Digger HD Demo Now Available

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Hi PlayStation junkies! Scott Hyman from Creat Studios here, yet again. Everyone at Creat has been quite busy making new games for PlayStation Network and PSP, and we will be announcing all kinds of new games in the coming months.
Today, I’m here to let you know about our free-to-play demo version of the Digger HD, available in Europe on Thursday, 18th February. We have received countless emails complimenting our 21st century update of the 80’s PC classic. Yet many folks have asked for the opportunity to try before they buy, so we made it happen.

Digger HD

Digger HD is a remake of the classic PC game, Digger, from the early 80s. We worked hard to provide the old-school title a major facelift for the new millennium, while staying true to its classic gameplay. You get to control a little construction vehicle that makes its way through an underground maze. Dig through the dirt (and ice!) horizontally and vertically to create your own path while collecting power-ups, jewels, coins and other bonuses. Oh, and be sure to avoiding the pursuing monsters.

Digger HD

The full game features local co-operative multiplayer, and a vintage mode that throws you back to 1983, complete with original graphics and sounds. After giving the demo a try, you can purchase the full version right then and there.

Digger HD

As always, we want to give a very heartfelt thank you to everyone that has been buying and playing our games. Everyone at Creat Studios greatly appreciates your support, and we couldn’t do what we love with you. Please continue to send your ideas, thoughts and suggestions!

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  • you mean “we couldn’t do what we love ¨without you” ?

    • Well, that would be a type. *Knock, knock… excuse me, Sony* I’ll let the great folks at Sony know. Thanks for the proofreading help!

  • Demo’s are always nice :) I’ll have to check the demo out now as I’ve heard some good things about the full game and have been tempted to buy it but just never got around to that.
    Including the original graphics and audio is a great little addition.
    Oh and thanks to all the team at Creat Studios for all the hard work and support of PSN titles. Really been enjoying your work. :)

    • Thank you, Ravenblade86. We can’t do what we do without you, regardless of what our type says above. Play the demo, get a feel for it, and be sure to purchase the full game for hours of old-school fun.

  • Thanks a lot Creat :D Downloaded it earlier but not had a chance to play it yet

  • Heard great things about this game, can’t wait to give it a try. From the reviews I’ve read I think I’ll end up buying it. Thanks for the demo!

  • No problem Scott. I love your previous games but never bought this one for some odd reason.
    Can’t wait to see your announcements of more :)

  • Hi Scott, i’ve played the demo and it’s a great HD update of a classic and slickly presented. I’ve also been enjoying Magic Ball/Orbz and Cuboid, both great games.
    I haven’t checked the full price but i might pick this up . Not this week though as todays store update has decimated my wallet! :O
    Did you ever play Turrican ?… would be a great project if *cough* some game studio *cough* got the rights to make a HD version for PSN ;)

  • Brilliant! Amazing game I’ll make sure to pick up a copy! Pat yourselves on the back!

  • Hey! Great game, im just wondering if the classic mode is made easier on the EU version than on the US version? ;) Wow, its really hard.

  • “Did you ever play Turrican ?… would be a great project if *cough* some game studio *cough* got the rights to make a HD version for PSN”
    Unfortunately mate Factor 5 are no more,there were rumours for many years about a new Turrican on gamecube,as F5 had decent success with the Rouge squadron series,not sure who owns the ip now,I guess the guys who founded factor 5 do.
    After Lair and the recent economic climate they went under,a real shame as from a tech standpoint they were something else.
    This GC launch game
    Then the sequel blew it away,and was probably the best looking game from last gen
    They didn’t deserve to go under like they did.

  • Thanks for the great re-release. I did write out a long response but it got deleted by an error. grr.
    Anyway, I’ve picked up the title (Digger was the second game I ever played, how could I not!?) and I have a few questions I hope you can answer:
    1. are there any plans to fix the horrible audio bug that occurs in classic mode when you finish a level with the cherry bucket active?
    2. is there any reason the reverse fireball was not included in the remade modes? (in classic; shooting a fireball whilst pushing a gold-bag upwards would result in a reverse shot)
    3. Is it possible to play classic mode 2 player, like the original where you could take it in turns to compete for a high score, and if so, how?
    thanks once again or the nostalgia rush. I hope modern gamers find this as appealing as I do!

  • @dFUSE: The classic mode has always been balls-to-the-wall hard, and I don’t think the UK version differs in that aspect… (it’s the version I have and I can still only get as far as stage 8)
    here’s a pro-tip that, whilst not being a great means of grabbing high scores, works well at getting you through the classic modes;
    instead of focusing on collecting the emeralds, focus on killing all of the enemies, digging as few paths as possible, and don’t go for the cherry bucket! good luck :D

  • * 8) = stage 8 )
    ugh. triple posts. my kingdom for an edit button!

  • Where is the demo and full game for this on the Playstation Store
    Thanks for any help

  • checked it out last night before i went out on a date.
    I was late as a result, which is a very good sign, because she was fine as ;) Will be purchasing the full version on the weekend.

  • I liked it ;)
    More old-skool games on PSN please(new versions and original versions would be cool) ;P

  • @10: Thanks for the info vonhammer! :)

  • The store keeps giving me an error when I try to download this demo. Doesn’t happen for other things I’ve downloaded lately.
    It looks alright but to be honest I’m not fond of the whole HD treatment of retro games. Part of the reason I like retro games is the lovely low resolutin pixel art and I wish I could get more new games like that. There’s plenty great pixel artists on sites like Pixel Joint and Pixelation who could be doing some beautiful looking retro games.

  • @ Carnivius_Prime:
    I mostly agree with you, insofar as the vision or interpretation of what those retro pixels represented may differ from the designer to what different players envisioned…
    However, Creat have been kind enough to include the original in the package… At first I was a bit let down with the remake, but it’s grown on me. I still prefer the original, but I still kinda like it.
    One thing that irked me, besides the bugs I mentioned in my previous post, was how they switched out the music from the original (“popcorn” for anyone who’s unaware!) with their own stuff (which isn’t too bad to be fair) but they do allow custom soundtracks so you could play the authentic track if you so desire…

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