Patch Alert: MAG v1.03

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We’ve listened to your feedback and watched you play our game for weeks to create what is, without a doubt, our biggest and most important patch yet.
Our amendments are dramatic and they are many and we’re confident that they make the game even better than it already was. Not only have we revamped the effectiveness of every weapon in the arsenal and tuned our ranged firing to be more realistic, but we’ve also sped up the weapon and gear swapping process, closed off exploits that gave some teams unfair advantages on certain maps, and have made it more obvious when it’s too late to stop a charge from blowing up.
But those changes aren’t even the half of it, as you’ll see by checking our patch notes below. The best news, though, is that you’ll be able to download this patch starting today at 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT, 25th February. Simply log-on to MAG when the time is right and the update will be ready for download.
We hope you enjoy the new changes – have fun and see you on the battlefield!

Patch v1.03 Available Now

  • Overhauled tuning of multiple weapons of all types (see “Weapon” section below)
  • Improved speed of weapon and gear swapping by approximately 500 milliseconds.
  • Fixed bug in SVER’s Aralkum Mechanical Acquisition map and Absheron Refinery Domination map that allowed players to defuse a charge planted on a repaired gate or door.
  • Added a “solid tone” sound effect near the end of a charge’s beeping detonation timer so that players know when the charge can no longer be defused and that they should vacate the area.
  • “Medium Improved” Armor now works as intended with the speed properties of Medium Armor and a defensive value greater than Medium, but less than Heavy Armor.
  • Changed resuscitated player’s camera orientation to match the last camera direction used while incapacitated instead of the pre-harm camera.
  • Players no longer lose XP if a teammate is killed by an objective explosion caused by a charge they planted.
  • Respec Point requirements in Barracks have been changed from 3K, 5K, 10K, 17K, 26K, and 26K-Repeat to 1K, 2K, 3K, and 3K-Repeat.
  • Lowered the amount of damage necessary to kill an incapacitated enemy.
  • All fired projectiles (RPGs, Turret Rockets) have been given a steadier aim.
  • Mines that haven’t been triggered are no longer removed from the map when the dead player that deploys them respawns unless that player changes their Loadout (note: The maximum number of mines you can plant cannot exceed the number you initially spawn with).
  • Fixed bug that prevented “fully-resuscitated” players with more than 100 health points from receiving their full HP.
  • Fixed bug that caused players to take unnecessary damage from both friendly and enemy vehicles when touching them.
  • Players no longer lose leadership points after entering “Veteran Mode.”
  • Weapons

  • “From the hip” firing for Light and Medium machine guns have stronger recoil and are less accurate when moving.
  • Tuned weapon damage for all three factions.
  • Modified all short-ranged weapons (pistols, PDWs, shotguns, SMGs) so that they’re less effective at long distances.
  • Made Battle Rifles more effective.
  • Reduced accuracy bonus for using iron sights and reflex sights so that players can no longer snipe with weapons that aren’t intended to do so.
  • Increased damage values for all rockets to make them more effective (ex: three rockets can now destroy a DE turret).
  • Shooting through thin materials (fences, tents, etc.) will be more consistent.
  • Increased spread on shotguns.
  • Improved animations for rocket launchers.
  • Graphics

  • Fixed bug that caused the recoil animation to end early or stop animating if a player was firing their weapon for a long period of time.
  • Changed detonation time on smoke and poison gas grenades to prevent them from exploding in mid-air to eliminate unintended FX issues.
  • Added realistic fogging effects to sky-domes.
  • Technical

  • Fixed most conditions that caused players to be caught in a “respawn loop” which kept restarting the respawn queue when the countdown clock reached 0.
  • Changed in-game conditions to make it less likely to experience in-game freezes.
  • Improved client-side stability.

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  • Sounds like a good patch. Maybe when I finish Heavy Rain i’ll check them out.
    Let’s hope we see some new maps coming next :-)

  • Brilliant, now fix SVER and well be rocking.

  • Thank you so much. It looks like a lot of issues were tweaked, but the one that really caught my eye was the resuscitation camera angle one. That one really… Infuriated me, to put it nicely. Thanks again!

