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You may notice a large number of Heavy Rain posts this week. Not only is the game out next week, but we’re celebrating the launch with a red carpet event in Paris later tonight. I’ll have video and photos from the event coming this week, so that you can get as close to experiencing it first hand as possible. Not only that, but I’ll be interviewing… well, practically everyone involved with the game. That’s David Cage (writer and director), Guillaume de Fondaumière (executive producer), Sam Douglas (Scott Shelby’s English voice actor), and Jacqui Ainsley (Madison Paige’s English voice actress).

Heavy Rain

I have some questions of my own but, as usual, I’m interested to hear what you want to know. Write up your best questions in the comments section. Let me know whether they’re for everyone, or just specific people. Don’t worry — the interviews will be kept spoiler free. I want you to go into the game with as little knowledge of the story as possible when it comes out next week.

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  • Do you think Heavy Rain may give rise to more games in its style? Heavy Rain is a unique game, but could other titles ‘copy’ it?

  • Do you like Origami?
    If he says yes: HA! You are the Origami Killer!
    If he says no: Ow oke.

  • Any plans to add support for the motion controller(ARC) in the future?
    How often can we expect DLC’s to apear?
    Any plans of making Heavy Rain 2?

  • now the game is finished, how close is the final product to your original vision?

  • whose story do you relate to the most personally?
    Were external factors like music and actors and influence on the writing?

  • 1) What’s next for Quantic Dream?
    2) And plans to implement support for the Motion Controller post-launch?
    3) How many “Heavy Rain Chronicles” episodes do you plan to release?

  • 4) Who’s your favourite character?

  • What was the biggest challenge during the development of the game?

  • I’m sure this’ll be a “PR Q&A” where you ask questions like “just how awesome are you guys?” which is a valid question but I would like to know the more nitty-gritty stuff:
    1) Financially speaking, do you see an opportunity for success and what do you define as ‘success’ in this context (profit or X amount)?
    2) Is Quantic Dream a PlayStation favouring studio or was the exclusivity only for this project?
    3) The game has been mainly criticised for it’s lacking English voice acting, do you agree with these critics and what are your views and/or confessions regarding the voice work?
    4) You ask us how far are we willing to go for love, I ask you; how far are you willing to go for art? There have been rumours a risky and controversial DLC where you play as the killer will be released, any comments and if not, can you hint at anything along those lines are in the works?

  • Why was the demo so brilliant?

  • Hello!
    My questions are:
    There will be DLC for Heavy Rain?
    There will be “Arc” support?
    and again, There will be a next HR?

  • For someone looking to get into the industry, what does Quantic Dream look for in a new employee? Some hands-on experience or a good degree?

  • The games definitly looks like a movie, you can really feel it’s a living story, but there’s always something that reminds me that it’s NOT real characters. The way the characters behave makes them more living because of the small movements they have that distinguish them from robots, there’s great improvements on this since several years. However, when it’s a close up of the head, i still feel they are not human, the eyes looks like strange, or the eyelids i don’t know, but it’s not natural. So my question is: is it a famous technical problem to have facial animation that looks like real? are the bottlenecks beeing clearly identified on what makes a character face looks like real or “strange”?

  • for the above, an example may be; work on a project for 3 years or study for 3 years?

  • We know that every action has a consequence in Heavy Rain but how many endings or pathways can the user take?

  • Can we expect any downloadable content for Heavy Rain and what’s the next project for Quantic Dream?

  • Hey David Cage,
    How did you guys get at the idea for sutch a genius gameplay?
    I mean, the steering with the controlls in the demo was genius!

  • From playing the demo, the gameplay seems to be the modern equivalent of classic ‘point and click’ adventure games like Broken Sword or Beneath a Steel Sky. Do you think this comparison is fair, and can you see a resurgence of the adventure genre appearing in the future?

  • i will see how far i willl go to save someone i love

  • What was the inspiration for the game? How big a challenge was it, to create the game?

  • Is there anymore Home content in the pipeline?

  • If you could have cast any ‘real world’ actor in the game, who would you have chosen?

  • “Are you surprised that the reviews have been universally positive? It seems very much like a game (or maybe ‘experience’ is a better word) that should polarise opinion and lead to some poor reviews from some reviewers who didn’t appreciate what you were trying to achieve, but that’s not happened. Do you think that it’s possible some reviews are crediting you for what you are trying to achieve, even if they quietly think it’s not quite their kind of thing?”

  • Is there any chance of Quantic Dream teaming up with Nintendo to produce a Mario/Heavy Rain hybrid where Mario once again must investigate the disappearance of a princess in a dark, moody, and bloody thriller?

