The Shortest Month Is Now Minis Month

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Hello everyone,
I am very happy to declare February, ‘minis‘ month. It’s a 28-day extravaganza of goodies, competitions and offers celebrating minis! PlayStation’s mini-revolution in bite-sized, affordable and fast-to-download gaming for PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PlayStation 3 (PS3).
You’ll find details of everything on the PlayStation Blog, which will feature minis news, offers, free downloads and previews regularly throughout minis month. Make sure you check it regularly to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on.

PS3 minis

First up, we are giving you the chance to win a PSPgo and PlayStation Network Vouchers. All you have to do is put the right name to 8 minis games in our minis competition. Head over to now to enter. Good luck!
minis month will also give everyone a chance to try this mini-revolution in gaming at discounted prices, with great offers on the price of minis in PlayStation Store throughout February. First sale starts this Thursday 4th February until 18th February, with the following games available at great prices!

Just to let you know that these prices will only last for 2 weeks!
Also, make you sure you check the new minis videos on the PSP YouTube channel now! We will be adding new minis videos every week. Click here to take a look.
minis month will also give you free minis game downloads, wallpapers, and much more. Don’t miss out! Remember to check the Blog for the latest details, offers and downloads.
The microchip. The mightiest of the mini inventions. Prepare to realise that small is powerful – and enjoy minis month this February.

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4 Author Replies

  • When is Pac Man CE due? And when will This is Football Management be back up?

  • Good to see the Minis getting more promotion, and the discounts will likely make me pick up some of the Minis that I’ve not tried out yet. Just hope that the release schedule for February looks a bit better than January did, especially last week…

    • Hi Ravenblade86, we do have some great games coming out this month and beyond. Starting this Thursday with Spaceball Revolution!

  • great ideas guys :) keep up the good work. I’ll be grabbing a few of these Minis on Thursday.

  • Is Pacman CE just going to be a mini or are we getting a PS3 version of the Xbox360 game? It’s one of the very, very few exclusive downloadables on the Xbox I enjoy and would like to own it myself.

  • cool, might check out another few of those minis. The link is handy for seeing them in action, thanks.
    I downloaded the psp pinball heroes trailer from the store – and noticed when downloaded it’s filename includes “playable on ps3″…so that sounds promising :)

  • Great news, very happy to see minis getting more promotion, they’re great. Hopefully with more posts like this more people will realise the majority of them play on the PS3 too.
    I’m really looking forward to Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, from what I’ve read I think it might make it out this Minis Month. :D
    With that sale, Mahjongg Artifacts and Dracula – Undead Awakening shall be mine.

  • Make Tetris playable on PS3.

    • EA are currently working on a PS3 version of Tetris that will take full advantage of the capabilities of the PS3 and provide the best experience. Look for this version to be available later this year.

  • i’m having the same problem entering this comp that I’ve gotten with others, it says I’m uneligable to enter due to my country and age restrictions but I’m 22!? why is this?

  • Good promotion here. Only bought two of them (zombie tycoon and fieldrunners) but they were awesome! Really looking forward to Monsters (probably) stole my princess, that mini looks awesome. May buy some of the discounted ones! Hope you sell lots :)

  • Do the Minis have trophies on PS3?
    And will this Tetris version from EA support Trophies or will it be a PS3/PSP game?

  • In response to your reply, Adam, nobody in their right mind will pay more than $9.99USD for a Tetris, in their right mind. I liked the look of this mini and would like to play it on my PS3. So this new Tetris, will be a retail full BluRay title or a PSN download?

  • By the way, the EU blog is far superior to the hideous US blog. I hate American produced games(garbage). We need more Japanese developed games, like the good old days. If you were born before 1984, you know what Im referring to.

  • You’ll sell a heck of a lot more at those price Adam, I’d keep it that way mate.

  • Mini’s have been great so far. Hoping for yet more Tower Defence games to appear too.
    Well done on the promotion, it sounds really promising.

