wrong.

  • Hey, i found this story on the game website about the remastered versions of GOW1 and GOW2 getting their own standalone release, anyone know anything about it?


  • Game have told my order is on its way since yesterday…so today I was hoping..no…tomorrrow I hope, probably next week knowing the rubbish PO service we get:)

  • Whats this, still no answer? Where is my Ultimate Trilogy Edition Sony? Oh, it doesnt exist anymore because you decided “No, you cant have it Ireland, even though you could pre-order it. Here, have some crappy t-shirt as an apology.”

  • And another 3 hours have gone by with no answer or even confirmation that their will be one. I thought SCEE were meant to be trying harder with the European market.

  • How is it possible that Spanish users have already the Collector’s edition with the Pandora Box since yesterday 16th of March (at least 2 users I know) while we have to wait until the 19th in UK?

    Some of them even collect it from a store, so it was not a problem with a speedy delivery.

    I thought it was simulteneously released for all countries in Europe.

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