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Launch week is here, and some of you will already have your hands on the fantastic Heavy Rain!
I know that many of you have ordered the Special Edition, which contains a voucher code to download three pieces of additional content: Chronicles episode 1, the additional playable scene; a Dynamic XMB Theme; and the Official Heavy Rain Soundtrack.

Heavy Rain Special Edition

I’m sorry to say that there has been a last-minute technical delay with the Official Soundtrack, meaning that if you redeem your voucher code before 4th March, you will be able to download Chronicle 1 and the Dynamic Theme, but not the Official Soundtrack.
If you redeem your Special Edition voucher after 4th March, you will receive all three pieces of content as normal – and if you can stand to wait a week to start downloading additional content, that will be the easiest approach. If you have already redeemed your voucher code and have not received the Official Soundtrack, please contact your local customer service teams who will be able to help you.
Apologies for the inconvenience, everyone.

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  • I so wish I hadn’t redeemed it immediately. Exactly who do we need to contact regarding the soundtrack?

    • If you pre-ordered the Special Edition online, via the HMV website, then you’ll be receiving an email from them with a new voucher code that will allow you to download the soundtrack when it is available next Thursday.

  • First I find out I had already bought the theme in the special edition and now this? :(

  • Cheers for the heads up – Luckily i didnt enter it and jumped straight in to the game. I’ll know to save it now.

  • I filled in the Aussy form. Hopefully they send me a replacement code.

    • If you ordered the Special Edition online in the UK, then you’ll be receiving an email automatically with a voucher code for the special edition. (If you pre-ordered in-store, then please contact the SCE UK Customer Service line instead)

  • yes its a shame that the dynamic theme is the one, that already was standing in the PSN store for a couple of weeks. all Fans already downloaded that dynamic theme. i feel ripped of by this becouse its exact the same theme. are we getting a new theme????

  • If you’ve already redeemed the code, then use this website to get a new code. http://competitions.au.playstation.com/heavyrain/index.html It says AU but it was posted on the EU forums, so it’s fine to use.

    • Hi everyone – please avoid using this link unless you have purchased the Special Edition in Australia – this website links through to SCE Australia Customer Services, not to a central service.
      If you pre-ordered in the UK, you will be receiving an email with a code for the Soundtrack via HMV; in other countries, please contact your local Customer Service centre. (Phone numbers for Customer Services are printed in the back of the manual)
      Sorry for the difficulties, everyone!

  • I cant believe the special edition sold out. I could only get it today and now they’re all sold out. So upset i wont be able to get the DLC day one : (

  • Can you also buy the soundtrack from the PSN later if you don’t have heavy rain?

  • I wish I ordered this online, looked all over the city for special edition but couldnt find it. But still, not that important, it’s a great game.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. My CE copy just arrived today :D

  • I also bought the dynamic theme before getting the Special Edition, i dont mind though you guys deserve more for your hard work.
    For some reason my local game store delayed the Collectors Edition until next week or so :( i could either by the normal edition now or wait one week for the awsome soundtrack and dlc, i chose the latter

  • Is the dynamic theme the same one?
    How silly is that! I bought that one, I´m a fan, and I also bought the Collectors Edition. Thanks for the sloppy comunication Aquatic Dreams. :-(

  • Is the CE going to be in HMV stores tomorrow or was it exclusive to the HMV website? Also does/did anywhere else sell it?

    • The CE is exclusive to HMV in the UK. It wasn’t online-exclusive, and is being carried in some stores at least (they’ve got copies in the Oxford Street branch today, for example).

  • Shame for the ones that already redeemed the code.
    I myself just bought the SE an hour ago, and am glad i read this before i put the game in my PS3. =]
    Thanks for the info!

  • Alex, can you confirm that we can use the AU website (in post #6) to get a new code for the EU (FI) store? If not, who should we contact for a new code? I got my CE from a local Gamestop — should I get in touch with them or the PSN customer service?

    • Hi kaukomieli – you should get in touch with Finnish customer services, using the phone number that’s printed at the back of the manual.

  • It’s vanished from HMV it must be sold-out.

  • gotta ask, will the “chronicle 1” be out as purchasable DLC in the future for us poor saps that didnt get the speacial edition?
    I would get the special edition but ive alreay bought the dynamic theme (very nice it is too)

  • When the soundtrack comes, can i transfer it off the PS3 and on to my iPhone so i can listen to it on the move?

    • The soundtrack is installed onto your PS3 as MP3s – from there you can do everything with it that you can do with standard MP3s.

  • @Alex Pavey So basically if us in the UK ordered it via HMV Online we will be getting a code and we don’t need to do anything? Apart from sit tight.
    What do we do if we don’t get a code by Next Thursday? Who do we contact?
    Also, while i am here, where does the Chronicle Install to? Is it accessed via the Game as once installed it disappeared.

  • Thanks for the update Alex. Do you have any idea when and if we’ll get a new patch. So many have problem with it. And I have another question. Why did the Heavy Rain Dynamic theme reached the store before Heavy Rain relesed? I have hope it would have been a diffrent theme in the special edition.