  • Awesome! I’ll take part in as many contests as I can!
    I hope I win something :)

  • The mini I really wanna try is Alien Havok, I lolled so hard at the trailer, aliens stealing cows never grow old. So pity that game isn’t discounted, I would have bought it immediately really. It makes it even more interesting they’re on PS3 as well now, because I really don’t play much on my PSP but in contrary I can’t stay off my PS3 :D

  • give minis one or two trophys. then i’el buy all of them

  • Since there are no demos of these minis games I´m having problem buying them unfortunately and I also tried a friends copy of that Dracula game and wasnt that impressed.
    But it´s really cute that you´re making the shortest month of the year a minis month. :)

  • woah I am so gonna get Kahoots and Dracula-Undead Awakening at that price! I already got Vempire, its actually awesome.

  • Definitely picking up Breakquest now. Good news about Pacman CE mini and Tetris PS3.
    Will the PS3 upscaling of minis be improved? A smoother, fullscreen (or customised fill like the PSone emulator) ought to be possible.

  • gonna get breakquest and mahjong i thinks,Good news about Pacman CE mini and Tetris PS3.
    would also like to know what @20 asked

  • @TailstheCat I was born in 1979 and yet far, far prefer western games these days. Very little from Japan interests me at all anymore bar perhaps Street Fighter. I find their ‘style’ (I hated Bayonetta with a passion) and obsession with RPG’s (Final Fantasy is tedious garbage) really offputting. Just about every other game I’ve enjoyed in the past few years has been made by US or UK developers.

  • Thanks Adam, i know about minis but i had thought pinball heroes was a psp only game. So it’s a mini then, great that means mini price too! :)

  • does anyone know when real football is coming as a mini its was announced at launch of the psp go and havent heard about it for ages

  • can we plz, PLZ start getting the australian prices up here?

  • minis contest not available to NZ??? Stink!

  • Any specific information about the free minis game downloads? Free content is always great. ^^
    Can we expect full games or demos, besides the wallpapers? :P

  • Re:EA are currently working on a PS3 version of Tetris that will take full advantage of the capabilities of the PS3 and provide the best experience
    This seems like a bit of a greedy move on EA’s part. Tetris Minis was the best Tetris I’ve played since game boy, please tell me there’s planning for a discount for those who bought it as a Mini?

  • @GekooktEi
    The Aliens abducting cows is from the awesome Zombie Tycoon which just had a price drop a few weeks ago.

  • Seems greedy that EA are making a full on PS3 version? I don’t see the problem. The minis one is great for portable usage and a proper PS3 version great for home use hopefully with trophies and multiplayer both online and off. Personally my fave Tetris is Super Tetris 3 on the SNES :)

  • I think it stinks that Australia can’t enter the competition!!!!!

  • Is Final fantasy VIII going to playstation store tomorrow 4.2.10

  • “EA are currently working on a PS3 version of Tetris that will take full advantage of the capabilities of the PS3 and provide the best experience. Look for this version to be available later this year.”
    What a sneaky move from EA. If this is separate from the minis they are obviously after our wallets $$$$$$
    What I absolutely hate with the PSN wallet is the UNUSED CREDIT. LIKE I GOT $3 HANGING IN THE FUND AND IS DEEP IN SONY’S POCKET.

  • Im on the playstation store but these offers arent on. They’re the same price and i was looking to buy a game or 2??

  • Hey Adam, That’s great news about the mini promotions. Personally I’m loving the Snooker game. Being able to play a frame of snooker without all the player movement gumpf makes it so much nicer to play!
    Can you tell us if Let’s golf and heros of Spartan(Is that the right name?) will be included in the promotion and also are we going to see new minis coming out too this month?
    Finally, If there’s anyway in which you could tell all of the annoyed fans if PES 2010 will ever be released on PSN we’d be really grateful. Have been waiting for 3mths now and no news at all!! Even if it’s bad news that’d be great as then I could spend my store credit on loads of these minis!!!

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