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Some good news and updates for you from the Video Store team. You’ve been asking about availability of HD movies to own and I am happy to announce that starting today for the first time ever a selection of films, including Bruce Willis’ new movie Surrogates is available for you to own in HD. Check out the list below and hope you enjoy your HD experience!

Video Download Service

Available in HD to own:

  • Air Force One
  • Chicago
  • Con Air
  • Face Off
  • G-Force
  • Hidalgo
  • King Arthur
  • National Treasure
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Reign Of Fire
  • Signs
  • Surrogates
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • The Proposal (2009)
  • The Recruit
  • The Rookie
  • The Sixth Sense

Also below is what’s just been made available for you to own and to rent. Enjoy!
To Rent:

  • I Love Your Work
  • Wilderness Survival for Girls
  • Hurly Burly
  • Interstate 60
  • Jane Doe
  • Surrogates
  • Jackass: The Movie
  • The Last House on the Left
  • Wonder Woman

To Buy:

  • Boogeyman 2 (2008)
  • I Love Your Work
  • Dance Flick Unrated Edition
  • Wilderness Survival for Girls
  • Hurly Burly
  • Interstate 60
  • Jane Doe
  • Surrogates
  • Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos)
  • Air Force One
  • The Soloist

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11 Author Replies

  • hd to own? awesome :-)

  • Hey Folks,
    The Updates are getting good, though i’d like to see more on the HD owning side… (the upscalings good, but I kinda wana use my HD TV ;))
    Quick question though?
    Is there any reason why i’m getting sub 500Kb downloads from the store, i’m running Virgin Media’s 50Mb Service (running at 7.6MB/s currently) so theres no bottleneck at my end :S
    I love the service, just wish I could download my movies at a much better speed :D
    Ta, Keep up the good work

  • How long have you come in the process of expanding this service to other European countries? How is the work coming along? Can you give us some sort of estimate when we might be able to experience this service?

    • Hi there, we are working on expanding the store into other countries but i dont have exact date just yet. Will keep you posted as soon as i have more updates cheers

  • Awesome update there Olga, thanks a bunch :)

  • Needs more foreign films.

  • Better update this week =)

  • when is this service available in Italy?

  • Does the HD to-own films include lossless audio, ie Dolby TrueHD, Linear PCM, DTS-HD MA? If not, will these be included in the future?

  • Cool, these available to rent in HD(the new ones)?
    I won’t be buying any movies in HD, as i’d rather have the blu-ray, cheaper and prefer the physical format.

  • Hi Olga
    Any news on the film’s being in 5.1 surround???????????????

    • Hi Sutman,
      The Hangover, Liar Liar, Terminator Salvation and Inglourious Basterds are the latest titles that are avail in 5.1 sound. We are working on getting more added to the list each week

  • Hi Olga,
    Do you have any hints of when we can expect to see the video store up in other countries. Oh and soon is not a hint :-D

  • Any word on the invention of lying
    and district 9 for rent? :)

  • I downloaded the free Harry Potter featurette to find you need a PS3 in order to run it since it’s copy protected except for back up, so what’s the point in buying them when you can buy the blu ray instead? Even if they weren’t copy protected you wouldn’t be able to copy them off your PS3 because of FAT32 formatting. The vidstore is overpriced and pointless, well apart from rentals I suppose.

  • We finally have popular movies/ Top HD downloads on the video store main screen like the american store.

  • this is a proper update olga . THANK YOU is this gna be a new trend with these large updates or a 1 off

  • Nice one Olga ;)
    Nice to see a more complete service coming to fruition :)

  • Boogeyman 2 (2008)- Cant find it

  • Like DiscoMcDisco I’m also wondering if the download bandwidth has been or will be improved.

  • are the hd movies in 720p or higher if any1 knows thanks , also olga how about a hd to own section on the store as you would never know there were hd films to buy tbh unless you looked through every film.

  • Great work guys no I mean it kudos but one slight problem pricing remember last week I said £9.99 not £11.99? I understand you dont price the content but c’mon give the film companies a hint £9.99 not £11.99, its only £2 cheaper but has alot of potential.

  • Hi,
    I feel like child standing in front of closed candy shop looking on all of the godies that I cant have. In december You said that video store will not be availabe in 2009, but at the start of 2010 there will be fresh news about video store in other countries. So I’m asking when
    Other countries in EU?

  • It’s so lonely and cold without a vidstore over here . . . sniff sniff

  • The main reason I would even consider purchasing a movie is so that I would have the option of watching it on my PSP or PS3, so is this still true with the HD versions? If not then might I suggest finding a way to include this functionality? Even giving us 2 versions of the movie to download would be better than nothing.

  • when will taking pelham 123, g force be available to rent in hd.

  • Time to get the videostore to Norway !

