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As part of minis month, we want you to tell us what your favourite minis are. Just head over to the official PlayStation Forums to join the conversation.

PS3 minis

Need additional motivation?
In two weeks time the top 10 voted by you will be published on with quotes from the community. The community members that we quote will receive PlayStation Network Voucher Codes to download a free copy of Tetris on PSP.
So go and let us know which games you like!
Respect to the snow-globe: you’re a mini-winter holiday for one to a small, plastic city. Have fun this minis month.

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  • Great, the price is the one mini that’s not playable on PS3.

  • first of all, the price of the minis are way, way too high.
    anyhow, i like tetris and i have actually bought one game, the only one yet to justify it’s price:
    vector td is awesome, the controls are intuitive, it is easy to have full control over what’s going on. i just tried it after i bought it and got to level 39 on the first map then i thought well that was easy so i tried again, got to level 40 something and thought now i will get it! but the strategy is pretty deep so you really have to plan how to put up your towers, which to upgrade and what bonus to use. when i saw that it now was 04:30am in the morning i just thought screw it! i skip sleeping and play some more and go to bed early next evening. make a decievengly simple game like this, genre doesn’t matter since i hate strategy games but still felt so strong and almost obsessed by this game, you have yourself a deal and i will buy it.

  • seeing as you can get the same or practically the same games on the iphone for mere pence i think you need to revise the minis pricing personally.

  • more games are necessary, these two weeks we only got 1 minis game, that’s not enough, if sony want minis straegy success, they should provide more choice to customer, at least five games per week.
    and price is another problem, i dont know more detail about how minis system work, for my opinion, i think it is a good choice to set a maximum price at 5-6 AU dollars.

  • Bloons, its far too addictive for its own good. I can help but throw my oversized dart at those colourful demons over and over again. Its awesome!

  • Ummm most games on the minis is on the iPhone. Let me tell you its better on the iPhone and you get free regular updates and are either cheap or for free and are developed by small companies and people. I think you guys need to review your minis prices. No motivation from me to purchase any crap from the minis store. Plus I HAVE NOT TOUCHED MY PSP IN AGES. Obviously the PSP has lost a lot of hype and have noticed the iphone/iPod touch gained popularity (that’s why I got one). I must admit Apple has clearly gained the lead.
    Good luck in persuading the PSN users. It is clear that all these price drops mean that there aren’t MANY people buying them.

  • Vector TD is the best as it’s the best tower defence game on the internet and now you can play it on the PSP, I won’t tell you where to find it as it would defeat the point of sony making you pay for it and anyway telling you where you could get it for free would get me in trouble with sony. I assume.
    Anyway it’s obviously vector TD, even the pink elephants agree it’s better then the other minis you have.

  • Sad to say it but I’ve yet to buy any Minis. I may well pick up Age of Zombies just on the strength of the awesome trailer, but otherwise, like the rest of the EU PSN store, I find it overpriced and barren.
    Thank God I kept hold of my PSP 2000 when I picked up the Go… The 2000 is by far the most-played console in this house (and we have all of them) but if it weren’t for imports it’d have been Ebay’d long ago.

  • The price is too high for something that you can play in a browser.
    Being a trophy hunter, there is absolutly no reason I would play one, when there are still many games I have yet to have collected all trophies.
    If you added trophies you could justify charging < £2.20.

  • I have 2 minis in total. By far my favourite is Fieldrunners. I play it almost every hour of free time I have. The furthest i have gotten is level 150 on endless, medium, grasslands. The range of enemies and turrets is so awesome. It was my first game on my new PSP Go. I have been wanting to get Bloons but i cant ever seem to save enough money :/. I really think I need to cut down on my obsession.

  • I would have bought Tetris if it was PS3 compatible!

  • why on earth cant i play Tetris on my ps3 even its a mini? Whats the reason behind that?

  • My favourite minis are alien zombie death, cubix, and blast off . (I hope I’ll get a voucher because I wanna try out Tetris on my psp :)!!! )

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