PlayStation Network Service Restored

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We are aware that the internal clock functionality in the PS3 units other than the slim model, recognized the year 2010 as a leap year. Having the internal clock date change from February 29 to March 1 (both GMT), we have verified that the symptoms are now resolved and that users are able to use their PS3 normally. If the time displayed on the XMB is still incorrect, users are able to adjust time settings manually or via the internet. If we have new information, we will update you through PlayStation.Blog or
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • Before being aware of what was the specific reason behind this bug yesterday,just when i discovered that heavy rain didnt play.I though that if i deleted the game data it would make it to function properly…This didnt help of course, i turned off my ps3 and i found out what the problem was on internet…Today i turned on my ps3 and i tried to play Heavy rain.Of course the system has to re-install the game that i had deleted yesterday.But the instalation crashes…I deleted the every game or save data of Heavy Rain and still nothing…I tried with the 1.01 patch or without it but still the instalation crashes in the beggining…PLEASE HELP ME im desperate…How a game that hasnt any data on my ps3 crashes on me??

  • Time is a great healer!!!

  • So what’s being done to stop it happening again?
    and more importantly is this Heavy Rain useless once you pull the plug on the PS3 servers?

  • electroshockwave

    Can we have “I survived the APOCALYPS3” or “It only does time-travel” t-shirts please? j/k
    There were a lot of people overreacting but I was admittedly worried for a bit myself. I’m glad it’s over now. You could have been more open about it but saying it’s a PSN issue is less panic inducing.
    Now, onwards to the epic month of gaming ahead!

  • Thanks a lot for the complete lack of useful information, and for doing absolutely nothing to keep us updated while the issue resolved itself.

  • Will you fix this problem to avoid it in 2014 ?

  • what the f..k???6 hours playing the genious DARKSIDERS and due to the problem i deleted any saved datas from it….I hope when i go back from work i can manage to start it one more time from the beginning…if the problem is solved then no problem…if not i don’t know…

  • Yeah, will this happen in the next four years?

  • Great job Sony, just wait until the internal clock on the PS3 fixes itself. SONY = Sorted Out Now, Yeah?

  • electroshockwave

    @3 & 7: I think there’ll be firmware updates to stop it from happening in the future. And Dunny, Heavy Rain, its DLC and other games will be playable. The PS3 doesn’t have DRM where you need to be online like the 360. The issues were a result of the 8001050F error.

  • @Dunny (not overly wanting to come to the defence of Sony as yesterday was a mammoth balls up in my opinion) but more than likely it was due to some protection/trophy date/time check on the games which checks against the system date and with the system date trying to say its the 29th Feb 2010 everything which needed this system date (to output when you received a trophy) it wouldn’t let it be validated against your ‘trophy database’ so you couldn’t earn trophies on a non-existant date – so game doesn’t load which is why non trophy based games worked.
    The PSN wouldn’t let you on presumably for the same reason as it couldn’t validate the user date/time correctly.
    It was an internal flaw which I would guess might be patchable if not this potentially could happen again in 2014 (the next even year which isn’t a leap year).
    This is all just guessing – I in know way speak for sony etc.
    This is my opinion as a Developer/Application Analyst.

  • “Can we have “I survived the APOCALYPS3″ or “It only does time-travel” t-shirts please?”
    ha ha. I’ll take one too please!

  • No word about missing the trophies… You have to do better Sony.

  • Yes i am no longer starting to think
    good job sony

  • Finally i can play some more again ;-)
    Good timing since i get BFBC2 tomorow i need my PS3 to work!!

  • So what happend’s when it is the 29th the ps3 going to crash again thinking it the 1st march

  • The new Special Feature of the PS3!
    Sony presents a unique special feature called “PS3 Family Day”. This special feature, which is included totally free of charge, will give you one hole day with your family without any dicussion that your husband or child wants to play with his PS3. The PS3 Entertainment Console wont work on 29th Feb or 1st March each year so that you have the possibilty to enjoy your family and adventure the real world.
    We are proud to present you this feature in cooperation with the FamilyOrg starting already on 1st March this year at 00:01h
    Families united by the PS3 Entertainment System!
    This feature is protected by copyright law. Worldwide patents pending.