  • Questions:
    Are you planning on further supporting this game with Downloadable Content beyond the already announced “Heavy Rain Chronicles” after the release of Heavy Rain or will you move to another project.
    Will there be any “Making of…” footage in the game that you can perhaps unlock or just view as to how the whole process of Motion capture and voice acting went through? Its always great to get to see behind the scenes
    And ofcourse will you make any more games in this genre not necessary a sequel to Heavy Rain, fahrenheit was amazing and so is Heavy Rain.

  • When can we expect an episode based on me being released?
    I’m ready and raring to be motion captured, come on Quantic, you know it makes sense :D

  • Is there any reason why you made the controls so you need to hold R2 to walk instead of just using the left analogue stick?
    During the demo, I found my character would sometimes spin in circles when passing between close objects. Like the table and kitchen unit, or a police car….It felt like the old Resident Evil controls at times.

  • @IainLee posted this on Twitter: “I’m playing Hard Rain. Can anyone tell me why?” and then a little later “I’m playing an advance copy of heavy rain. It’s not my cup of tea. I’m switching it off. Forever”
    Can I have his copy?!

  • I second the episode with Mike, it can involve him being chased down by rabid forum members, with a race against time for him to figure out which PSOne games he needs to push for release onto the store to fend them off!

  • Iain Lee is well known for his Xbox zealotism, I’m not surprised he’s being snidey about it.
    In fact it does beg the question why that **** was sent a copy in the first place?

  • Who would in a fight between a sloth and a badger?

  • can i get a date with Jacqui Ainsley.

  • How would you feel about making a supernatural follow-up (not a sequel) set in a Norfolk, England?

  • Please ask the question posed by nineinchnailed.
    The one genre that has been sorely missed on PS3/PSN.

  • Story-wise, which games do you think would look good mixed together? I think Heavy Rain mixed with Folklore would be awesome!

  • How many teaspoons would it take to reach the moon?

  • No need for more questions loll, je veux juste jouer! lol its gonna be awesome

  • Will we see any motion controller features in the possible future?

  • Why the region split regarding the voices and DLC?
    Is this Sony’s own idea or Quantic Dreams’?
    Thank you :)

  • Why this Origami and not other Origami? Will that be answered in the game? Oh and why did HMV raised their price on the SE of Heavy Rain?I don’t have the money to pre-order it now! :( Bullocks!

  • As the player, is it possible to ‘solve’ who the origami killer is before it is revealed in the game? Or are we only along for the ride, and the killer turns out to be some random criminal that never even shows up in the game.

  • Good luck picking from all these questions, there would be too many good ones for me, I’d want to ask them all!

  • Questions like the ARC support/Heavy Rain 2/will there be DLC and how many/why is it on PS3 only have been answered already as far as I’ve read.
    @mcwildcard: There have been negative reviews, but they’re from places like Destructoid and MTV so not as important ones

  • Would Quantic Dream like to work on Shenmue 3 if Sony were to obtain the console exclusive rights from SEGA?

  • In the demo, you can choose the language you want. ¿Will this option be available in the full game? Because I didn’t like the spanish audio, and I would prefer to play the game in English with subtitles in Spanish.

  • (1) Many consider the tale of “serial killer” as cliche; what does it take to craft not only a sound story, but a story that has multiple routes at the players’ discretion?
    (2) Considering the success of the game post-release, what is your ideal goal for “Heavy Rain Chronicles”? It seems like the intent of “point-of-view” would be a perfect setup for downloadable episodes. What would be the deciding/contending factor(s) in creating DLC for HR in the form of unrelated [to Heavy Rain] short stories?
    (3) The visual aesthetic of the game is captivating; After the location scouting in Philadelphia, did you have a clear picture for the “atmosphere” of Heavy Rain. Is what you saw/felt while on location represented in the final visual atmosphere?

  • Will we see more exclusives from Quantic Dream on PS3?
    Please say yes!

  • Was for Heavy Rain a similar system incorporated as the one from Uncharted 1/2 for the Voice Over talents, where the Actors do also the Motion Capture and Voice Over work with the scenes on screen or directly while doing the Motion Capture?

  • Where did you get the inspiration from for the main characters? (Ethan, Madison, Scott, Norman).
    If you had the chance to go back and change something in Heavy Rain what would it be?
    What can we look forward to next from Quantic Dreams?

  • For Sam Douglas:
    “How did you take notice of Heavy Rain, what was it like to be involved in a “whodunnit” experience?”
    For David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière:
    “Did you expect the rather good reception and hype for this game? What are the plans for the future?”

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