PlayStation Home: MotorStorm Carrier, Plus Loco Island And Mui Mui Ship!

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It’s that time of week again, when we stop by the blog and highlight upcoming updates for PlayStation Home. We’ve got plenty for you to see and do, with some great new spaces coming your way. This week’s highlights have to be the Loco Island personal space and brand new Mui Mui Ship public space, along with the MotorStorm Carrier.
That’s right, the stunning new MotorStorm Carrier has arrived in PS Home! Hinted at a few months back in the MotorStorm Sphere, the new MotorStorm space is a decommissioned aircraft Carrier. Bought by a wealthy, anonymous, rock star and donated to MotorStorm, the spaces comes complete with a number of mini-games, quests and funky rewards.
Check out the trailer below of this fantastic new space:

[viddler id=2670dd42&w=545&h=371&playertype=simple]

Try your hand at Lunatic Launcher arcade game or help out some of the ‘Stormers roaming about the space for your chance to win a prize. Or, if the mood takes you, spin some tracks at the DJ decks, where you can also play around with the smoke machine and lights. There’s plenty to do, and the choice is yours.


MS_carrier_6 MS_carrier_1


Once you’re done in the Carrier, we have possibly the best personal space out there! The brand-new (and incredibly cute) Loco Island. Watch the trailer below to see what’s coming:

[viddler id=cff80a76&w=545&h=371&playertype=simple]

This personal space comes complete with a swing, slide and hammock (for when you want to rest those weary virtual feet), as well as an array of LocoRoco characters including Mui Mui and Chuppa. Incidentally, the Chuppa can send your avatar soaring to the top of the tree house if required.


LocoRoco_6 LocoRoco_5


There are also lots of hidden features in this personal space. Try dancing in front of the LocoRoco for a nice surprise… You’ll also have the option to assist with renovating, or maybe even take part in a spot of farming: this isn’t one you want to miss out on! The Loco Island can be yours from Home Estates for the bargain price of £3.99.
The Mui Mui Ship is the perfect place for you to take a virtual cruise, from where you can look out at Loco Island and participate in a variety of activities. Sit down to a strategic game of LocoReverse, or have a bet on the hourly Domingo race with the pickories you’ve located.

Mui_Mui_1 Mui_Mui_3


Sodium updates this week, bringing new rewards for the Salt Shooter mini-game. These fantastic Tank Accolades – in Salt, Bronze, Silver and Gold variants – will unlock as you play through the Salt Shooter levels. For those who have purchased to Chilli Pilot jacket, tomorrow you will receive the full pilot outfit along with any jacket upgrades you have earned. VICKIE will also be updated with new content for purchase with your hard-earned credits!

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