Digital Comics Store Update (4th February 2010)

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I’m going to have to be brief this week as we’re crazy busy here trying to bring you more content and more publishers. However, we still have a bumper crop of comics for you. In fact we’ve now broken the 800 comics mark!
This weeks highlights
IDW are changing the price of three of their comics to FREE! The first issues of Nanovor: Game Day, FX & Star Trek: Assignment Earth can now be found in the Free Comics section of the store.
IDW are also releasing a personal favourite of mine: Groom Lake. Written by Chris Ryall and illustrated by Ben Templesmith we’re thrown in to world of UFO abductions, painful probing, smoking aliens and an exploding crotch. Groom Lake comes with some very revealing audio commentary from both Chris & Ben.

Digital Comics

Marvel introduces 12 issues of Wolverine to the store, with plenty more to come over the following weeks. We also have loads more X-Men & The Incredible Hulk.

Digital Comics

I know a lot of you downloaded the first free chapter of Insomnia’s Burke & Hare. Well, today you can download the second chapter of the ghoulish story about the Irish serial killers.
Here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1665 – 2000AD 18+
  • Astonishing X-Men (1995) #1-#4 – Marvel 9+
  • Burke & Hare: Part 2 of 4 – Insomnia 18+
  • Daredevil (1998) #94 & #95 – Marvel 12+
  • Donald Duck and the Decisive Penalty – Disney 3+
  • Donald Duck in: “Gulliver Duck’s Travels” #2 – Disney 3+
  • Groom Lake #1 & #2 (includes audio commentary) – IDW 17+
  • Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #6 – IDW 17+
  • Scrooge McDuck and the New Old High Fever – Disney 3+
  • Star Trek: New Frontier #1-#5 – IDW 9+
  • Superduck #6: In a Galaxy Far Away – Disney 3+
  • The Incredible Hulk (1999) #89-#94 – Marvel 9+
  • Transformers: All Hail Megatron #10 – IDW 9+
  • Transformers: Animated – Arrival #1 & #2 – IDW 3+
  • Transformers: Spotlight: Arcee, Blaster & Grimlock – IDW 9+
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) #480-#482 – Marvel 12+
  • Wizards of Mickey #3: The Secret of the Great Crown – Disney 3+
  • Wolverine (2003) #20-#31 – Marvel 12+
  • Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse #1: Calamari Rising #2 – IDW 17+
  • X-Men (2004) #175-#180 – Marvel 12+

Free Comics

  • Nanovor: Game Day #1 – IDW 9+
  • FX #1 – IDW 9+
  • Star Trek: Assignment Earth #1 – IDW 9+

To see the prices in your currency please visit
See you next week..

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22 Author Replies

  • any news about digital comics in spain?

    • We have a date range, but we are waiting for a concrete date before we communicate it. We’ll let you know here on the blog when we know.

  • Very, very nice store update this week and I imagine it’s going to continue like that with more chapters from Insomnia in the new few weeks, plus iVerse content coming along and then we have the new publishers to look forward to at some point aswell! :)
    Today’s shopping list for me? Well the normal 2000AD Prog, Wormwood and Locke & Key (which has turned into a fantastic book now!) and on top of those Burke & Hare chapter 2 which I’ve been waiting patiently to read. Oh and Groom Lake, can’t wait to listening to the audio commentary on that!

  • This looks awesome.
    But news of expansion of the store would be even more awesome!

  • Neozoic? Won’t be any more episodes?

  • Awesome!!!
    i got the free 1st chapter of Cancertown and loved it. any news if the remaing chapters and even the second series will be added??

  • pete stott: you mention date range, but that is a very loose statement, are we talking weeks, months, years??

    • It was loose on purpose as I don’t want to over promise. We are doing all we can to push the stores live across more regions.

  • New publishers you tease!
    Please say one of them is DC!

  • How come the digital comics are not sold in Canada? I mean we are next to America and lots of Canadians have PSPs and we almost all read comics so why not here in Canada?

    • We are asking the same question! Unfortunately it is out of our hands. Be assured that we will not be happy until our Canadian buddies have comics too.

  • Sorry to be a pain but my weekly question is back (after a break last week) “Any news on the next Warriors episode?”. However now that I am looking at more comics you can also add to that “Cages”.

    • We’ve had a nod from the publisher for more Warriors issues, not sure when they’ll be live though. The next issue of Cages will be up in a couple of weeks.

  • I’m interested in the next Warriors too and Templesmith is a genius so will take a squizz at Groom Lake.
    Good update again, although you don’t don’t get half as much stick as Mike does, Pete.
    That’s not fair so I shall start the angry “Where is the Final Fantasy VIII comic, hmmm?” complaints now!

