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Hello Everyone!

Lots of great titles have just been added for both rent and buy at the video store this week. We’ve also added “New to Rent” navigation button on the store front to make the search easier for those who are only interested in rentals. Hope its much easier now to search for your favourite rental movies and as usual please let us know if you have any other suggestions or ideas for the video store.

To Rent

  • My Name is Bruce
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera
  • Staunton Hill
  • Couples Retreat
  • Imagine That
  • More Than A Game
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Guest
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Train
  • Wrong Side of Town
  • Summer’s Moon

To Buy

  • My Name is Bruce
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera
  • Staunton Hill
  • Thick As Thieves
  • War, Inc.
  • Awaydays
  • A Serious Man
  • The Army of Crime
  • Ninja
  • Survival of the Dead
  • Crimson Wing: The Mystery of the Flamingos
  • Wrong Side of Town
  • Zombieland
  • Summer’s Moon
  • The Amityville Horror

I am sure you’ve all seen the ads for Matt Damon’s latest movie Green Zone across the UK. This is actually the first time Matt Damon and the director Paul Greengrass have reunited since the Bourne Ultimatum. Universal Pictures has kindly shared some promotional film footage with us that includes interviews with the talent and the director. Please visit PlayStation Home Movie Theatre if you would like to see the clip starting this Thursday 18th March.

And if you missed Matt Damon as Bourne and would like to catch up on a Bourne movie, please visit The Collections section at our store where all 3 Bourne movies are available for you to download.

Video Download Service

If you haven’t entered yet our Award Nominated Movies competition on, you’ve got until 24th March to enter for a chance to win 40” Bravia HD TV and PlayStation 3. All you have to do is answer the multiple choice questions to be in with a chance. If you answer them correctly, your name will go into a draw where a winner will be selected at random to receive a BRAVIA TV and PlayStation 3. Good Luck!

Awards Nominated Movies collection is also available for you at the Video Store. Amazing films like The Godfather and Inglorious Basterds and many other great movies are all available for you to enjoy at the click of a button. Enjoy!

Video Download Service

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6 Author Replies

  • When will The Hurt Locker be available in HD, or just to rent?

  • If you purchase the new zombieland from the Video store do you get the theme with it?

  • Please give us a release date when this is coming to Sweden!!

    • I dont have exact release date sorry! We are working hard to make the store available in other countries as soon as possibly and will keep you posted on any progress

  • Please give us a estimated release date for other countries. We deserve the same functionality other countries get.

  • olga can u answer , will the older films like toy story 1 and 2 , road trip, anchorman ,old school , the ring 2 , the haunting and deep impact ever be available to rent as these are very old films yet we cant rent them , why is that its daft only selling these as the income from these older films will be rentals

    • Hi Seany1, rental windows might have expired for older library titles but can investigate if we plan to make them available for rental soon cheers

  • Hi Olga, When we have Video Store in other countries?

  • Excuse Me Olga When is going to have a Lots of TV Shows for UK Video Store because I Really Want to Get it? American PS3 Video Store and iTunes (Both US and UK) has it. How Come that we didn’t have TV Shows for PS3 UK Video Store? Please we have it Olga?

  • When does this service come to the Benelux countries?

  • When will we get the Video Store in Switzerland? ;)

    I hope we’ll get to rent and buy movies with the original language track, not like the two or three movies we can rent in Switzerland on XboxLive, where there is no original language track at all!

    There is even a french movie (Coco Chanel) with only a german track, how crazy is that??

  • Here’s a suggestion: Give us the video store aswell!!!! It’s so depressing to read about it once a week and it doesn’t concern you yet :(

    • I am sorry its so depressing for you :( I promise you guys will know right away once we know the date when its coming to other countries

  • I want to see My Name Is Bruce. . . :( BUT i can’t

  • Hi Olga, couple of suggestion’s for the Video Store, please bring back the Top 10 Download’s etc to the front page of the store, similar to the US Video Store, also to help find HD purchases please add a “To Own” section in the HD films tab of the store. It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to find what film’s are avalible to buy in HD, thanks.

    • Hi there, thanks for the suggestions – very helpful to know whats more convenient for you in terms of store navigation. I will chat to my team and let you guys know if we can implement any further changes on the home page. cheers

  • I wonder how hard it can be to deliver this kind of service in a country when there already are several companies doing just that…

    It makes you wonder why it takes Sony ages to bring the service to ones country when other companies are so much faster…

    The only video rental store in the proximity of my home just closed so I´m in a great need of a service like this. But it looks like I might have to choose another provider than Sony even though it would be nice to have only one system that handles all my entertainment needs.

  • Not rented for a while,will have a scan through tonigh.

  • My Name is Bruce is one of the greatest, and worst, films I’ve ever seen, and I encourage everyone to at least rent it. If you know Bruce Campbell, there’s really no excuse not to.

  • when are we getting tv episodes? the americans have had them for years

  • when are tv shows coming for the uk and is there going to be a streaming service like what the xbox360 is doing?

  • The store is a nightmare to navigate. Can’t we have categories – HD to buy, HD to rent, SD to buy and SD to rent. If it had those categories people wouldn’t have to wade through pages clicking on films and seeing that they either don’t have them in the format they want to watch them in or that they cant buy or rent them.

    If you walk in to a video shop on the street you can clearly see the titles sorted by format and you can also see the titles that are available to buy and rent. That visibility often isnt available on the PSN store without clicking on the actual title.

  • Where on the PlayStation 3 does it tell you what rights you have (e.g. how much time to watch) when renting?

  • funny thing is they (Sony) already know when the release it.
    however refuse to tell the ones who pay for their salary

    Olga,you cannot do anything about it.but your managers should stop playing footsy with each other and publish the bulletin stating the releasedates laying on their desk already for months.

    they pro-missed it lasted year E3,and in 3 months the E3 is there again,so when something is due for release before the end the year (financial year 2009 ends in 30 march for sony) either gives you (or them) 2 weeks from now or 3 months depending on 12 monthes from E3 2009.
    in both cases the releasedates are known,however you are not allowed to publish them by embargo,
    thats also honesty instead of the political “don’t know, but when i do i wil tell you”

  • still no plans for tv shows?
    shame, because i can tell you once you do get them i’ll likely be spending quite a bit on them.
    and i doubt i’ll be alone.
    of course that would all depend on the price.

  • Aussie Aussie! Aussie?

  • Agree with makingdamage….how hard can it be when small startup web firms are able to get their licensing sorted before Sony ??? Is the holdup with Sony or aren’t Nordisk Film doing their job ?


  • Can we Please have TV Shows for UK Video Store, Because American Video Store had TV Shows since 15th July 2008 and it’s been a very long time and we didn’t have TV Shows yet for UK Video Store. I Like TV Shows, I’m a Great Fan of it. We Just want to have one. Please?

    Thank You

  • I want subtitles in the Video Store.
    I’m not an English native speaker and I need the subtitles to fully understand the dialogs, not to speak about the hearing impaired.
    The Video Store has so much potential, there go a few suggestions:

    – Subtitles
    – TV Shows
    – Users ratings

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