Introducing PlayStation Move

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PlayStation Move

By now you may have seen the update on our new PlayStation 3 motion controller, via our live video stream at GDC. In case you missed it, let me introduce you to ‘PlayStation Move’.

PlayStation Move

We first showed the ‘Move’ controller prototype at E3 in 2009 and we’re now ready with the final design, along with an early look at just a few of the upcoming games…

Take a look at our trailer below, which aims to explain PlayStation Move in more detail:

[viddler id=15e79e42&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

Our launch games are designed to appeal to all PlayStation 3 fans. We’ve got our own take on social games such as ‘Sports Champions’ and ‘Move Party’ (both working titles) as well as keeping our more serious gamers in mind with DUKES and EA’s Tiger Woods 2010. Many of our existing franchises such as SOCOM will also be enhanced with PlayStation Move functionality – because of Move’s low performance impact on the PS3 system we’re able to add this to our existing games without compromising graphical quality or gameplay. The PlayStation Move experience will offer our players a fun, high definition and immersive gaming experience.

As you know, we’ve got a lot of experience working with motion and camera-based control systems, having created the original EyeToy for PlayStation 2 back in 2003. This experience has really helped make sure our new control system is incredibly accurate and responsive. PlayStation development teams are working hard to create a strong and exciting line-up of games – you’ll be hearing more about new titles in the coming months but for now, here is a list of the games we’ve announced so far:

  • Dukes — Brawl your way to the top in this brutal bare-knuckle boxing game.

PlayStation Move (Dukes)

PlayStation Move (Dukes) PlayStation Move (Dukes)

  • Move Party — Chaotic multiplayer where you never know what will happen next!

PlayStation Move (Move Party)

PlayStation Move (Move Party) PlayStation Move (Move Party)

  • Sports Champions — The greatest athletes in the world are ready, are you?

PlayStation Move (Sports Champions)

PlayStation Move (Sports Champions) PlayStation Move (Sports Champions)

  • TV Superstars — Be a contestant in five TV game shows to prove that you are the biggest star.

PlayStation Move (TV SuperStars)

PlayStation Move (TV SuperStars) PlayStation Move (TV SuperStars)

  • Slider — Kung-fu action – on an office chair!?!

PlayStation Move (Slider)

PlayStation Move (Slider) PlayStation Move (Slider)

  • The Shoot — Take out the bad guys but make sure the movie director likes your style!

PlayStation Move (Shoot)

PlayStation Move (Shoot) PlayStation Move (Shoot)

More news both from first and third party publishers to follow in the near future…

You will be able to get involved with PlayStation Move in several ways:

  • Camera + controller (including a “starter disc” with a range of demos for games releasing later in the year)
  • A single controller for people who already have a PlayStation Eye camera
  • A full console pack which includes PS3, dualshock3, Move controller + camera
  • Finally some of our biggest games will be available with a Move controller included

We’ve also announced the Subcontroller this week, an additional peripheral for use with more hardcore titles like SOCOM, which benefit from analogue stick input.

PlayStation Move Subcontroller

Move is one of our big priorities for PlayStation 3 in Europe this year so look out for our ads and product updates.

PlayStation Move PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move PlayStation Move

I look forward to hearing your feedback and responses to the announcement of PlayStation Move in America this week. Watch out for interviews with Move developers from GDC here on PlayStation.Blog.

Start moving and being at the centre of the action and start a new way to play on PlayStation 3 in 2010…

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19 Author Replies

  • looks great! I hope to see more soon! This could be of great use in cool mini games in HOME!

  • Just.. Me LIKES! ME WANTS! Looking forward to it! lol..

  • Very much like the Wii.

    • Hi Diablo_Rosso. Wii has obviously set the benchmark for ‘motion gaming’ to date – but we (thats us, not Wii ;) feel confident with our new tech. It is very different to the Wii controller – The PlayStation Move is much more responsive and accurate which means when you play with it, your actions are picked up in multiple dimensions rather than just ‘left to right’. Add to this, the glowing sphere video capture and voice activation and you really will experience something very different… you will get the chance to find out more about what our controller has to offer very soon – hopefully we can change your mind on this ;)

  • Disappointed really.

  • for real?

    are you guys even trying to differentiate it from the Wii?