  • Nice update and the Star Treks will be a definate download for me. And you’ve already answered the two questions I wanted to ask (Neozoic and Cancertown) so I guess that all I’ve left to say is lovin’ the comics.
    Also, they’ve made me a Fantastic Four fan. I feel all confused now.

  • silly question, but when you plan to expand into other countries (sweden for my part) will the comics still be in english or will i have to read them in swedish. i just can’t see 2000AD in swedish….

    • We are still looking in to this – we want to be able to offer both English and local content. We just don’t know if this is possible yet.

  • Definitely going to check out Groom Lake, big fan of Ben Templesmith after reading the Wormwood comics that are currently on the Store, especially his audio commentary in the first couple of episodes.

  • i hope the store comes to germany soon.

  • I have never looked into the comics store before, is it only on PSP?

  • and i already bought issue one of nanovor, still nice to see publisher giving some free stuff to entice you into buying further issues.
    still waiting on those idw transformers g1 issues as they apparently come before the all hail megatron storyline, just wish titan would do a decent edition in the uk in the style of the batman and superman comics they put out, minus the jumping back and forth in the continuity that plagued those books.
    have to check out those spotlight books, got a few of those and they’ve all been pretty good.
    just want to remind you that if it’s possible i’d love to see the new warriors vol4
    i’ll give you a big marvel style no prize of you can make it happen :)
    you’re gonna get a big head with all this praise but i still have to say, keep up the good work.

  • Looks like Ben Templesmith has found a new little following on the PSP comics store, and I’m one of them! Downloading the latest Wormwood, as well as Groom Lake 1 and 2.
    I assume then,that Choker will be PSP-bound in the fullness of time? (probably too early for the publisher to say, but I figure I might as well mention it).
    This does raise one little question though.
    Once the Comics store has caught up on all the Templesmith offerings, what is out there that can step in and fill the gap?

    • Yeah, I would love it if Choker is released on the store some time soon, but it’s not even out in print yet. Do you know who will publish it?

  • How is the PS3 service coming along?

  • Choker’s Publisher?
    Image comics according to the website

  • Hey Pete,
    Thanks for the update and your enthusiasm!
    With Marvel on board, could they put forward comics from one of their (I’m not sure of the exact name) But like Marvel owns a number of other smaller publishers?
    Case in point I was watching the recent trailer for the up coming ‘Kick-Ass’ movie and I thought I would like to read it before it came out, more importantly I would like to read it on my PSP. I noticed it was published by ‘Icon’ and a google search lead me to the Marvel website, it appears they are under the same umbrella?
    Man, I’m sure theres a question in that mess somewhere.

    • Hey Tonks01, I’ve read your comment a few times. Do you mean they publish books under a different name like DC and Wildstorm? If you can point me to the comic in question I can check it out and put in a request.

  • I would buy a lot if I could watch the commics on my PS3.

  • I know this is sort of a taboo, but I am interested in knowing if you will be adding the Mass Effect Redemption series anytime soon? I would really like to know this as I would prefer to buy (and read) it on my PSP rather than a physical comic.
    Also do you have any popular manga’s such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc?
    Thx in advance.

  • I randomly came across Kick-Ass while browsing through the ComicVine website. Seems hyper-violent, but probably nothing that would worry lawyers provided it was age-rated appropriately.
    10-year-olds and violence might seem like a dicey mix, but my guess is (I haven’t read it) there are many tabboos it does not touch.
    ComicVine series info page:
    And G-Man’s review of the final episode – he seems to like:

  • PETE STOTT please can you tell me when will be available in mexico.

  • Please tell me you’re getting DC comics soon.

  • I’ve never really read comics, (other than an odd couple of Simpsons,) but I have been following this comic store since it was announced and downloaded all the free comics. Quite a few of these have been rather interesting.
    I wanted to congratulate you all on the whole store/reader and constant stream of comics. It’s an impressive seamless experience!
    I’m now even tempted to buy some of the subsequent episodes! but first it would also be nice to view them on the TV on my PS3!

  • Another question before I forget…
    Once comics are on the store will they stay there forever, so I can re-download them whenever. Or will it be like the video store where I hear lots of videos are being removed.

  • Hey (again) Pete,
    Heres a link to Icon Comics page, It’s certainly owned by Marvel –
    Kick Ass was written by Mark Millar, the same chap who did the excellent Civil War series we got on PSP Comics not too long ago.
    seemed like a great opportunity for both Marvel & yourselfs to take advantage of the buzz surrounding the upcoming film.
    Anyway, just something to look at if nothing else

  • gary laron would rock man!!!!!!1

  • And where is the comic store for Norway? Can’t you just give us the same one as UK? we are not picky and don’t need any stinking translations. ;) or at least some way for my dummy UK account to gift buyings to my account? ;)

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