  • Why wait until 2014 for the problem to repeat itself?
    What will happen in 2012?
    Will the PS3 skip the 29th Feb?
    If it is a misinterpretation of the BCD notation of the internal date, 2012 will be interpreted as 2018. Thus skipping the 29th Feb.

  • i feel a tad silly for getting a little worried over this, glad its all over, hope they find a solution to the porblem, wouldnt look to good for them to go throught this again this time next year, it isnt a leap year with, or if the leapyear cycle is off by 2 years as it seems to be in another 2 years when the 29 exists and phats say its 1st of march.

  • Its a real shame you didn’t handle this situation better Sony PR.
    It could have been an opportunity to demonstrate great communication to the community and offered some sort of compensation to those affected. Instead you took the Ostrich approach of burying your head in the sand, knowing it was a leap year clock glitch and waiting until it had passed before attempting to solve it, telling people nothing until half way through the day when with great wisdom told us “not to turn on our playstations”. The horse had already bolted from the stable at that point, and instead of playing catch up you should have been reassuring those affected that you were on top of the situation and what you were offering by means of penance for the inconvenience.
    Be better Sony PR because at the moment the public impression, is that of people who aren’t talking to each other in the company and know what’s going on.
    Be Better.

  • anyone who has anything to say about 1st comment Sony??After all it is something that was not my fault…It is yours…I work hard for this money ive spent on heavy rain and the game dont play at all

  • @1
    Please make sure the date is set correctly as mentioned in the blog post by using the manual setting or internet connection.
    If the problem remains I’d suggest you contact Sony support of your country by using the number supplied in the last page of all games manual, that error may be something not related at all with the clock bug.

  • apologize?????
    I don’t need that, I need something more.
    how much time sony know that bug???…..

  • So what did you spend yesterday doing? Sitting around waiting for midnight for it to correct itself?

  • ive still lost all my darksiders trophies thats a full week of constant jamming ill never get back and its not like my brain could handle going through all that again id even synced them cheers sony thanks very much

  • So people have lost game saves, trophies etc. Plus, people have lost their rented movies. What happens for them now. Will you just discard them and forget about it.
    Then there is the fact that we couldn’t play any games at all yesterday. Yeah, PSN is free but this isn’t PSN. This is my PS3 that I paid for that I couldn’t play.
    Also what about your call centre staff who told people to reformat their PS3’s.
    You can’t use the arguement we told you not to use your PS3’s because then you’d be implying that every time we want to use our PS3’s we have to first go to the sony website to check if its ok.
    Then there is the problem that you didn’t fix anything.

  • @mk24ever
    Ive adjust the clock via internet…First thing i ve done just when i turned on my ps3 this morning…The problem remains

  • Good work well done to all the engineers that help fix this problem I work in IT and was working late in 2000 myself :).
    I nice gesture from Sony would be some sort of credit added to PSN Accounts but as this would run into millions I think this is unlikey.

  • thanks sony..
    just to speak that out: my few Heavy Rain trophies are now gone – but I can live with that .. ;)

  • @10 amplifiedAnt, they never waited for the clock to fix itself by waiting for the next day (2nd), the PSN was actually back up last night around 11pm.
    I’d imagine this error to be a one off as it didn’t happen in 2008, which was a leap year, and everything went smoothly

  • Re-versed have you rang customer services?
    RAMJAMSALLY – try booting the game. Play for a few minutes, then sync your trophies. Seems to work for a lot of people.
    Sony, YOU should be telling people this – not leaving it to us to tell each other

  • what about my synced trophies that have gone whats to point in syncing them they are no safer then if i had left them on my machine

  • great news i can play alien vs predator i bought the other day glad its resolved now just in time for god of war 3 hell even if it was still brokenn when god of war came out i would of bought it anyway and just stared at its epicness

    Sony did nothing. They waited for the clock to fix itself.