    Its smells of Wii right down to the “look at cool people playing in the living room” montage.

  • this stuff looks pretty great. looking forward to it!

  • Nitendo’s next MOVE is Wii HD

  • Stupid name if you ask me…

  • Looks great, anyway we can expand and add to how we interact with games gives me a big thumbs up. The subcontroller dissolved any concerns I had when thinking about how this would work with more ‘core’ games. Sold!

  • it looks impressive, and im sure alot ppl will buy it.
    the name and logo is also cool, good job sony.

    but i usually play shooters, so this is not rly 4 me.

    • did you get to see the new SOCOM tech demo? We dont just plan to make social/party games for MOVE – we will also be adding MOVE functionality to many of our core games to keep our PS3 fanbase happy… when you get the chance to have a go later this year, try a shooter demo – I think you’ll be pretty impressed by what this can bring to a game like this…

  • Is the prise for the controller for one or for the set with all (nunchuck, two movo con.) ????????????

  • What is the survivial horror game you guys showed in the trailer called?

  • Cant wait!!! But i really wanted to hear about Premium PSN!

  • “Dukes”… (albeit a name that makes me want to go “Yee-ha!” whilst running Moonshine in the General Lee) & is a lot better than “Motion Fighters” (announced during the press conference) as that sounds like something you make need to take laxatives for.

    But “PlayStation Move”… and no backing track from The Mad Stuntman (not Joe Danger) & Reel to Real?

    How about a new name for the two devices (Move & Sub-Controller)?

    Together the main device & the Nunchuck Norris can be called…

    the “PlayStation Co-Motion”.

    I like to move it! Move it! etc.



  • @5 really. For me Move stomps on Wii and spits on its grave ;)

  • Dang, I lost my TARDIS. Now that I really need it. Going to wait on the slow path I guess.
    Aaanyway. This looks great :D Can’t wait. These months are gonna be great. Will the Demo disk be in the controller only pack too?
    And that TV superstars looks like fun. (Of course, the other games looks great too)

    • We are looking at the best ways to make sure all our PS3 gamers can get to try many of the MOVE games around launch – the ‘Starter demo disc’ will be a great way for you guys to really see the potential of the new controllers tech + sample the games. We’ll be letting you all know more about this disc nearer to launch – watch this space…

  • “…something you make need to take laxatives for”?

    The English in that sentence is still subject to Quality Assurance & will take months for regional locali[s|z]ation to read “…will need to take…”. Stupid Microsoft (Office) product not spotting that typographical smelling pistake.

    PS. There is always “SOCOM 4” with full PlayStation(r) Move support for “shooter” fans.



  • Arc was a better name than Move.

    How much will this cost?

    Shame it’s coming out after Natal, it might have stood a chance if it was going to be released earlier.

  • It was a great press conference and I’m looking forward to testing this out myself.

  • *falls off chair*

    (Not because of how impressive it is, but because Nintendo haven’t sued yet)

  • All we want to know is: How much?

    I’d be interested to grab a controller (already have PS Eye) if it’s under £50 but anything over that, ehhhh.

  • Move starter kit (controller + EYE + game) under 100$

  • I like to Move It Move it, I like to Move It Move it, We like to, MOVE IT!

    • Glad you like to ‘move it’ devels ;) – but dont forget our controller is more than just about movement – add to this the video capture (which puts you directly in the game), voice activation and glowing light sphere (which pinpoints your exact location in the room)and you get a really intense game experience… imagine the potential of this, mixed with 3D gaming eh! ;)

  • move on, nothing to see here :P

  • @BenKodjak: the problem is always: they swith the $ sign to an €. and that always sucks.

  • PS[3].

    [ ]

    “Starts a revolution…”?

    Surely this technology stops the use of one?

    Just Wii thought…



  • @Paulus-NL Like Sony always does 100$ is a 100€ in europe…

  • but the name “Subcontroller” is cool thought

  • It’s terrible!!!