  • * Air Force One £14.99 (PSN) £14.99 (
    * Chicago £14.99 (PSN) £12.99 (
    * Con Air £14.99 (PSN) £12.99 (
    * Face Off £14.99 (PSN) £12.99 (
    * G-Force £14.99 (PSN) £16.99 (
    * Hidalgo £14.99 (PSN) £17.99 (
    * King Arthur £14.99 (PSN) £12.99 (
    * National Treasure £14.99 (PSN) £12.99 (
    * Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl £14.99 (PSN) £14.99 (
    * Reign Of Fire £14.99 (PSN) £17.99 (
    * Signs £14.99 (PSN) £14.99 (
    * Surrogates £14.99 (PSN) £15.99 (
    * The Proposal (2009) £14.99(PSN) £16.99 (
    The list is longer, but I’m bored and I think you get the picture.
    Plus the actual blu-ray has intrinsic value, where a download only has replay value.
    You can sell/trade the boxed version, you cannot do this with a download.

  • They’ll probably never have HD audio, it’d make the files even bigger. Best stick with actual Blu-ray for better quality & value, plus you don’t have to waste time downloading stuff.

  • No Vidstore for Ireland makes toolfan2007 something…something…

  • How long does it take to download a movie? 10 mins or more like 10 hours?

    • on average an hour for SD film and appr. 3 hours for HD. The download speed depends on your internet speed

  • When will TV series make a debut like the new series of 24? they are on the US store as i type this!

  • Still cant find Boogeyman 2, whats Surrogates about?

  • when will cloudy with a chance of meatballs be available to rent? since ur replying this week
    dont need final destination (4) anymore bought it off for £0.00 xD

  • Surrogate, huh? I’ll have a look at it sometime Olga :D

  • @Dazbobaby, 26
    That’s pretty good actually. If i read that right, then the majority are actually cheaper over PSN than they are at, right? How is that a bad thing?

  • Did you know I am in Europe? I should have this VidStore. Funny how Australia is classified has Europe.

  • Omg! Interstate 60!
    Wins alround

  • Well done on getting the HD movies to buy up on the store. I too am concerned that the pricing is a little too high for something that doesn’t have special features and extras you find on the Blu-ray disc though.
    As per the earlier question: Are the HD films able to run on a PSP as well as the PS3?

  • When POLAND?????????????????????????

  • I Agree with wiiman07 australia is classified as europe and yet we are being left out of The Vidstore and Australia isnt getting answered WHY!

  • Hi Olga,
    As DiscoMcDisco pointed out in the first post, the download times you list in your reply to 29 seems to be bogus for most of us. I had to leave my PS3 on over night to download the HD movie I rented some weeks ago as the movie was just trickling in. And just like DiscoMcDisco I can promise you the bottleneck is not on my side unless Virgin is actively chocking downloads from Sony.
    So unless this changes I am not going to be renting any more movies as its quicker and more predictable for me to walk to the local blockbuster and rent a movie there.

  • Hi Olga
    You have posted that an average SD download is 1 hour. What Broadband speed is that figure based on? I ask because I have about a 3.5mb connection and my download of an SD film (about 1.3GB) yesterday afternoon took about 2 hours. Just wondered if this is as expected or is something going astray.

  • @29
    It takes me about 3 hours to download a 1 gig SD movie from the store on my 8mb connection, meaning I can’t spontaneously rent a movie to watch and hope to watch it while it’s downloading :(

  • Just to expand on dazbo’s post but with prices from hmv thats even cheaper, free delivery included
    * Air Force One £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * Chicago £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * Con Air £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * Face Off £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * G-Force £14.99 (PSN) £16.99 (
    * Hidalgo £14.99 (PSN) £17.99 (
    * King Arthur £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * National Treasure £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl £14.99 (PSN) £10.99 (
    * Reign Of Fire £14.99 (PSN) £9.99 (
    * Signs £14.99 (PSN) £11.99 (
    * Surrogates £14.99 (PSN) £15.99 (
    * The Proposal (2009) £14.99(PSN) £16.99 (
    and no doubt if shopped about could find some even cheaper……
    and as said, you get all the extras on the disc version, quaility sound etc etc
    the vid store is a joke
    and sonys brand name is becoming more of a joke everyday in my household

  • So, no lossless HD audio, and lengthy download times? Yeah, this is worth it. Not at all a huge waste of time.

  • not interested in movies at that price, sorry.
    i can get blurays for not much more than that and they have a box, a disc and extras and i can hold them in my hand.
    still no plans for any tv shows then?
    what about this qriosity thing, that exclusive to the us too?

  • ….incoming transmission :
    Still over priced
    Still stupidly slow
    Still a lack of HD content
    Still don’t understand countries that don’t have it moaning they won’t it when it is clear it does work in the ones that it is already in.
    Still not going to bother with it
    Still going to post this next week and so on until something is done.

  • Edit : Blame iPhone auto correct! lol :)
    should be
    Still don’t understand countries that don’t have it moaning they want it when it is clear it doesn’t work in the ones that it is already in.

  • When are we going to get TV shows? I would love to see Doctor Who or Top Gear. And even some others like Band Of Brothers, I would love to have that in HD.

  • Will subtitles be available for the movies in the Video store here in Sweden?

  • @dedday: “will write in Swedish”
    Vi svenskar har inte fått tillgång till videoaffären ännu. Så varför frågar du`? ;)
    In English I must ask gain!
    Give us a date when we in Sweden get this service! it was promised that it would arrive in early 2010.

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