GT Academy 2010 LIVE At Silverstone: Day 3 Highlights

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On Day 3, eight of our competitors were one step closer to their dream but this day started with a nightmare for them in the shape of an Assault Course dripping with water and mud.

GT Academy Day 3

Any racing driver underestimates fitness and conditioning at their peril and our guys were no different – they would be pushed to their physical and mental limits to complete the task.
British Armed Forces created and shouted our guys round the track – there was literally blood, sweat and tears as they struggled against the odds to complete the task and impress the Judges.

GT Academy Day 3

Throughout the test one man beat all others, Jordan Tresson, a truly remarkable level of fitness, endurance and mental power to drag himself through the pain barrier. Jeroen Kesselring impressed everyone with his effort and refusal to be beaten.
He said: ” That had to be the worst moment ever in my life. I hurt so much but I had to finish, I could not let the course beat me and risk the Judges thinking I was not committed to going through.”
After the plasters were applied, fluids taken back on board, all of the contestants spent the early afternoon lapping GT-Rs and practising Advanced Car Control in truly treacherous conditions.This was to test how well our contestants could handle the extreme wet at high-speed and show the Judges that they truly had a feel and the skill for putting all that power down on the tarmac.

GT Academy Day 3

For the final racing tests of Day 3, our contestants truly were on their own out there on the track. They were to be racing against the clock and each other in single-seater Formula racing cars. This would be a whole new level of car racing and car understanding for each of the drivers to master quickly.
After a few practice laps, all of the Judges stood upon the Pit Wall to watch how they did and noted some truly stand-out performances. Luca Lorenzini continues his consistency in each challenge and went quick, along with Daniel Collins of Ireland. The real speed-demon award belonged to Jordan Tresson of France as he took the fastest lap prize.

GT Academy Day 3

All of the contestants went back to base to continue their written tests on racing knowledge, racing lines, conditions – the tools of any racing star. This was to be the last opportunity for the contestants to impress the Judges before 8 would become 4.
Eddie Jordan, Johnny Herbert, Sabine Schmitz and Rob Barff were locked away for nearly two hours as they argued and debated who would go through; who had the most talent, drive, desire and making the most improvement each and every time they took to the tarmac.

GT Academy Day 3

The Judges finally agreed to the following four to make it through.
Luca Lorenzini (Italy)
Daniel Collins (Ireland)
Jordan Tresson (France)
Marco Calvo (Spain)
This meant we sadly had to say goodbye to Oliver Simon, Filipe Baretto, Giacomo Cunial and Jeroen Kesselring. All of them Champions and heroes for going through three days of pain, suffering and huge speed.
Oliver Simon of Switzerland said: “I gave it 120% and if there were guys better than me, then so be it. It’s been a lot of fun and I have got to drive cars I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would.”
Daniel Collins of Ireland said: “The efforts made by each competitor was truly supreme. I’m really looking forward to the next two days.”
Judge and motorsport legend Eddie Jordan said: “I’m staggered by the standard. I didn’t believe it was possible for people from the virtual world to have that relationship with the car. They have come here and showed such immediate talent, speed, commitment and understanding of the car. It is extremely impressive. They are real racing drivers.”

GT Academy Day 3

The final 4 now shoot it out to be crowned the GT Academy 2010 Champion. This is now where it really matters.
Congratulations to everyone and check out the Facebook site for all the latest.

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  • this looks fun, wish i could have come ;)

  • I’m sorry, but I fail to see the point of this event… It’s promoting a game that is forever delayed and it shows a bunch of guys driving cars around… All of this after 2/3 of the world PS3 users suffered a stupid bug that Sony failed to address properly.

  • good luck for them

  • @EnGhedi no need to be bitter, this event all stemmed from a time trial available to all, and basing it’s “point” on an addmittedly irritating bug, is pretty silly to be honest. I know i wish i was good enough to be there, more practice i guess!

  • …Why are they put through a rugged assault course? You don’t need to be fit to drive fast.

  • sony im still getting network errors my blu ray games are working fine but when i go onto the store and select lates it takes about a minute loading and then comes up with this error message
    An error has occured.
    any help here? i want to download the dynamic themes i bought that got corrupted due to the calender problem but i cant.
    i dont know if it helps but i can play multiplayer on my games perfectly.

  • Awesome, you guys can all be very proud of yourself!

  • @ danielmccue – Probably better posting it on one of the relevant posts or taking it to the forums really mate.

  • @ almighty-slayer
    you will actually have to be in quiet a good fysical condition when racing.

  • Seriously, what’s with all the Reality (trash) TV ambitions? The Americans have The Tester and we seem to have this.
    I play videogames to evade the dozen of casting shows on TV, and now they’re bringing them here onto “my” turf. :-(

  • I thought this was something to do with Lord of the Rings before I read the title, great photos xD
    Peak physical condition is a must in motorsport, not only due to physical forces taking effect on your body constantly lap after lap such as g-forces, thermal effects etc etc, but also the effects on your mind and concentration, a constant barrage of noise mixed in with the struggle of heat. Motorsport requires complete pinpoint concentration lap after lap after lap, a slip in concentration even for a few milliseconds will result in you coming off the track, crashing into another racer, endangering your own life and maybe others too.
    Motorsport is not easy, no hitting the retry button in real life.

  • Honestly Confused_Dude? I couldn’t care less about a bunch of guys living it large somewhere in the world.
    What I am concerned here is that my Playstation 3 system suffered a VERY serious error that may occur again and Sony just said “Hey, it’s ok now” with no press release, no compensation whatsover for the incredible lack of respect for the invested money. This wasn’t just on my console, it was the world wide world and Sony just hoped it would pass with no official stand or true correction. They just told us not to use the console and wait…
    All I wanted was some serious public relations. We are all entitled to ask for it… But no… Sony just pretended nothing happened. That’s wrong!

  • @EnGhedi
    To be honest this whole event is more regarding Marketing for Nissan, it is managed, paid for and executed by Nissan, Polyphony and Gran Turismo are purely middle markers in the whole thing. Good advertising for GT, good advertising for Nissan, makes everything more interactive etc etc.
    I see no harm in this at all.
    As far as console problems and Nissan, sure its a big screw up, but it makes sense to wait for it to correct itself rather than putting all your resources into fixing something that would fix itself within 24 hours. It isn’t ideal, but I think Sony did right on that one. Also GT Academy (which is SCEE), has NOTHING to do with the team that would have been dealing with the console problem (which wouldn’t be SCEE, it would be Sony directly).

  • Aware there is no reset button :) But as for the rest of your post, thanks, very interesting.

  • Dr-Mog, I got nothing against Nissan, Polyphony or Gran Turismo.
    But I was hoping for an official statemente and TRUE work into solving this issue, instead I see “regular stuff” as if nothing happens… that’s the real problem.
    And please, Sony doesn’t need online lawyers and this is not a prossecution. Let them answer if they want. If you defend Sony each time they mess up we’ll never EVER have a proper system…
    Premium what? Say what? Are you expecting this kind of costumer care when we PAY for PSN? Think again…

  • …I was gonna have a big rant about this guy complaining about the PSN being down for one day on a post about people putting their heart and soul on the line, but I realised this is old, he’s probably already stopped. So I decided to can it. What I would like to say is I have a lot of respect for people who give 120%, so big up to you guys. Good luck to those still in, and Good luck with other things to those who just narrowly missed it…
    I’d like to add I read the Day 1 post, and my fave was Steffen Christein, because pressups are brilliant. However I just found out he didn’t make it past day 2, sad day, but good luck with other things…

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