  • i want one but i hope it doesnt stand in the way of getting a platinum for some games if you dont own one

  • Pretty impressive display, especially being pre-alpha. The key word for me in the press conference was ‘feel’ – people are beginning to tire of an Wii’s generic waggle to represent 101 motions, the thing that stood out for me with the stage demos was how you move in a real-world way to get the same result in-game, plus the Augmented Reality in Move Party will have the casual crowd sold…

    I’m still not sold on the ‘sub-controller’ though, if only it would have had a light on it like the main controller so you could use it with all the two-handed games you’re launching too, as it is it’s a controller in 3 parts – 1 light, 2 lights, or 1 light + the sub, sort of like the N64’s tri-pronged controller!

    As for the name – is Move the blanket name for the complete solution or the name of the controller with the light on (which I still refer to as the Orb controller)? For example is it the PS-Eye, PS-Move, and PS-Sub-Controller – or is it the PS-Move comprising of the PS-Eye, PS-Orb and PS-Sub-controller?

  • The only problem I have with Move is that it doesn’t sound like a product as such, I always struggle to search of the PS Eye because Eye is a generic word, I suspect Move will be the same if not worse as it’s more common. Maybe in the spirit of the PS2 EyeToy the PS3 version could be the EyeMove – i.e. the PSEye + PSMove = EyeMove. Makes it a more recognisable and searchable brand name IMO… Either that or spell it funny like Qore or Wii, like Mvve or something…

    I like the branding though – the bold coloured circles and the ‘squiggle’ in the corner (looks more like an A than an M though, it needed a little downward flick at the end to complete the M shape)…

    • Glad you like the branding approach Apnomis – we’ve got a lot more work to do here but I think you can see how the ‘dynamism’ of PlayStation makes this brand a very different beast to the competition..

  • Hello Scotty… am I in a time warp?

    “Posted on 9 March by Mark Hardy – European Product Marketing Director, SCEE

    Introducing PlayStation Move”

    Today is 11 March & this blog entry was posted less than an hour ago!?!

    Oh-uh… it sounds like this is another day to avoid the early “Phat” consoles again ;)

    PS. At around 12:40am (UK time) today (that’s 11 March 2010) did Peter Dille (Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation Network) really confirm “3D Gaming is coming in Summer”?

    Was that in response to rumours that firmware release 3.20 may be available on 10 June 2010 with an added “3D Video Output” option on the XrossMediaBar?



  • so for the full set im going to need 2 of the light up wands, a nunchuck “subcontroller” and a PS eye. thats going to be pretty expensive :S

  • Like i said in the other one…When can we expect either:

    A) The name to be changed to “WiiHD”

    B) Nintendo to write an unhappy letter to you…I mean…You painted their controller black and stuck a light bulb on the end.

  • Nintendo have already painted their controllers (and their consoles) black, & Reggie Fils-Aime (President of Nintendo of America) has recently reiterated that there “will be no Wii HD”.

    I was genuinely Moved… erm, excited, about the PlayStation motion controller press conference.

    Mind you I was eager to play with the Wii console when I saw that for the first time too… and that turned into a paperweight under my TV very quickly.

    As long as the long list of first & third party titles are available this year as promised, with more planned for 2011, then Sony should have a very worthwhile addition to their home entertainment system.

    How long will it be before the announcement that the next iteration of the PlayStation Portable will contain accelerator sensors, possibly with some cross-over with the PlayStation Move product line?

    Oh yeah… Peter Dille said we had to wait until E3 for that :)

    (Fingers-crossed for PlayStation Move support in “Killzone 3” & “Tekken 7” too)



  • Must say the pointer accuracy didn’t look good,Socom had that shaking effect were it’s not tracking correctly,it was that bouning box or animation glitches.

    I do think the reliance on “realism” defeats the point regarding the sports game,you won’t get kids vs grandparents playing it if it’s as accurate as you say,they’ll need to learn the fundamentals of table tennis to play,so accessibility is a problem.

    But it’s the pointer accuracy that worries me,and that’s why I wasn’t sold on it,wil await impressions though.

    • We are still a few months from launch vonhammer – keep that in mind… We wanted to show you where we were up to on this at GDC but obviously not all of our games are finished yet. We are aiming to deliver you guys a wide range of game experiences on MOVE – we are not just about easy play ‘party games’ we are PlayStation so expect that variety. If you wanna beat Granny on a game we also have MOVE PARTY (name not final) – this is much easier to play and will therefore get everyone out of their chair…

  • (Points deducted for using the word “long” too often… I can see why locali[s|z]ation is a, erm, long process now. English is confusing.)