  • all i asked for yesturday was reasurances from Sony and i feel i got nothing from Sony in regards to reasurance so is it so wrong to ask for some kind of gesture of goodwill?. The sit and wait approach could have back fired and left 17 million at least with out a working ps3 and you guys sat back praying and hoping it would go away. I cant certainly see this is gonna be a busy week for you guys and girl and Sony because with the release of one of the best games this gen you’ve managed to lure you customers into a sense of distrust and shown yourselfs to be terrible at comunicating with your comunity of customers.
    Say what you will about RROD and microsoft but at least they are able to comunicate issues when they occur.

  • @ace_1 – the PSN was never down. It was a 100% hardware issue. Some would have come back to life earlier if their internal OS clock was quicker. Sony really did nothing, they waited for the internal clock to tick to a day that actually existed.

  • im scared it syncs the blank trophy list

  • @ace1_
    Sorry, but you’re completely wrong. Bit of a coincidence that this all magically fixed itself 24 hours after it initially kicked off, don’t you think?
    Sony didn’t make ANY announcements on their progress yesterday, they stalled us with one or two posts that gave nothing away. It’s very likely that they were working on it, but they didn’t fix anything – the system clocks sorted themselves out.
    They were still referring to it as a PSN outage last night which shows just how close they were to a proper diagnosis! If PSN was down, then how were my friends with PS3 slim models happily blasting away on Modern Warfare 2?
    Don’t swallow everything you’re told.

  • I am more concerned if this will happen again in the future and if so, are there any plans to prevent it or just ask people ti leave their ps3 along once a day every four years?

  • almighty-slayer
    That maybe true but I bet all the engineers were still there working on it trying to find a faster way round it. If you think the sony PR engine was slow to react thats one thing but I bet the engineers and developers were the ones on the firing line most of the gamers too a bet.
    Its them Im thanking.

  • I seem to be one of the unlucky ones that seems to have lost his trophies on the ps3, but if I login online to PSN I see that I have all my trohpies how do I get them back onto my ps3 again any help would be awesome…

  • @almighty-slayer, cant agree with you there, thats impossible when I was able to log into the PSN again around ELEVEN PM. A full hour before the next day. I also looked at my friends list & there had been some back on & off again before me, so it may of been fixed around 10pm (and yes, they have the old “fat” ps3’s)

  • The more comments I read the more amazed I become on how ignorant, childish and spoiled people can be…
    OMG I couldn’t play for 24h and PS3 cost me so much money ua ua uaaa…
    Seriously ppl, are all of you 10 years old kids with your life support connected to PSN/PS3 or something?
    It was a bug, it was not made on purpose from anyone at Sony, things like this happens all the time to many electronics from many brands, the more complex a machine is then more likely problems might occur.
    Are you *haters perfect people? Everything you do is flawless?
    When you have your life so spoiled with everything you lose your sense of real important things, and the sense of respect and comprehension, I wonder what will happen when in your life REAL problems occur, if you act like this in such a small issue you’ll probably lose your mind in a real bad situation…

  • GIMPPS (what kind of a name is that by the way? :P)
    Fair point, can’t disagree with that.

  • Thank you Playstation to keep us informed! NOT
    You did absolutely nothing to Fix this. You’ve just waited after midnight!! Lucky for you it’s being fixed by itself huh.
    It’s a disgrace to all the fat pas3-owners!!
    I hope this will never happening again in the future with an update maybe?

  • How come it took so long to get this post on here today if Sony was working “around the clock” surely we should have got notification at the same time as the US?
    No patch, no nothing, I bet they knew they weren’t going to be able to fix this so just waited and said “we are working around the clock”, I suppose technically they probably were, as in in overlapping timezones, but I don’t think they were working on this problem.
    Basically Sony = epic fail
    “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” – lulz, where is our PSN voucher for this inconvenience? We couldn’t play games we legitimately bought off PSN all day yesterday, I want a rebate on the library for the day.
    I hope the Kebster has something free for us on Thursday by way of an apology – that is a free tip for you

  • @ MK24ever
    Wording may have been better mind you :)

  • @ace_1
    No…it was A HARDWARE PROBLEM. Absolutely NOTHING to do with the PSN.

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