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Since the game launched the Hustle Kings team have been watching with interest how the game has been received and where you guys think it can be made better still. After weighing up a lot of commentary from the internet and how we’ve seen the game played online we’re gearing up to release our first updates to the game. First out of the gate will be some general updates to the game as listed below:

  • General improvements to game stability
  • In game Voice Chat
  • In game Video Chat
  • Home Game Launching
  • More stats for the loading screens
  • The sound effect for the chalk has been turned down
  • Chalk can now be used by pressing the R3 button as well as shaking your SIXAXIS
  • Polish Language support
  • Free Play mode
  • Blue chalk only online rooms
  • Online: Opponents are now allowed to change view whilst watching the player at the table
  • Online: The player that breaks is now randomly chosen
  • A new minimal aim line
  • Damping effect on the pockets, to stop accurate high powered shots from always bouncing out of the pockets
  • Small adjustments to the fine tune aiming to make it easier to use

Hustle Kings (Video Chat)

Once this update is out and you’ve got to grips with the changes we’ve more features coming via the PSN Store. First up will be the Time Saver Pack which is aimed at the Hustle Kings player who wants to experience everything the game has to offer but doesn’t have the time to unlock all the items. This pack unlocks all the cues, avatars, balls and the unlock packs from the in game Hustle Kings store. If that weren’t enough, we’ve then got not one but two awesome freebies to give away! Two bizarre and challenging Crazy Tables are heading your way soon, adding a whole new dimension to your game when you want a break from regular pool. To whet your appetite check out these pics of the tables.

Hustle Kings (Table)

Hustle Kings (Table)

Crazy Tables are coming soon and they’ll be absolutely free, and even that doesn’t mark the end of Hustle Kings. We’re already hard at work with a lot of extra features for the game which we’ll be introducing later on this year.
By the way, before I forgot ….If you haven’t visited the Hustle Kings Home event space yet, go and have some fun taking the Hustle Kings Ball Dodge Challenge. You could win a very funny Hustle Kings cape and crown!

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  • Look forward to that! Glad the chalk volume has been reduced… that got pretty annoying.

  • Excellent news regarding voice chat!

  • aww great stuff guys , been wanting voice chat since it came out so im glad too see tha thanks , anyword about the snooker dlc and maybe some psn avatars and dynamic themes to buy please

  • Amazing work! the guys at Voofoo are awesome!

  • Very gppd wprl voofoo, these features look great, also looking forward to the crazy tables they look great, carry on the good work

    • Thanks Dante234! It’s great to see people enjoying the game and appreciating the effort we’ve put into making it.

  • Those updates sound great. I might get this, it does look like fun. How much is it on the UK store?

  • Chalk would be better using the ‘L1’ button i think?
    Amazing Pool game guys, can’t wait for the updates to ;)

  • minimal aim line will probably force me to download again.

  • This is the best news I’ve heard today!
    Can’t wait to go online!

  • Thanks for Polish languague support! Can I ask what pushed you to add it? Good sales in Poland? Or maybe it came from SCEP?

  • Great update, lot’s of improvements there. Looking forward to the crazy tables and also to hearing more about the future snooker update!

  • this update sounds interesting i might have to pick this up but last time i played uno on *wisper it* xbox live there were way too many pe… errrm *johnsons* on the video chat than i like to see on a family game hope this doesnt have the same problem of men exposing themselves but hey lets face it its awesome when women do it but when men do its not cool bro…not cool

  • Super update! Looking forward to the crazy tables, they should be fun!

  • Blue chalk only online rooms. That’s much better, no cheating with red and green chalk. Super update.
    What about the weird shotcombo’s in the single player IA ? Is that going to change in the future ?
    Keep up the good work, Hustle Kings is going to be played for a long time.

  • Great, can’t wait for this to improve the game to perfection! Those powerful but accurate shots that somehow miss will be a thing of the past!
    Only bad thing is I thought the Snooker DLC was going to come out first, so are you having problems with getting it right?

    • Hi Glenhomer22,
      No problems, there is just a lot more work involved. Everything is going well in development and the team are putting a lot of effort into every aspect to ensure that it looks and feels as good as it possibly can – we’ll bring you the news on Snooker a little closer to the time.

  • Looking forward to this update, can not believe we are going to get the crazy tables for free :)

  • Great news all round especially voice chat! Do you guys have a date? :-)

    • Hi Philbz.
      The update is planned to go live late on Thursday evening (11/03/10). The Time Saver pack and Crazy Shape tables will follow as soon we have added the final touches to them. Check back here for the weekly Store update blog post.

  • Wow, nice to see you guys giving this game some great support.
    Those crazy tables look sweet. I remember Pool Shark (great game) on the PS1 had something similar.

  • What’s up with the Snooker DLC that was promised before this game was released?
    Like I stated on the US Blog, lying to prospect customers is a bit low — very, very low.
    Another example of populist software companies that promise a lot but do nothing. IT’s all about easy money these days… (Time saver pack anyone?)
    You guys should be ashamed.

  • Do Want!!!
    @ 20
    How about we let them finish this game first? Snooker DLC has already been confirmed and will take time thanks to the different physics/mechanics that snooker possesses in relation to Pool. Trust me, if they rush & gimp the Snooker, I’ll be the first to jump as I prefer it to pool. They have to get it right.

