PlayStation Network Status Update

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We are aware that some users are experiencing error code 8001050F and a network connection failure when signing on to PlayStation Network. Those of you with the newer, “slim” PS3s (120GB/250GB) seem to be unaffected.
We are currently working to restore service as a matter of priority and will update with further information as necessary.  We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and continued support.
Keep an eye on our Twitter account, where we’ll be updating you on the situation as often as possible.

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  • Yargh! Good look Sony it doesn’t look to simple to locate and fix :(

  • This had better be a priority Sony! If there’s not a fix or firmware update issued in the next couple of days I’ll be hassling your call centres on the phone every day until there is.
    I can deal with the online network being down for as long as it ever needs to be, but a bug that knocks out the entire console is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

    It’s a leap yeah bug within the system OS that’s causing this.

  • Can’t even play offline! so here i am with a useless console :-(
    This better be fixed within hours….


  • I haven’t been on my PS3 since yesterday afternoon, so this is news to me.
    What will happen if I attempt to play a game? Will my console just freeze? Is there any way to prevent it for now?

  • Y2K of the PS3…
    All this for an internal clock issue…
    We have no other choice to wait for the issue to be fixed…

  • The main thing I want to know is:
    Games not running (even offline), dynamic themes corrupt, lost trophies, no PSN access and so on… are these things going to be okay when the problem is resolved or am I going to loose data?
    Will this self rectify once the internal clock hits the 2nd of March?
    I’ve lost A LOT of respect with Sony and the PS3 over this, reliability was the main reason I purchased a PS3 over a 360 in the first place, this gen has got to be the worst as far as that goes.

  • Hopefully it will self-right itself in 24 hours, well, 14 hours now.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’m moving house today and losing my internet connection! does this mean my PS3 is inoperable for weeks while I’m offline? Gonna have to use housemates Xbox…

  • I know this doesnt happen very often, but geez, how can a PSN issue affect offline play?

  • oh dear guess ill have to do the housework then

  • Pretty poor that this has been going on for hours now and only getting an old twitter message posted, and that is incorrect –
    It appears to be related to the internal clock in PS3 Fat models, at least give us the right information.
    Network error is a symptom NOT the cause.

  • 80gb fat’s model CECHL and above are fine – my CECHK on the other hand… something to do with the old 90nm RSX ?

  • @amplifiedAnt – hassling the support centre will do NOTHING to help the problem. Please let the Sony engineers get this fixed, it’s a priority with them and they’re working very hard to get this fixed, hassling the company about this will not help.

  • Why does this happen? I didn’t perform any updates… So it was a timed bomb inside the console! Or is it a new virus being spread?

  • i havn’t been on my ps3 for nearly 2 weeks now due to having no net cause i didnt pay the bill haha,but tomorrow its being payed still i dare not log into my PSN or turn my console on.
    im hoping it can be fixed via system patch.I dont want to see a massive re-call toyota style.All my hard earned years of gaming 2 years worth of data saved games psn games and my 244 trophies .. gone =( please fix it.
    mind you logged into psn via this … and my trophies seem to be fine normally.If any trohies are wiped out it shows on the console and on here,but still its another day of doing something else.
    PS fix this before bf-bc2.its turning into the shining in my house waiting for that game .. and i couldnt take anymore waiting over the release date of friday

  • There was a 2010 bug for some computer systems on the 1/1/10 caused by an error explained in the second comment here
    Is it possible this is causing a problem here? Many think its a leap year problem and 2016 is a leap year.


  • It also affecting PS3 which do not have internet connections.
    There are reports this is also affecting software devlopers systems as well.

  • I’m really worried about PlayTV working again if this is a clock issue.

  • Stupid links
    That should work

  • @15
    Just checked mine and I have a 80Gb fat with a CECHL03 but not turned it on yet……one thing I have noticed 2 days ago when I finished playing Heavy Rain I had 3 pages of trophies in the game and yet when it was on Sunday I was down to just 14?
    This looks like the trophy corruption that has been mentioned in some places as I was getting a trophy for every scene completed.

  • My playstation plays offline. Movies Music all still there. It’s very frustrating. How could this happen and how are they going to access our consoles when you cant sign in. I reckon we’ll all be packing our playstations up for shipping soon enough.

  • This should never have happened to begin with, but I am glad that Sony is open about it and working on resolving the issue. Patiently looking forward to a fix.

