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I’m thrilled today to be able to be here to share with you another great trailer for Gran Turismo 5.

Gran Turismo 5

The trailer is a real visual feast and is a stunning showcase for some of the new features that we can expect to see in GT5 including damage, night time racing, new licenses and brands and…well pick out the details for yourself, I’m hope you will agree that there’s plenty to get excited about!

Gran Turismo 5 Gran Turismo 5

Enjoy the trailer and keep a look out on the PlayStation Blog and for more news on all things Gran Turismo.

[viddler id=b2acdf5f&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

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4 Author Replies

  • Looking awesome as usual :)
    But c’mon Sony get it released… we wanna play

    • Hi Killa_Cobra_ST – v.pleased you like the trailer. Completely understand that you guys are looking for a date. Please bear with us, we will be making an announcement on that soon :)

  • Trailers… pics… trailers… pics…

    come one, by now we should at LEAST have a FIXED release date (unofficially I guess we SHOULD have GT6 by now), but no… NOTHING.

    This is getting ridiculous! And I am a GT fanboy!

  • -Drools, tell you what would be great. To know when it’s coming…


  • The music is really awesome (and the trailer too, of course). Do you know the name of the band behind it?

  • i cant watch it because i am over my father’s house on his ps3, and the ps3′ s web browser is garbage, so will have to see it later when i get home.



  • pff why are you showing us this when its not even gunna get released. i been waiting years for this and it nearly came out in march but no were just wait a few more years hey

  • Man, it only seems like last year since I was waiting for the GT5 blowout at E3.

    Oh wait… :)

  • With every new trailer I can’t help but think: “stop producing trailers and get the damn thing released already!”.
    But then that’s just me, of course… ;)

  • music = awful
    trailer = awesome
    release date = (would be)EPIC!

  • They know what we want, they must think we are stupid. GT5 has seen more polish than the Autoglym man, just give us a date please!

  • Just give us a release date already!!!!!!!!

  • This is the reason I will always own PlayStation consoles. Cannot wait, but it’s become painful now and, yet, I’ll be there midnight release or whatever. Basically, PLEASE RELEASE IT NOW!!

  • stop making stupid trailers and give us the game, no one wants to see another trailer.. its makes me sick!

  • Looks AMAZING ;P But painful to watch because I WANT IT NOW ;)

  • looking sweet. Don’t release it till the summer :P as i have exams and do not want to get distracted aha :D

  • bradderz9 – don’t you ruin this for the rest of us!! :P

  • Fantastic trailer, I hope we get to see some more of the WRC parts in the future. Can’t wait for the release.

  • This game is looks SO REAL, that I am afraid to drive any Toyotas is this game, if you know what I mean ;). Will the brake pads for the Toyota be fixed for this game ;)?

  • Again, no game play footage.


    This game is hyping itself up to be a total disappointment in my opinion.

  • Thanks Penrose,

    Can you lay a hint if it will get a proper blowout at the Sony gamerday.

    “(unofficially I guess we SHOULD have GT6 by now)”
    “Just give us a release date already!!!!!!!!”
    “With every new trailer I can’t help but think: “stop producing trailers and get the damn thing released already!”.

    I understand the frustrations,and yes 5 years for a full sequel to 4 is a long time,but people need to understand that this is a total rebuild of the GT engine,it’s not GT4 just in HD.
    You got to remember GT 1 took 5 years,the others were more engine updates.if I understand what Mr yamuchi is doing with the new engine,it should be scale up onto PS4 without needing another full rebuild,game development takes time.

  • Penrose Tackie how soon is “soon” (just for a release date)? Soon like 3 months (E3 2010), soon like 6 months (TGS 2010) or soon like when Kazunori said GT5 would be released “soon” after GTPSP?
    I understand it is not your responsability but you have to understand that many, many, many players around the globe bought their Playstation 3(me included) back in 2007-2008 JUST for Gran Turismo 5, at least give us the opportunity to play the CES 2010 demo (with no expiration like the GT Academy Time Trial)

    • Hi hardvibes – I cannot qualify ‘soon’ any further, however development is progressing well and we will make the launch announcement shortly. Please bear with us – the end product will be worth the wait!

  • Hi vonhammer – thanks for your post and positive comments. Unfortunately I cant make any specific guarantees but we are planning to release further in-depth information on GT5 soon.

  • By the way, great photomode shots!

  • Looks absolutely awesome!