  • What format is the soundtrack supposed to come in once it’s ready? Also, the Chronicle 1 DLC initially came as a 74MB file which would load up the first scene but then crash. Has this been addressed?

  • My lack of timing was perfect… I had just redeemed the code and came here to see this “wonderful” piece of news… What a waste…
    I’ve bought my special edition in Portugal. What should I do or who should I contact? Help, please…

  • A rocky start indeed!
    I’m waiting on my SE Pre-Order from HMV, but I have to say I was hoping to get all this stuff in one go. Do you know how much willpower it will take not to redeem the voucher before the 4th?
    And why is the OST delayed and not something (I would have thought) more technical like the Chronicle (which is already delayed in the States). I suppose it’s always the little things that trip you up, no doubt some intern deleted the master files and replaced them with his/her karaoke sessions ;)

    • Hi heathengray – people in the UK are starting to receive their email codes from HMV via email today, so hopefully you won’t need to wait until next week now to redeem your vouchers.

  • i think i was abit to eager to redeem my code……..oh well heres hoping hmv get it right sending out the new codes.

  • Hi,
    1) when will be able to purchase the soundtrack on its own?
    2) What format will it be in?
    3) When will the CD be out? Some of us would like the lossless format. After all this is not some electronic piece, but recorded live.

  • @Alex – thanks for the update, mate. I appreciate these things happen, thanks for rectifying the problem so smoothly! :)

  • Thanks for the heads up – saves me entering my code and being disappointed! :)

  • In addition to the theme and the chronicle, my code downloaded some program to the game folder that says something about a Vidzone press preview that isn’t accessible and that I should download it again later.
    So I have been able to download “something”. Is it enough to redownload that file on March 4th or do I also need to contact customer service?

  • Oh poo me and my itchy fingers, Lets hope HMV are good for the new code.

  • Thanks for the response, Alex. I’ll get in touch with them and sort it out. Can you tell us if the soundtrack will be (unencumbered) mp3s which can be copied onto, eg, portable music players?

  • Forgot to add, thanks for the info Alex, Keep up the good work :)

  • I literally entered the code, and then read this blog post. Its all my stupid friends fault for wanting me to check what the code unlocked. Silly man. Now lets see if HMV are indeed good for the new code, they did surprise me with the quick delivery however, so lets hope that translates.

  • Alex so does this mean we can use our DLC code what came with today with of HMV online bought SE?
    Then we will automatically get a new code from HMV for the soundtrack for next week?
    Will this HMV new DLC code email come regardless whether we use our code or not?

  • I bought the Special Edition on a portuguese store. How can I get may Soundtrack?

  • Thanks for the heads up regarding the DLC.

  • @12
    Aquatic Dreams… priceless eheheheheh :)

  • So do I have to do anything if I ordered it online then?

  • Why are the Sony/QD representatives so reluctant to talk about massive issues of Heavy Rain?!
    A large number of gamers keep complaining about terrible freezes, crashes, sound problems etc. It seems to be
    that the 1.01 patch made things even worse.
    I strongly believe we deserve some form of explanation or acknowledgement. QD seem to hide in the dark avoiding any contact with us while we have been waiting for the game for so long and bought it on the first day of the release in order to support the developer.
    If you release an unfinished product, it is fine (well, it isn’t), but at least do some effort to keep the owners of tge game informed about possible progress on finding any form of solution to that wide spectrum of issues.
    Shame on you, Quantic Dream!

  • So how about you help us out a bit with this, informing the various customer services about this.
    I’m betting a million they won’t have a clue when I call them about this on Monday and that I won’t end up with the soundtrack after the call has ended.

  • what do you have to say on all the issues effecting people who have already purchased this game?

  • Thanks for the info. I was impatient and used my code the same day when I got my game – After I heard of these issues, I sent my information on the AU website. It’s funny that there’s no mention of it being for Australian customers only, I hope they will fix their info on the website so that other people won’t be misleaded with it.
    Good thing I checked out this blog, I will go and contact Finland’s customer service instead. Thanks.
    As for the game performance, I’ve been playing for 2 days and my game runs just fine, no crashes whatsoever. :0 Weird.

  • Does sombody knows the E-mail of playstation Belgium or just some E-mail?

  • I live in the UAE, and I redeemed my code already. I searched for a local customer service number on the manual but I didn’t find any number. Any help please?

  • So flipping glad I haven’t even opened the wrapper yet! And hopefully if HMV email me another code I’ll then have two!!! :-P

  • This is really bad …
    I do hope HMV gets those new codes out to it’s customers damn soon !

  • If i walk into a HMV store tomorrow will I be able to pick up a Special Edition copy? How much is it? I haven’t pre-ordered.

  • haha, I find it stupid to buy a special/collectors edition that only contains one-use-only DLC codes. It won’t have much more resell value compared to the standard edition

  • Great. Phone calls cost money to, you know?

  • Phone numbers for Customer Services are printed in the back of the manual
    So in Heavy Rain manual is it the new UK number or is it old UK number?

  • It sucks is the cover in the other European country’s has that stamp printed instead of a sticker in the plastic.. ruins the cover and this one is very cool :)

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