  • Sounds like some really good changes being made with this patch and its great to see the effort Zipper are putting into post launch support. Got the patch downloaded this morning but the servers where down and then Heavy Rain arrived so I haven’t got to check out the update yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  • “9am GMT, 25th February”
    Please use the International & European official 24-hour time format (09:00) instead of the stupid AM/PM format

  • I wonder how many hundred of megabytes the size of the patch will be, LoL

  • Sounds like an excellent update :) Once I get and complete Heavy Rain ill be back on MAG.
    Some amazing first party PS3 games recently xD

  • Excellent patch. I’ve a mate whole’ll be happy with the “Fixed most conditions that caused players to be caught in a “respawn loop” which kept restarting the respawn queue when the countdown clock reached 0.” fix.

  • Nice to see this patch.
    I just hope it doesn’t go the same way Killzone 2 went. What the public wants its nessicary best.

  • Excellent work, agree with every change.
    You are the king, Zipper!

  • I hope that’s the end of the respawn loops, I couldn’t take it for much longer.
    Great game though

    Very happy with this :) Keep up the good work!

  • Very nice update, guys =) there are still some things I (and lots of others) would love to see changed. For example: getting into a bunker is irritating if there isn’t someone using the turret on top. You automatically handle the turret when you enter, but that’s something you should be able to choose. So… I think it’s best to use the same system as you use it at the start of a game: press triangle to go to the turret.
    Also healing is somehow difficult. If there are players walking around you, it’s impossible to heal yourself; you always heal others first. I understand that this is team-based game, but you should be able to make a choice. With only a second to think and walk away from the enemy, it’s way too inconvenient if you can’t heal your ass while dodging.
    And, of course, the freaking power of S.V.E.R.! I really hate those guys -_-” their maps are also way too hard to conquer, while our maps (Raven) are a lot easier to lose. Only our acquisition map is pretty good =)
    I love the game and I will play this for a very long time. You know what would be cool? Having boats and stuff like that; maps having water (battles on the sea).

  • I played this patch last night and I´m glad that Zipper implement these changes and that they do it quickly (see and learn all you other developers out there).
    But one of the most annoying thing about MAG hasn´t still been corrected: the waiting time. You definitely shouldn´t have to wait more than those seconds initially bing counted down. If you choose to change your spawning point a couple of seconds before you respawn the respawn time suddenly increases. Really annoying!

  • Lucky me
    I got MAG today for 20$
    I was used in good condition

  • My mates having problem with Respawning.
    it goes to zero then starts again & it does it 5-6times
    and sometimes when he dies it stil allows he to move around still

  • Sony!!! Zipper!!! Anyone!!!
    Can we please have an update bout the collectors edition of MAG and the armour that was supposed to be with it!! I paid for it and we deserve to have the armour….

  • SVER!! FTW!!!
    SVER WILL BE IN MAG 2.0!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with “Balram rules” (even though i am with rave) this patch has not affected gameplay atall sver still has the advantage when it comes to everything and me and at least 200 other people are thinking of boycotting raven and valor…. probably the whole game until this problem has been fixed…. raven claim to have the best weapons and armor but it is simply not true i played a game today where sver’s weapons were so good that they were able to sitaround our respawn point and kill us before we could respawn unless they make all teams equal within the next month me and at least 200+ people are going to sell the game and urge everyone else to do the same

  • As a member of SVER, I think that anybody who states us as being overpowered is an absolute [DELETED]. Plenty of times I’ve gone against Valor (who have also frequently snuck into our spawn buildings) and been downed in a matter of millseconds by an AR from 20 or so meters away, whereas ours are so innacurate that doing the same you can unload and entire magazine and still not kill them.

  • amen sistah, sver get beat all the time on valors maps, and who said ravens weapons were good? they suck and were made to suck, its bad enough it takes 2 knifes to the back to kill a raven guy, so quit your whining kid

  • lovin the game so far the patch seems to me to have leveled things up it’s now more how well ur team works together will determine if u winor lose …. lookin forward to sum new maps do now maybe plz :)

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