Digital Comics Store Update (18th February 2010)

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This week’s gargantuan store update sees a mind-blowing 61 comics for each & every one of you to get your sticky hands on.
Marvel afficionados can sleep easy (or never at all) with the Digital Comics release of Venom vs Carnage (#1-#4) and the phenomenal X-23: Target X series from 2007 (#1-#6). Plus, there’s more Daredevil, Hulk, Wolverine and X-Men to enjoy.

Digital Comics Digital Comics

Issue 2 of Cages from Insomnia should satisfy those of you who yearn for bad language, fear and violence. If you haven’t picked up the free copy of issue #1 yet, what are you waiting for?
Fans of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep can also rejoice with brand new episodes, and Tank Girl – “The most rock’n’roll comic book character ever” according to the NME – returns with her marsupial hubby Booga as they find themselves the victims of the worst run of bad luck ever. Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1-#4 are now available for the PSP.

Digital Comics

Here’s the full list – as ever, check for prices in your country and feel free to join the Forum to unleash your demons.

  • 2000AD Prog #1667 2000AD 15+
  • Cages: Part 2 of 4 Insomnia 15+
  • Daredevil (1998) #98 & #99 Marvel 12+
  • Donald Duck and the Three Musketeers #2 Disney 3+
  • Locke and Key: Head Games #2 IDW 17+
  • Marvel Knights (2000) #5-#10 Marvel 12+
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Present from the Past Disney 3+
  • Shaun the Sheep Comic #3 Titan 3+
  • Superduck and the Treasure of Dolly Paprika Disney 3+
  • Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1-#4 IDW 17+
  • Tank Girl: The Gifting #3 & #4 IDW 17+
  • The Incredible Hulk (1999) #102-#106 Marvel 9+
  • The Beagle Boys and the Untimely Holiday Disney 3+
  • Transformers: All Hail Megatron #12 IDW 12+
  • Transformers: Animated – The Arrival #3 & #4 IDW 3+
  • Transformers: Spotlight: Mirage, Wheelie & Cyclonus IDW 9+
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) #486-#488 Marvel 12+
  • Venom Vs. Carnage (2004) #1-#4 Marvel 9+
  • Wallace & Gromit Comic #7 Titan 3+
  • Wolverine (2003) #38-#43 Marvel 15+
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse #12: Calamari Rising #4 IDW 17+
  • X-23: Target X (2007) #1-#6 Marvel 15+
  • X-Men (2004) #187-#192 Marvel 9+
  • X-Mickey #7: Behind the Mask Disney 3+

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9 Author Replies

  • Sorry but do we have any further updates on the next episode of “The Warriors”?

    • I’m sorry for the lack of replies – been a really hectic week designing new stuff you guys!
      In answer to the Warriors question – I believe there are more coming. But I’d need to confirm, please remind me again next week.

    • News just in that Incredible Hulk (1999) #101 is also on the store now bringing the total up to 62 comics this week :-)

  • Cool, I take “…for each & every one of you to get your sticky hands on” means that all of europe is finally getting the comics? : )
    Just checked store, but it’s not live in finland yet, atleast

  • Hi
    Is there any news when DC Comics will be on sale?
    Superman, Justice league etc?

  • Have to wait for the 2010 Prog from 2000AD before I keep reading the weekly Progs. Any news on when that should be out Pete? Know you said it would be a few weeks at least.
    Shall be picking up Locke & Key though I’m not reading them at night time any more! Only got to read #1 of Tank Girl: The Gifting last week so I have to catch up on that, and Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse #12: Calamari Rising #4 is the final issue of Wormwood I think? At least in terms of the ones that have been published this far.

  • Venom vs Carnage! Thank You!!

  • disney are definitely getting behind this aren’t they.
    i’m liking the x23 books, a female character like wolverine? what’s not to like? :)
    and more transformers books are always appreciated, just waiting on the g1 series so i can go on a big splurge :)

  • I like the mickey mouse and donald duck comics lol, remind me of my childhood. Tank Girl is awesome too though!

  • Is there any chance we will ever see any Manga on the comic store. Cant say i’m a fan of western comics.

  • Aww still no Sonic or Knuckles from Archie Comics… guess I’ll keep saving…

  • Don’t think anyone will complain to much about a lack of replies when your busy working Pete.
    Just looking at the Top 10 Downloads on Media Go and it’s great to see Burke & Hare chapter 2 on there, though is anything ever going to knock Wallace & Gromit off the top spot? Lol They are fun read though :)

  • Ah, my weekly Wormwood fix. Seriously one issue per week isn’t enough :)

  • Hi Pete,
    Looking at how well the Digital Comics have been received, what’s the chance we’ll start to see more publishers? I think most fans want to see DC, Dark Horse and Wildstorm to name a few, so whats in the pipeline? Will these publishers ever be tempted over to Sony?
    Also when is the next Reader update planned? I’m hoping for an option to store your comics on my memory card rather than the internal memory of my PSPgo, external memory can be expanded :-) also an option to delete my comics without having to use Media Go.
    One last thing, how about a ‘preview’ option on the store to checkout the ‘art’ style of the comics for people who may have not read the paper variants?
    Best Regards

    • Yes, we’ve got a fair few publishers preparing content for you now. I can’t name names just yet though.
      The next reader update is a few months off, we should be in QA fairly soon. However, we don’t have access to the PSPgo memorycard since the app is installed on the internal memory. In app deletion is definitely coming.
      The preview option is also something we are working on. No eta as yet.
      Thanks for your questions

  • Seems like europe is not getting the content after all, at least it’s not available yet :(

  • Any news on a PS3 reader ???
    These would look great in hd on my big tv!

  • any news about spanish comics?

  • And where is the comic store for Norway? Can’t you just give us the same one as UK? we are not picky and don’t need any stinking translations. ;) or at least some way for my dummy UK account to gift buyings to my account? ;)

  • So frustrating to read news for stuff you can’t even access.

  • I am a fan of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep but for some reason I am not “rejoicing” with brand new episodes. I can’t really put my finger on it, anyone got an idea?

  • Great update, bought the Venom Vs Carnage comics and also working my way through Wormwood. Really liking this service :D

  • @Pete…
    Thanks for the reply, I know what you mean with the Reader being installed on the internal memory…couldn’t the option then be to allow the Reader to install on ‘either’ memory just like games do when you download them to the PSPgo?

    • I think we looked in to this before and was told it wasn’t possible. But we’ll check to see if there has been a change in policy. It would mean that all your downloaded comics would have to sit on the memorystick too.

  • @Pete
    I see what you’re saying, there’s no real difference to using the internal memory or external memory, sure if the Reader was on the internal and the comics on the external, you could ‘swap’ memory cards in and out with collections of comics.
    But since the reader has to be on the same memory as the comics, swapping memory cards would then pose the problem that you would need a copy of the Reader on every memory card and I guess that wouldn’t be really possible/worth it in the end?
    Grrr @ word count! …continues…

  • Prehaps the way the PSP works, once you’ve downloaded it, the PSP will ‘think’ its always there, unless the software was changed to allow it to ‘install’ from internal memory onto memory cards that didn’t have the reader? I guess the first option would be the only way really, but when I’ve thought it through more, its not like you will want ‘every’ comic you may buy over the coming months/years stored on your PSP, thats what Media Go is for, plus you also have your download list on the actual store to re-download if need be.
    So as it stands regardless that the PSPgo uses its internal memory and the PSP X000 uses its external memory, the fact the reader needs to occupy the same memory as the comics, I’d be interested to know what happens on a PSP X000 model when you remove the memory stick. Does the Reader show up on the XMB?
    Kind Regards

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