  • @killah_fury
    No, it won’t. However, this is a serious issue affecting the entire console. We’re not even talking denial of online service here, it’s the whole damn console that’s been taken out.
    The LEAST that Sony can do is keep us up-to-date (to the hour) about progress in fixing it. Calling the service reps isn’t going to stifle progress on a fix. They also need to get a mass email out to all PS3 owners explaining the problem. I’ve seen reports of people formatting their console thinking that the hardware is broken, completely unnecessarily.
    If you’re not happy with a product you should complain, not just roll over and let them take their sweet time with it. From this blog post it doesn’t even seem like they’ve isolated the problem yet – something the PS3 community has easily been able to manage.

  • Fingers crossed it gets sorted out soon.
    How about Sony let people swap their Phat PS3 for a Slim as compensation ;)

  • Since I use play tv, I now have nothing to do as nothing on my console loads.I hope you can fix this soon.

  • thank you for the quick heads up. I was losing it when I saw the error yesterday evening XD.

  • lol swap with a slim? And lose my Backwards Compatibilty? NEVER!

  • @15
    My CECHM03 (80GB) isn’t working either.

  • *Taps watch* Its been nearly 8 hours since the lat update on twitter. More info would be good.

  • I wonder is there an internal battery that if taken out for couple mins might reset clock? Any1 pls?

  • I will not accept a slim in exchange unless they develop one with PS2 backwards compatibility, four USB ports, a nice piano black finish, and the ability to install Linux.

  • I have also noticed that pressing ps button to turn on system now only works with controller lead plugged in.

  • @mynewnickname
    Yes there is…. But if you do it you’ll loose waranty!

  • Can’t play downloaded games either. I checked those games details and their owner is “-“. That’s not good :O

  • In a way it is a PSN issue,because if we could access it,we could fix it,and I think Sony know this.
    About 6 months ago I had this problem after LBP crashed,I ‘d just moved home,had no phone line in the property,my clock reset,and I couldn’t access my content,DLC and stuff.
    I pressed triangle on the content and it was as if the licence was deleted,it had no start date,or owner (like it does now).I was able to sign in after getting a line put in,and Ithe Ps3 said to reset the clock via internet,and everything worked.the problem now is that we cant sign in,as we get the error.
    I had an extra issue though,everytime I switched off,it would reset to factory default,I thought the internal battery was dead,but I updated the firmware and it never happened again.
    The thing is we can still download patches,and my system even sent a report,so we can connect to the servers,but not log in.

  • This is like 9/11 x thousand

  • wouldnt expect a slim .. simpley because i REALLY can’t be assed to start again on LBP,Assassins creed I and get all my data back on fifa 10,in which i spent about hours re-setting every stadium in the english leagues + the 4 manager mode years ive put in on it.

  • If it’s a network problem why the hell can’t I play any of my games offline?

  • wheres me screwdrivers lol, cheers vicheous

  • @27
    Some of us have Fat’s with higher functionality than that provided with the Slim PS3. (Media Cards/4 USB’s/Backwards Compatibility)
    If it came down to it that PS3 Fats did need to switched for Slim, I would require compensation.
    It’s been 7 hours since they’ve communicated.
    Middle of the night for USA is the majority of the day for EU. It’s not acceptable Sony.
    I’m a loyal customer, With every Playstation Console so far. I’ve bought several of each console before, barring PS3 and PSP.
    I’ve been a stupidly loyal customer, and there are many, many customers like me in the same boat, We’re not happy, and we want better service than this.

  • @ShadowDoGGG: now that’s just overreacting.

  • hope psn can fix this i will have to talk to the wife if not come psn help x

  • I’m sorry but i can’t believe that Sony doesn’t yet know what is the problem.
    My guess is that as soon as the new day comes (00:00 March 2nd GMT) the consoles will be working again, and then and only then, if it’s a problem that can be solved by a new firmware, we’ll be able to download the new firmware.
    If not, we’ll be having a down day every four non-leap even years :p

  • @mynewnickname
    No worries ;-) Be carefull!

  • whats the worst that can happen ?
    we perma lose our psn data ?
    we perma lose our system data ?
    recall of units ?
    just like to know as well .. if it could be fixed with a system patch or we’re in the wise words of bender ” we’re boned ” and left out in the cold by sony.

  • Some sort of good news for Sony here.
    It seams internet firmware check is working fine. So if need update by firmware it is possiable.
    But seting the clock by Internet is not working and getting 8001050F error as well.

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