  • Awesome update! And thanks for Polish language support too guys!

  • @20
    How about you stop and think before shooting your mouth off. They said it was coming and it probably will. To accuse them of “lying” is in your own words “very, very low”. And if it never makes it, then so what? Did they ever say it would be free? What if they release the Snooker DLC and charge more than you’re willing to pay? Does that mean they mis-sold you the game?!? The answer is “no”, no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise.
    I think it is you who should be ashamed. Customers like you will never be happy because you convince yourself you have a right to something you don’t, that you were promised something you never were.
    Perhaps they should give you a full refund, then ban you from ever purchasing any of there games in future to save yourself from the inevitable dissapointment you’ll undoubtably feel because the purchase isn’t something you “lied” to yourself that it would be.

  • @21: Honestly, they should have finished the game before publishing it. ;)
    The things like balls too prone to jumping out of the pocket, the game chalk sound, the shaking of the controller, random break-off online, those are things that should’ve been noticed when this game was reviewed internally — I would think these are pretty obvious if you played this game for a while.
    The “general improvements to game stability” usually means some stupid bugs have been squashed; so I hope this fixes the replays and online weirdness and freezes as I do want to like this game again.
    But yeah, point taken about a possible rushed implementation resulting in an initially gimped Snooker as well — we absolutely wouldn’t want that to happen, that game is holy! :)

  • @23: Right, I am getting all grumpy over something that was never promised. You do see the error in your own reasoning, do you? ;)
    Anyway, my bitterness was directed towards the company producing the software, so I find no reason to be hostile towards you, although I cannot resist to mention that your response tells me more about your psyche than you believe to have exposed in mine… But I bet it felt good while typing it, right? That’s what I had when typing *my* message! :-D
    I notice the radio-silence regarding Snooker has been broken in this thread, that’s a good thing.

  • Promise me a crazy table made of ice and you’ve got a sale.

  • Thanks Robert, it’s really good to know that you guys have actually listened to our feedback and will be updating the things mentioned. I really think this will boost sales as I know a few people that were holding off because of no voice chat etc:

  • Really looking forward to the updates, any ETA?

  • I purchased this game on a whim, I was ever so slightly put off when I heard about the need to buy chalk but I haven’t found the need to use it.
    I’d really like to send my regards to the sound team, those are some LOVELY sound effects very nicely recreated, especially when you mistime it and get an awkward wobbly hit. very nice guys, well done!
    My main problem is that I use the “accuracy” Spinner to finish my shot, I’ve just moved up to amateur and find that it’s very very fast now, almost too fast….has this been tweaked at all?
    Also loving the R3 for chalking, that will really shave seconds off on timed games.
    Great game guys, keep up the awesome work.
    Olly (sound designer!)

  • any chance of an update to unlock everything in the career mode, or at least make it not so restrictive?. i cannot progress any further because i haven’t been able to get past the challenge where you have to clear the table from the break without ever missing, and despite well over 100+ attempts i haven’t been able to do it. i’ve unlocked everything else as far as i can, and would like to be able to try some of the other challenges later in the career mode, but as it is, i’ve pretty much given up on the game at the minute. :|

  • Hey,
    It’s weird that you didn’t release it as stand alone game on BD disc because it is that good :)
    Simply the best pool game ever.
    I’m waiting for snooker DLC and your crazy tables. Also Try to add some wicked trick shoots challenges. That part was/is realy good.
    Home game lunching support is great idea. You have your own space in home so try to do same thing as SFIV area where people can set status as novice or pro above their heads. So people actually in your space can match up. This combined with voice/video chat is pure win :)
    I noticed that videos uploaded on youtube are only SD. Try to add HD upload. Aliasing is significant and that is main pain.
    Try to do something with replays. I mean like free camera over the pool. Recording more than one shoot. This is also combined with youtube upload. Videos are just too short and it look weird
    this is my trick shoot and without some quick edit for exporting to youtube this video i can’t show people that white actually hit twice orange ball in air without touching the pool. More advanced replay and export would be great addition.
    Free play mode is great addition !
    BTW thx for PL language support

  • Thanks for the update… is there the possiblility for in-game text chat? I know I can text chat in the various lobbies but it’d be nice to be able to converse with my opponent in game.
    The crazy tables look interesting.
    Look forward to different rooms (pub, pool hall) and snooker.

  • You know, these updates are great and all, but I think I’d rather have all the bugs fixed first.
    Like the humps around the pockets that the balls jump over.
    Or the fact the the balls can go INTO the cushions.
    Or the fact that balls can hang over the empty space where a pocket is.
    Or maybe even the correct rules perhaps. Because I’ve just been playing 9-Ball and the cpu came off a cushion and touched onto a ball and then neither of them was pushed onto a cushion. That’s a foul, and you would think that “the most realistic version” of pool would actually know about “fouls”.
    Or how about 14:1 where in the real game, every shot has to be called… except not in this game.
    It’s highly annoying when you pay for a game, when people like Aaron Orsak tell you “Hustle Kings is without a doubt the most realistic and, frankly, impressive billiards game I’ve ever played.”, and it isn’t. It’s on par with Bankshot Billiards on the 360 as an arcade pool game, except BB game has the correct rules.
    Virtual Pool makes a mockery of this game, and that game is 15 years old.

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