  • I think some of the poor performance of the “SOCOM 4” demonstration was down to Travis from Zipper looking petrified (even with his “gaming face on”).

    …but yes, Jack Tretton did admit to Jeff Rubenstein & Chis Morell (in front of “over 15,000 viewers” even though I saw “13,766” at the time were viewing) that the sports-related titles for the PlayStation Move are not for amateurs.

    “If you suck at ping pong… you’ll suck with PlayStation Move ping pong”.



  • Looks awesome, but what I really want to know is…


    I need the epic lightsabre action which the Wii never delivered! :D

  • Well, we saw a lot more than human-pong, that’s for sure ;)
    The table tennis and Socom impressed me most but i’m hoping that there will be more games that bring out the strengths of the Move – i’m not keen on the name but it does what it says at the same time and that’s what really matters.
    Now, i definitely need to get some shuteye and prepare for 2moros goodness….

  • Yeah the name is boring as and a real dumbing down of the product. Talk about creativity fail.

    But in saying that, the controllers themselves look awesome and great for fps games too!! finally something better than a gamepad. Just like a Fragfx.

    I hope someone makes a gun adapter that the Move controller can slot into for even more natural shoot em ups.

  • Way to go, Sony, you are now Nintendo. Thanks for letting the old, hardcore gamers down. If I wanted to game with a mouse and keyboard, I’d play more PC titles.

    Gaming is dead. Toys reign. This is a sad day.

    • Cheer up TailsTheCat! – we’ve got a lot more news to tell you later this year… We are PlayStation ;)- and intend to put our ‘spin’ on motion control. Our tech means its possible to incorporate MOVE into ALL of our games – if you are into FPS or Action imagine what this can bring to your play experience. If not, we’ve still got DUALSHOCK3 to keep you smilin’…

  • I’m a playstation fan and always have been from the very first playstation one. Since then i’ve held every playstation product possible. I feel that sony lack the power needed to be unique. As much as it will kill me one day to go and turn to microsofts 360, I think this will be the case before long. I always no matter what you do, always feel that you can do more to compete, with that I mean even adding something like a facebook application to the XMB. You really need to step up the mark sony if you want to keep valued customers like me and many others.

  • “…but yes, Jack Tretton did admit to Jeff Rubenstein & Chis Morell (in front of “over 15,000 viewers” even though I saw “13,766” at the time were viewing) that the sports-related titles for the PlayStation Move are not for amateurs”

    Then that comment is stupid,and move sports will fail.
    Who is it aimed at then,the core wont really care (unless it’s online) and £20.
    The casual wont find it accessible,and to be honest do you think that audience cares about added accuracy.
    And if it’s only “pro’s” that can play,then surly it defeats it’s purpose of what Nintendo tapped into with the Wii.

    Surly after nearly 4 years of the Wii being on the market,people should realize it’s not just the Wii mote that smashed the competition,but the simplicity of the early software,and how a 79 year old can compete against a 6 year old and be at the same level.

  • AHHHH I want it so bad :(

  • Really looking forward to this. The ones disapointed probably never really cared about the motion controls to begin with.

    • Really interesting point. So far, motion control gaming has been a bit vanilla hasnt it! – we PlayStation people intend to change that now and make this something that pushes on our hardcore players (as well as keeping Mum and the kids happy…)

  • YES! This is exactly the type of motion controller I was hoping Sony would make! Accurate, fast response time, and with basically all of the buttons a DualShock has (…and I can’t stress how important I feel that last one is).

    I’m also surprised at how well Sony has handled the launch of this so far, since they’ve messed up pretty much everything else this console generation. First in early stages showing off some tech demos of gameplay elements which “real” gamers might enjoy, then for the full reveal of the Move showing off actual games that “real” gamers might want to play, as opposed to showing garbage Human 1-Player Pong and Paint an Elephant.

    So kudos to you Sony for finally doing something right, I can’t wait to play with this thing.

  • Jack Tretton said it best, the PS3 is the gift that keeps on giving
    good work Sony
    keep it up

  • It is simply amazing! I am very curious to see this new technology coming out this year. I cannot wait! Good job, Sony!

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