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The PSB.Europe weekly reading list (week commencing the 15th of February)

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  • @Jem
    Do you know when Destination Playstation is this year? It was around now I remember from last year.

  • Howya Jem, nice little insight into Naughty Dog there, and didn’t they do well!
    I’m really looking forward to Heavy Rain this friday.I’ll probably be at HMV before they can ring me to collect my pre-order! :)
    Btw Peggle has made me a very happy camper this week. Revenge of the wounded dragons is fun too but i haven’t played much of it yet, due to Peggle.
    Alien Zombie Death was a game i was looking forward to but i found the frantic gameplay might be better served with a different control layout as i kept jumping up or down into hazards when i was trying to move left and right. Hopefully it can be changed as it looks like it could be a great challenging little game if the controls were different. At the moment the controls feel a little unfair.
    Now where was i…. oh yes Peggle! I’m on the master levels at the end but then there’s all the challenges and multiplayer to play yet! :)

  • I really hope HMV gets stock early, I pre-ordered the Collector Edition of Heavy Rain very early on (almost as soon as it was announced) so I’m hoping to get it a day or two earlier than Friday!
    Send the stock out, Sony!
    To help with my excitement, I made an ad for Heavy Rain:
    Not *that* good but only 30secs so please check it out :)
    And you guys should really ban EDGE from reviewing PS3 exclusive games, they always seem extra harsh on them and score them unfairly. Funnily enough they aren’t so harsh when it comes to non exclusive games….Journalism at it’s “best” right there -_-
    They damaged Heavy Rain’s Metascore with their 7 (dropped from 90s to 88).
    Oh and as always; I might be the only who cares about this but: Please bring the splash screen back for when you open a game :)

    • Nice advert! I’m seeing people tweeting about our official ones which have started showing in the UK. We’ll have it here on the Blog this week.
      Glad you’re looking forward to the game. The Collector’s Edition is a great little package. Let us know what you think of the game itself once you get your hands on it.

  • Firstplay? So it’s going to be the equivalent of the US PSN’s Qore, only with game reviews? Sweet…now if only these services were launcher in our store [Saudi Arabia].
    Also, I hope you relayed the Message of Dissidia to Square Enix Mr.Alexander :D
    I’m sure I’m not the only one with a PSP Go eagerly waiting for the first sign of this game’s launch

  • Im just wondering where the PS1 Classic ‘Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’ is on the UK/EU PSN.
    It was released on the american PSN store a few weeks after the american PS3 launch.
    I have searched high and low on the web but cannot find any information regarding a UK/EU launch, i’ve been waiting for this PS1 classic to appear on the UK/EU PSN for over 2 years now, it’s one of my childhood classics.
    I don’t see any reason why it hasn’t been released, it is available on the american and japanese PSN stores and it is one of the American PSN highest ever selling games.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a reply with any info available, it has been 2 years in waiting.
    Thanks James.C

  • finally, some sort of info on the official blog about firstplaynot actually an article on the blog, but better than nothing i suppose.
    why not get the somebody from future publishing who’s working on firstplay to post something.

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