    *Goes back to his room to play GT5P again*

  • @Penrose

    How soon is soon? Soon cant be soon enougt! Cant wait to get my hands on this awaysome game :)


  • If one more person tells me to be patient, I’m going to blow up.
    I have been patient for more than 5 years now, that’s half of my gaming life!

    I understand it takes time, and I’m cool with that.
    But please, stop messing with our feelings. We want respect.
    There’s entire communities united by Gran Turismo, and I’m part of one of them myself.

    I’m just asking for some respect, is that hard?!

  • Will Gran Turismo 5 use Sony’s Playstation Move Controller (motion Controller)? Is that why its being released this fall?

  • The music is Drum and Bass, TC feat Sub Focus-Borrowed Time VIP mix

  • Its taking so long because GT5 is going to be in 3D, one of the first to use it when the 3D firmware update goes live in august

  • If you buy 8 brand new games it costs you +/-€560 that is equivalent to a brand new LCD HDTV.

  • Hi Penrose!

    Do Polyphony really listen to their fans? I mean, honestly, how many people are interested in Nascar?

    There must be other racing leagues which has more fans. Or atleast is better suited for a racing game. Turning left for 5 min isnt that attractive…

    They should have included DTM or something instead.

  • No more trainers, release the game.
    Maybe it is better to not release the game and cancel it because it´s impossible to match expectations that keep on growing every year it delays.

  • Release the Game, Release the Game, Release the Game etc etc.

    How many millions of people want to give Polyphony and Sony their money? It is taking the proverbial to take this long to release it.

  • …FRUSTRATING…. please try to understand us.. the game looks fantastic.. but the leak of info… about deleay.. about features.. about release date… in march 2010.. it’s just.. yeah sad and frustrating

  • So soon will we get a release date? well…I hope soon means in about a month! I have many many many costumers that asking me everyday when it comes and I say that it is this year. But MY god if I and my costumers have to wait until fall…then I will get mad. This need to release at the summer at the latest. That would be a great PR deal because SONY 3D TV comes, SONY has a deal whit FIFA world cup for 3D broadcast and GT5 is 3D ready. I HOPE this is the case!

  • The trailer look amazing!!!! Where can I download this video in 1080P?

  • Not denying that it looks great… but the time it took to make the trailer could have been used getting GT5 released.

    Get Porsche on board and release GT5.

  • All I can say is wow! If it looks as smooth as on that video, I’m sold.

    PS: The audiotrack is Borrowed Time by TC featuring Sub Focus.

  • This is awesome! Please, if you are going to translate it to other languages like many other ps3 titles did, atleast leave the option for english. Infamous was an example, i bought the game here in Poland but i couldn’t enjoy it since it was in polish only :(

  • Whats with the “Tentative street, asking for ideas” traffic signs?

    Is that some poor Japanese / English translation, or do you still want more user feedback?

  • Any chance you can comment on PD’s plans for future participation in their online community? Such as participating in the forums, in Europe and NA (I’m Canadian, I just saw you were responding to comments). Will they be moving GT forums to, much like they did moving LBP, Socom and other forums to the game’s main site?

  • I’m a bit older than the core demographic, with that I have over 10 years of experience in software development and delivery in the financial services space. So I understand the real world aspects of development life-cycles, quality assurance, feature/scope creep, marketing/sales and delivery.

    No one wants the game rushed, delivered short of expectations, or even have all the secrets disclosed… but I am truly amazed at the lack of hard information and communication regarding the delivery of the game, especially around the delay.

    I’ve bought 2 competitor games that I wasn’t planning on buying (NFS:Shift and Dirt2) while waiting for GT5 to be released. Now, at least for me, there is a level of competition for my time and money that didn’t exist if a confirmed date and feature list would have been provided.

    I think Sony / PD should embrace the community they have built around the GT franchise. The result would be a better gaming experience for the community, a better selling game for Sony and PD, and increased longevity for each release. The current approach is less than ideal.

  • Are there any news about car-list? I hope they haven’t forgotten older cars!

  • Wow, more great pictures and yet another trailer but I would prefer a release date or year!

    Why not release the latest demo’s shown since the Tokyo game show on the store

  • Hey cant watch the trailer or any videos on this site. The PS3 internet browser does not support it plus cant click open and type in the comments section on the PS3 internet browser aswell ive mentioned this soooooo many times and you guys just ignore me

  • Its upsetting how all these trailers are of the quality you’d expect to come from a game trialer ready to be released some time in the coming weeks… However, with the replies that Penrose has made I’m starting to build up hope again on news of a release date (or release period at least) :).

  • Back to topic…

    Will it be definate released this year?

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